Crushingly Firm

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Chapter Two

I was here to find him, and that's exactly what I did for the next hour. I also got a couple of guys to buy me shots so that nobody got suspicious about my existence here. I didn't have more than one drink, because I didn't wanted loose my senses now.

After the shots, I danced. The two guys who bought me drinks also danced with me, but I gradually migrated away from them. In the meantime, my bladder told me I needed to visit the ladies' room.

So I left them and went. On my way back, I asked the bartender for a glass of water. I was thirsty after all the dancing. He gave it to me, and I greedily gulped it down. Suddenly my phone buzzed .Louis's Number flashed.

" Ki isn't here . We have been fooled . You may want to have a look at the quarters." "Say that again?" I gripped the phone tighter, nearly as my disbelief morphed into burning fury. "What do you mean he escaped?"

"I don't know how it happened." Louis's voice was tensed. "We came back here to find he will not be coming here. We had the guards search every inch of the bar, and they found Smith unconscious by the back of the bar".

"He has a hell of a concussion, but we got him to wake up a few minutes ago. He says he came across him in the bar, Someone surprised him and knocked him out. He was drugged smartly, so he doesn't remember the person. That was over three hours ago. We're getting the CCTV footage now, but it's not looking good."

My rage deepens with every sentence the guard speaks. "How did anyone get his hands on Smith'? You and Raven were supposed to watch the bar at all times." "We did." Louis sounded perplexed.

"We checked the CCTV every other minute, like you said, and we inspected the bathroom. There was nothing suspicious there that I could find, but I don't know how or when. Maybe someone's had them for a while, or maybe-"

"Okay, let's suppose you didn't completely fuck up." I took a breath to swallow the explosive anger building inside me. The important thing now was to figure out where the fault in our security were. In a calmer tone, I said, "How could anyone have gotten out without triggering the alarms or any of the guard towers spotting him? We have eyes on every foot of the bar?"There was a prolonged silence.

Then Louis said quietly, "I don't know why none of the security alarms were triggered, but it's possible there were a couple of hours when we didn't have eyes on the bar at all locations.""What?" I couldn't hold back my anger this time. "What do you mean by that?"

"We did fuck up, Donadieu, but I swear to you, we had no idea the security software would let anything slide." The young guard is speaking quickly now, as if anxious to get the words out. " We didn't know it would be that serious."There's another void.

Then I hear Raven say, "Hestia, listen.... I don't even know what to say." The guard's normally emotionless but right now his voice is heavy with guilt. "I don't what happened, but I'm looking at the footage from the drones now, and I can see one of our man spying. Just walked right by us, heading west, and then got on the bridge. It's like he was helping someone about where to go and when."

A note of unwillingness creeped into his tone. "Like he knew we'd be distracted."

I gritted my teeth. Shit. If what he's saying was true, Ki's disappearance was not a luck. Someone gave him security details. Someone intimately familiar with the guards' schedule.

"Did the spy come in contact with anyone?" The most logical possibility is that the traitor is either Louis or Raven, but I knew both the young men well, and they were both too loyal and too smart for this kind of double cross.

"No. At least, we didn't see anyone." Raven's voice tightened as he caught on to my suspicion. "Of course, the spy was by himself for a large portion of the time in the bar; someone could've come to the bar like yesterday or something, when we weren't there.""Right." Hell, the traitor could've even approached Ki before I came here.

"I want you to pull up the drone footage on any and all activity around the bar in the past two weeks. If anyone so much as stepped a foot on the door , I want to know." "You got it." "Good. Now get going and track down Ki."

I shaked up with fury. I had missed him third time in a row. I had to find him. I could't back off. He needed to be killed by me. I was his death. I was gonna take every opportunity to get him.

When I was done, I put down the glass and looked up. Straight into a pair of piercing blue eyes. He was sitting on the other side of the bar, about ten feet away. And he was staring at me. I stared back. His hair was dark and curls slightly.

His face was hard and masculine, each feature perfectly symmetrical. Straight dark eyebrows over those strikingly pale eyes. He looked really attractive and I decided to approach him. I needed this distraction right now. I could feel my brain nerve bursting in the head. Before I lost control, I needed to calm down.


She got up and walked toward me, still holding me with her gaze. She walked leisurely. Calmly. She was completely sure of herself. And why not? She was gorgeous, and she knew it. I leant over the bar a little so I could see her.

She was wearing nicely fitted black gown . She looked pretty toned from what I could tell. Her curly brown hair are messily tucked up and swept to one side, her mouth twisted into a smirk as she walked right up and stopped in front of me. She was tall, probably about five foot nine.

"Hi, You look new here." she commented softly. "Yes, Indeed." I confirmed. She observed me a bit and then asked," What is your name?" "Taylor," I said quietly, looking up at her. I am absolutely mesmerized, and I'm pretty sure she was aware of it. She smiles.

Her sensuous lips parted, revealing even white teeth. "Taylor, Nice name." She didn't introduce herself, so I asked, "What's your name?" "You can call me Hestia" she replied immediately, as I watched her lips moving. "How old are you, Taylor?" she asked next. I blinked. "Twenty-three."

I was so shocked that I just stood there in awe. Nobody has ever done that before. I felt hot and cold at the same time, and a tendril of amusement snaked down my spine. There was no hesitation in her expression.

I drew in a shaky breath and backed away. "I have to go," I whispered, and she nodded , watching me with an inscrutable expression on her face.I knew she's letting me go because she wanted to see me again. But deep inside me sensed that she could've easily gone further, that she doesn't play by the normal rules. That she was probably the most dangerous creature I've ever met.

I turned and made my way through the crowd. My heart is pounding in my throat. I wanted to leave, so I grabbed my friends and made my way to home.

As we were walking out of the club, I looked back and I saw her again. She was still staring at me. There was a un said promise in her gaze-something that made me feral. When I reached home I was beyond thinking about her. I was already tired from today's work, so I just climbed on my-oh- so comfy bed. I sighed again. Tomorrow is a long day .


"Donadieu??" Louis snatched at me. " Huh ? What did you say?" "I said, we need to plan his abduction soon before we miss him this one last time." Louis murmured. "Yea I know." I rubbed my eyes. "What's wrong Hestia? You seem distracted, it's been four days since the bar." He only took my name when damn serious.

"I know you are upset about failing but we have to overcome that because we cannot afford any distraction what so ever" he uttered. " I know. You need not to tell me again. I am fine. Give me a moment. I will be back in the office. I need some space.", I explained. He nodded . He exactly knew what type of space I was talking about. Re adjusting my black and white check shirt dress I went straight to the Dome.

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