Crushingly Firm

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Chapter One

Present Day

"Where are they?" I asked Louis. "They are in the eviction quarters. We have made the arrangements just the way you asked us Donadieu. " Louis smiled evil. My prisoners were waiting. As My mind turned to the upcoming task, I smiled with grim anticipation. Let the fun begin.

Louis had them brought to the quarters. The first thing that I noticed as I walked in was the stench, which made my smile even bigger.

As I adjusted my gaze in the dim light I saw two men tied up with metal thorn chains especially made for torturing them. Both were covered in dirt and blood making them unrecognizable. Hmm....It was hard to tell their age now.

I decided to approach the first one on the right who had been glaring me with his puffed red eyes. I scratched my chin and looked at his state observing to and fro.

"Jason. Joined RDx 3 years ago. worked for Ki." a deep rough voice with a hint of accent said behind me in Hindi. Looking back I saw Raven, with hard expression.

I and Raven both could speak Hindi due to our roots from India. But he could easily fool people in being Spanish. "What about this one ?" I asked walking towards another lifeless brat. This one had expression of pure hatred. He looked much older and little more effort to handle.

"This one is Tom. Born in America to African tribe , recruited by RDx 5 years ago. That's all I could manage pry out so far so much." He sighed.

"Of course ." I stared murderously at Tom. He looked like he had been trained to tolerate this pain and torture. He would be little effort to handle. If we could manage to break him, there were insights to be found about Ki.

Sighing I walked up to the first one to take a closer look as he tensed. I saw that his face is full of fear. Hmm.... This one will be easy I guess. As I stood in front of him , he began babbling in Spanish, voice filled with fear .

"He says he told us all he knows, He knows nothing about that night, claims he only joined them because of the family crisis, never wanted to hurt anyone. " I nod with rage.

"You little piece of nosy shit! To get away with family crisis you decide to join Mafia. How sensible of you? He shot my father dead you reckless cunt. What do you think you have been brought here for? You will regret your birth!" I growled in a low and voice.

"Author's Note: The following events show sadistic and masochistic nature of a character. Read at your own risk. Author neither supports nor endorses this type of behavior. The Romanticism being portrayed is strictly not to be practiced in real life. If you are affected or offended by any choice of word, kindly message the author personally instead of trolling her."

A dark smile carved on my lips as I took a sharp knife out of my pocket and pulled it out in front of him. At the sight of the knife, Jason started shrieking frantically, wobbling at the chains holding and hurting him. And his begging grew in louder. He was clearly drained which made me inclined to believe that he was telling the truth about not knowing anything.

It didn't matter though. All I needed from him was information. I wanted to catch the bastard who decided to take my father away from me, and if he could't provide it, he was a dead man.

"Are you sure you don't know anything?" I asked him, slowly moving the knife between his fingers. Alas! He cried and babbled some more in Spanish stating that he was useless to me .

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Tom glaring at him, no doubt he wished that this brat would keep his mouth shut, but Tom didn't seem really interested by Jason's verbal vomit. His lack of concern only confirmed that Jason was telling the truth about not knowing anything else.

As though reading my mind, Raven stepped next to me. "Do you want to do the honors, or should I?" His tone was casual, like he was offering me a meal.

"I'll do it," I replied in the same manner. There was no room for softness in me, no place for sentimentality. Jason's guilt or innocence didn't matter; he bounded himself with my enemies and, by doing so, signed his own death warrant.

The only mercy I would have granted him was that of a swift end to the misery of his existence.

Ignoring the man's terrified pleas, I sliced my blade across Jason's throat, then stepped back, watching as he bled out. When it was over, I wiped the knife on the dead man's shirt and turned to my last prisoner.

"All right," I said, giving him a placid smile. "Your turn."

To my annoyance, it took most of the morning to break Tom. For a new recruit, he was surprisingly tolerant. But like everyone else he ultimately gave in. He spilled few details about Ki's whereabouts.

He was the one to rot miserably with my bare hands. I also learned of a plan to blow up an hospital in Mumbai-information that my contacts in the Indian government found quite useful.

"Why don't you take a lunch break as well? We'll talk about this information in the evening."Raven nodded and slipped out of the shed, not even bothering to wash the blood off his hands.

I was more careful about these matters so I walked over to the bucket of water sitting by the wall and rinsed the residue off my hands and face. At least I didn't need to worry about my clothes , as I wore black T-shirt and black leggings today .

I always felt more feral immediately after a kill, edgy and excited at the same time. It's who I was, what I became. Self-doubt leads to guilt and regret, and I refused to entertain those useless emotions.

