Crushingly Firm

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Chapter Three

I walked to the end of the corridor towards the black door . I took my keys out and unlocked it. I pushed the door inwards and entered the dark room. To make the preserve visble I pressed the switch on the wall towards the door. The preserve of my Dad was kept on an autopsy table . Due to the breeze the preserve had a dull metal sound. Sheets rustled.

A body can expel gasses after death, so it sounded like a low hissing or a sigh. Perhaps my Dad's soul wasn't letting go of the body. His body was rested in the glass preserve.

I was still desperate to find any flickers of life or hope for my Daddy from the past four years. But I was met with the silence broken only by the breeze gently blowing the sheets that upheld him. My dad was gone. Stolen from me. I was seeking vengeance.

I could feel the rage building up again. This made me strong and ruthless and firm. I refused to bury him. I promised him that I will only bury him when I chopped and grinded the head of the devil. The Ki.

Whenever other weak emotions like fear, restlessness and guilt tried to overpower me, I would come here and remind my mind of what I have to be capable of.

I walked over to the preserve . My heart was breaking all over again, and I didn't know what to do. I traced my fingers along the lettering of Dad's name, Landon. I felt like a worthless piece of trash, a horrible person and a downright.


"Dad, How do I look? " I asked adjusting my blue Frozen inspired dress , with side braid , giving him my best teethless smile. "Oh! Hess , you look like a princess, an angel who just came from heaven. "Sighing he said," I wish your mom had seen you like this." I went to him and gave him a tight hug." Dad , ain't I looking like mommy ? See!" I did a swirl. He laughed and I joined him.....


"Hey. I'm really sorry Dad I couldn't come sooner, I wanted to, but it's just not easy for me to not cry here Dad." I ran my hands over the glass. "I'm doing really good. I haven't said that in a long time, but I really am. I have almost caught him. I promise you dad I will drag that son of a bitch here and make him suffer, suffer and suffer until the death itself pity him."

"But I still won't pity him even a bit. He will regret his birth and his existence. This Christmas he will be here Dad . That lawsy piece of shit will be here. " My heart throbbed in.

" Oops ! Sorry Dad ! I wasn't supposed to curse. I'm sorry . It just came out absentmindly. "

Everyone has a demon within them . Even I have them. Difference is I make my demons, and your demons make you .

No one wants blood on their hands . I most certainly at the age of 17 didn't want that .

Yet I get pleasure in shedding blood of guilty. I thought about this everyday and always remind myself where I have to head to.

I took a quick shower and head straight to office grabbing an apple on the way. "So what did you find Louis?"

Louis sighed and shaked his head. His shoulder are defeated in failure. I knew what was coming but it's easy to accept things when you hear it, right? So that's what I did.

"No Donadieu." He said annoyingly like someone has hammered a nail in his hand .

" The traitor is a smart ass. He is really good at cleaning his its and bits because he has been part of our team I guess. Something is wrong. And I have to find that something and drag that traitor here."

"I will cut him in million pieces and flush it in toilet. And then I'll be satisfied. This time whoever it is has messed with me. And I will make sure that the lifeless will forget that he had something that ever moved!"

I laughed hysterically at the description of the traitor while He just kept staring on the table with flared nostrils .

He was so annoyingly busy in that computer as if the traitor would pop out of that trash of technology all dressed up in frosting and cherry on top.

The Person had really messed with Louis bad and so had with me. I knew what my men were capable of. I wanted Louis to drag that sucker here. I had some unfinished business with him.

For the next three hours Louis and me looked into the CCTV footage , guest's list , bartender list and names of people who entered the club.

"This is crazy!!! There are like 300 people on this list. It's like finding a pin in bushes." Louis whined.

Typical Louis

"Louis look for the people who are male and roughly in their mid 30s or something . 25 to 30 years old precisely." I explained.

He started arranging personal information in order" Josef , Ashton , Eddie , Walter , Ralf , Taylor , Char_____"

"WAIT !!! What was the name after Ralf again ???" "Oh its someone named Taylor Kingston. Why?" "errr....Nothing just didn't hear it properly."

He narrowed his eyes at me but quickly covered it.

