Crushingly Firm

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Chapter Five


She looked into my eyes and starts aprroaching me. She was inches close to me when suddenly the door slammed open , startling everyone around including me.

She looked unaffected yet aware. A gunshot rang out and suddenly her face turned cold and cruel. I stood staring at Hestia as rush broke around us. People started panicking and dropped themselves on the floor to protect themselves.

We were the only one standing. Her eyes started darkening though her face showed no emotions. I felt a strange fear but my body was frozen. I wanted to kneel down as well but I couldn't. I couldn't move or flinch.

She was very close to me so I could hear her heavy breathing. "Do you know how to fire?" She asked handing me a pistol. "Just pull the trigger if something comes to you or something seems wrong." I nodded and knelt down hiding the gun in my waist band.

The firing ceased and multiple people started approaching.

"Surprise Surprise Surprise!!." An aged person dressed in pant suit approached her. His eyes were wrinkled. Face had fine lines. The person was probably in his 50s or something.

I swear I saw a hint of surprise in her eyes for a second until it faded away back to no emotions.

"I was really bored Hess you know, since you couldn't find me earlier." The old man mocked.

"Oh so you told my whereabouts to Ki." Hestia was in rage. "He was your best friend Miles. How could you do that to dad?" Hestia yelled menacingly yet with a slight hint of hurt.

"Oh Shut it! Will ya?" Miles said clearly irritated. "Every person has a price. Ki is smart. He knew the right price to offer. And I got my deserved money. So just chill! will you?" He said it like it's just a piece of cake.

Hestia looked really hurt from his words but quickly sobered up. She folded her arms behind her back and stared at the men surrounding her.

"Are you stupid or are you stupid??" Hestia asked menacingly stepping closer to one of them.

"Leave now and I'll let you see Mrs. Miles one last time." She paused. "Or stay and I'll kill you bit by bit. Right here. Right now."

Those are very dangerous options.

"How about none?" Miles chuckled. "Oh my sweet Hess. Can't you see you are not the one in charge here?"

Hestia's Face contoured into a dark grin, that turned into a slow chuckle, before turning into a full laughter filled with pure evil.

At this point I felt disturbed by the air itself I was breathing. Then she stopped and went dead silent like she never made a single sound.

"Shoot, you die. Leave, you die. Run, you die. Beg, you die. Die," she smiled. "So do these men" she completed.

She pulled a table and sat on it quietly and ran her hand through her brown curls leaning back.

"L—" Miles was cut off by Hestia slamming her fists on the table. "Look I don't have time for this" she said harshly before getting up and throwing the chair in the air. It went straight flying, hitting someone, who winced in pain.


Everybody did the same.

If I ain't dreaming then what I was witnessing is utterly insane.

I watched as she snapped her fingers. This is something else. How can a lady be so dangerously calm? I haven't seen a women being capable of violence like this. I guess world brings out the worst of her.

Confusion took over me. I was about to raise my head but suddenly my scenario changed completely. Men started falling as more masked men came in firing at them.

The floor turned red and blood was all I could see so far. It made me sick. The sounds of yelps, agony and gushot made my head ache.

Hestia approached Miles swiftly stabbing a knife into his stomach. Miles vomited blood and started yelping.

"I trusted you Miles. Dad trusted you. And you shook hands with his killer. Now tell me where is he? WHERE IS Ki!!! How does he look like? Where will I find him? Start talking dammit before I snip every bone of yours!!!!." Hestia growled.

"I..I don't know it. I jus..just got a package with my name on it. It was an ...untraceable number. I. I don't know." Miles cried in pain.

"Very well then! I hope you enjoy in hell Miles!!" Hestia snorted. In one swift Hestia pushed knife through his neck and and pulled it back. Miles instantly went motionless.

A gasp escaped my mouth catching her attention. By this time fire has ceased and there were only dead bodies everywhere. She walked to me and extended her hand towards me. I took it and stood up.

Hestia started, "Well...."

"Its okay I can understand you kill people for living and all. Honestly It's just that so much blood makes me sick you see. Red is definitely not my color. I mean you played a real life PUBG just now. But again PUBG is boring. I'm a candy crush person. By the way here take this gun. We might not wanna shoot anyone do we ? I mean do I ? Of course not. What kind of question is this. I think I'm babbling ain't I ?" I took a deep breath.

Hestia just stared at me with amused look for a while speaking ," Yea, you are speaking but not making any sense." she smirked.

"I'm sorry It's just I am not lucky enough to witness a massacre everyday you see. So I'm feeling a little peachy " I joked.

She chuckled silently. What is wrong with me? I just saw around 30 people die and I'm joking now.

"Are you hurt?" she asked concerned. "I'm sorry you witnessed that."

"It's okay honestly" I smiled

Is it though?

"I'll take a leave now and let the men clean this mess." She said dusting her lap. I nodded nervously. "Here" she extended her hand holding a card. "Take this and call me someday, I would like to hangout with you." She said.

"Err..sure. Why not?" I'm not sure if this is a good idea already. She nodded and walked away. I watched her leave. And she left. Just like that. She was quite a mystery.

"What the fuck just happened here?" I shouted to myself.


It's been three days since the mass killing. I haven't heard about her ever since that. I was at Starbucks curently to write few verses. But instead of writing I was staring outside.

Suddenly black BMW pulled up across the road. She got out and stood there with same dark expression. She was wearing black T-shirt and black sweatpants. She looked tensed up.

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