Once inside the house, I took a thorough shower and changed into a sequin black bodycon dress with deep neck, showing enough cleavage and a thigh high slit .

I went for smokey eyes and wine colored lips with heavy base. Then I took a glance at my figure and sighed . I wish I wasn't made to be this . I wish this never happened on me . I wish...


4 years ago........

I was very full and tired today. I just finished my dinner after long Christmas Ceremony. I was gonna just switch on the A.C. and lie down with Quala. Quala was my 8 year old Labrador Retriever. She had white fur with a hint of golden on her shaft . She was chubbier than normal dogs and more like a cuddle one.

Just when the sweet sleep was about to take me to dreams , Dad shook me up with his hoarse voice," Hestia, Don't die in your room before meeting lovely friends of yours, Come downstairs right this moment Hes! And ya Mr. Miles is here too. " Mr. Miles was the dean of the School which I studied in and was friends with Dad.

I quickly gathered my shit and made my way to downstairs AND.. Fuck it I was already regretting coming downstairs seeing those uninvited 10 son of bitches. why the hell were they here? "Hello bi... Buds ", I said in a bored voice .

"Hail to Hestia!" everybody mocked me. "Come on! Let me show you the decoration. " I murmured. Soon after when I was asked for hospitality, I regretted stuffing my stomach with Mac and Cheese and Pizza. I could already feel my food flowing upwards. That was tough.

After a 2 hours of chatter, they all finally gave me and dad a peaceful night.

"Dad, why do we have to invite them every Christmas? It's not like we are forced to do that, then why do we arrange such a great gala every Eve? ."

Dad smiled at me and started explaining ," Sweet Hess, God says, when we have more than enough, we should provide it to others too . By this God makes sure that happiness never leaves us. And I believe you will take this tradition forward for me, won't you munchkin? " " Of course Daddy, after all its your wish, and Your wish my command", I said mocking a salute making my dad chuckle .

Suddenly I heard a loud bang and next second I saw blood all over the floor and Dad .... " oh my god daddy , daddy! " My voice broke, I knelt on the floor and shook his body to make him move ... But nothing happened, his face went pale white, no expression, eyes closed, no movement. I checked his pulse, no movement.... Checked his heart beat... Nothing. I.... I... He couldn't go like this ...He wouldn't leave me alone..

" Daddy. Oh Daddy. No. No. Nonononono.. You can't leave me like this Daddy, Come back right now . Talk to me . Listen to me , you can't go like this , you aren't supposed to go like this ...I .I .I love you Dad. "

I looked up to see where the bullet came from. As my eyes roamed in the room a black figure came in view from the window.

Ocean Blue eyes.

That's the only thing I could see.

"Why?" I cried as I quickly stood up and ran towards the window but the figure was gone. I observed the neighborhood. I saw the figure laughing maniacally before speeding off a black car with no name plate.

I couldn't explain what I was feeling. I didn't even understand it .

I only knew he was gone .

My daddy was gone.

Dead . Gone forever.

Tears flooded my eyes , I let out a scream. I screamed until my voice got defeated. I could't cry. I could't.....

Call the doctor.

Call..Call ...the Doctor.

I reached for my phone and dialed 911 with my shakey hands...

They immediately answered at the first ring,"hello?" A women inquired. "He..hello this is Donadieu Residence. 23 streets , block number 2. My dad.... My dad had been shot with a bullet..."

It made it too real to have to say it . It felt like the end of the world..I almost laughed at the thought. My Dad's dead body was right in front of me. It could't get anymore hell than that....

I didn't know anything anymore, every thing seemed to be foreign to me. I didn't know what was happening . I just knew we were at the hospital and and my Dad was being made ready for morgue...


I quickly fixed my hair and left for the Bar. If I missed this time , I wouldn't be able to get him.


The demon within human, the creator of RDx empire. He killed my dad, he took my life, made me like him . If I missed this one chance, I didn't think I would have backed off from destroying this world.

I was here to find him, and that's exactly what I did for the next hour. I also got a couple of guys to buy me shots so that nobody got suspicious about my existence here. I didn't have more than one drink, because I didn't wanted loose my senses now.

After the shots, I danced. The two guys who bought me drinks also danced with me, but I gradually migrated away from them. In the meantime, my bladder told me I needed to visit the ladies' room.

So I left them and went. On my way back, I asked the bartender for a glass of water. I was thirsty after all the dancing. He gave it to me, and I greedily gulped it down. Suddenly my phone buzzed .Louis's Number flashed.

"Ki isn't here . We have been fooled . You may want to have a look at the quarters."

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