"You know what just let it be . We will get to this by the evening." "Oh okay I'll catch up later."

He placed the sheets on the black wooden desk and walked out of my office shutting the door behind him.

As soon as he was out of site I quickly left my chair and stumbled upon the desk making all the documents shatter. "Bloody Hell!" I started fumbling through the papers. And that one document caught my eye.

Taylor Marcus Kingston. Age = 23. Occupation : Member of a musical band "Up Thrust". Parents = Dead.

I remembered looking into his ocean blue eyes. He was so mesmerized by me. Which emotion was so rare to be found in a Man. That smile....

The innocence and pleasure in that smile. Something was about the guy that I could't forget him.

I flipped the page to read further details when a photo fell from the file. I knelt down and picked it up. The picture happened to be from a music concert I presumed.

I could see Taylor with guitar, his eyes closed with passion and mouth open from his singing I supposed .

Along side there were three other people. His band mates I supposed. Two of them are blonde.

One playing drum and other singing who look quite similar. One more guy with silver hair and hazel eyes playing a bass.

I close my eyes remember his face when I saw him in club. His dark brown hair with slight curls. His ocean blue eyes which I could easily be lost in.

I closed the file and took it in my hand. I wondered what he might be doing right now. Maybe he would be in that club again.

Maybe I should visit the club again. At least I will have a close look at the club and could see if I can find some evidence or something. Maybe He will be there who knows.

"Louis !!" "Yes Donadieu??" he called from behind the room. "I think I'll visit the club again by myself." Maybe I would find something about Ki. "Alright I'll make the arrangements for that", he suggested. I nodded in agreement.

As soon as my work was done. I laid my head down in the shower spray. I closed my eyes and random thoughts started coming in my head, from my dad's death to my curiosity towards Taylor which for once made me uncertain.

Suddenly a picture of Dad's dead body came in front of my eyes.


I played with my hands as the ceremony started. "We are here today to honour , our dearly Landon Donadieu. He was a Father, a son, a friend and a warrior".

I felt absolutely hollow. Like my soul left my body that day. I squeezed my eyes shut and my brother Louis grabbed my hand. I held on to him for support, security and comfort. I brushed my thumb off his hand to tell him that I'm alright.

"He will live on in our hearts. He has left behind many amazing people including his daughter Hestia, who was the most precious thing he ever had."

My heart cleanched at those words , I felt my breathing stop. I suddenly began to feel grim rage and anger building up. My body began to heat up. I felt my blood boiling like someone set my skin on fire. But I was currently hiding my pain and anger behind the emotionless mask I had been wearing since the death.

I clenched my jaw and stared at the coffin. In the blink of eye people started carrying dad's coffin outside and to hearse that was waiting to take him to the graveyard already.

I shook Louis's hand and stood up. I couldn't let this happen. I could't bury him unless he gets his deserved justice. This was so unfair. He wouldn't be in peace until I find out the killer.

"PUT DOWN THE COFFIN RIGHT NOW IF YOU ALL WANNA WALK OUTTA HERE ALIVE." I shouted as loud as I could be. " You guys can't just act like this is natural. He didn't die natural. Somebody took him from me. I will not bury him until I actually give him his deserved peace. "

People gasped. Everyone looked at me like a fucking maniac. "Hestia! Calm down. Don't do this. This isn't fair. I know you are hurt but please listen to me don't do this." Mr Miles said.

"You all fucking listen to me. If a single creature touched the coffin again until I want it to, I'll chop his finger off." I growled at everyone murderously.


I started getting anxious now. I felt nervous and feral both at the same time.

Pain .

I needed pain.

I suddenly started shivering. I felt like my body is going to freeze any second. I quickly turned the diverter valve to the highest heat possible. Suddenly water changed to extreme hot and my body began to burn. And next second I got my craving. Pain. Pain started to kick in. I could feel a strange wave of pleasure and satisfaction.

But this didn't last long. The pain and the burning soon started becoming unbearable and I quickly switched the diverter to the lowest temperature possible. The sudden cold water hit my body like a car crash.

At this point my body became numb and I got the satisfaction I needed.

Pressing the diverter to the middle to stop the spray I stepped out wrapping the bath rope around myself.

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