Crushingly Firm

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Chapter Six

I was about to go and greet her when suddenly a white van pulled up in front of her blocking my view. She looked inside the van and nodded. Then three muscular men stepped out dragging and carrying the fourth men.

Then Hestia and the four men walked to aisle between the two corporate building.

I left my seat and walked outside because dying by a bullet is more fun then dying outta curiosity.

What? I'm curious to see what is happening.

I walked to the aisle and stood against the wall peeking to see what was going on. As soon as I saw what was happing I regretted my curiousity.

The man was bleeding and begging on his knees to Hestia to spare him. Hestia was irritated as far as I could make out. She was leaning against the wall gripping a pistol.

"I have no time for this." She scowled shaking her head. And the next second she put a bullet in his head.

I cursed in shock, grabbing their attention. They started chasing me as I tried to ran.

I was about to cross road when all three of them caught me and pointed gun on my head , back of my neck and my spine.

Shit. This is it. This is how I die.

I closed my eyes and waited for the death to come.

Dear Lord if I die today then please vanish my Beatles signed album which I hid under pillow from Ruth. Amen.

I waited for the death to come. But it never came. I slightly opened my right eye and peeked through it to see Hestia with amused expression. As soon as Hestia waved her hand, all the guns were pulled off of me. I got up with horrified expression.

"What are you doing here?" She asked calmly. "I could ask you the same Hestia" I argued with a smirk. "I see", she narrowed her eyes at me. She turned her back and growled at the men ," Get Lost." When everybody was out of sight, she turned back to me.

She sighed and asked, " How much did you see?"

"Just the part where you put a bullet in his head. Not much." I cringed at the memory.

"So you saw everything." She chuckled softly.

I told Ruth I was funny, but he kept saying I was lame. Dammit!

"You could say that too" I cocked. Suddenly my stomach betrayed me and growled loud enough to be heard by both of us.

"Looks like you need some carbs" she smirked. "Come on let's get some food. I would like to spend some time with you."

"I don't think we should—" I was cut off by she dragging me to her car. As we reached her car she turned to me and asked, "Wanna drive my lady?"

"Your lady huh?" I said amusingly. " Sure if you don't mind." She handed me the keys and went to take the shotgun seat. I opened my door and hopped in.

It was a sensible car. Black at the outside and Italian leather in the inside. Everything automatic. Clean and sexy as expected.

Yea I just called a car sexy. Cliché.

I switched on the engine and started changing gear. "Where do you wanna go?" I asked. "Wherever you like, as a

long as it is edible" She smirked. "Fair enough then. I'll do the classic." I winked as we drove to my favorite place.

"Really? You call KFC classic?" She frowned. "Trust me this stuff is good." I promised. "Fine whatever." She huffed.

As soon as we entered the restaurant everybody became quite. "Wow I didn't know I had this kinda aura in me. " I boasted. " It's me who they fear Taylor." she mumbled. "Ouch! You just hurt my ego" I faked hurt making her chuckle.

A scared waiter came at our table. "W..what can I get you ma'am" "Just water for me" she said typing in her phone. "And you sir?" she asked politely. "I'll have two buckets of 6 piece chicken wings with coke" I ordered.

"You ordered for me." She said with amusement. "Yes I did. You will love it." I replied. "So when was the last time you visited KFC?" I furrowed. "Before I entered Mafia, probably 5 years ago." She replied nonchalantly.

"Why did you join Mafia?" I asked curiously. Her eyes darkened "Because human are worth more dead than alive." She said with no emotion. I took it as a cue that she wasn't quite happy with what she does. Silence took over for few minutes until our food arrived.

I took a wing and started chugging on it. I looked up to see her staring at her food with absolutely no emotion. "Eat it. It doesn't bite." I joked. She looked at me and then took the wing. She took a bite and started chewing slowly. "Not bad." she said.

"So do you like what you do." I asked her.

"No. But People with good heart don't survive. Hence my dad's death. I'm gonna only do this until I catch'em all and then I'll leave this behind" She growled.

I gulped and saw her struggling. Suddenly she pushed her food aside and stood up. "I should leave now. I'll catch up later" was all she said and walked out of the restaurant.

I watched as her car drove away. I finished my meal and booked a cab to my flat.

I fumbled through keys in the darkness, struggling to put it in the keyhole. After hundred attempts I finally unlocked it.

The room was dark due to closed curtains and windows. I sighed and closed the door. I pressed the lock securing myself.

I walked groping the things in dark to find the wall with the switch. When I finally felt the buttons, I switched them on.

My house was anything but special. All white walls with signed posters, photographs and albums of various artists pasted randomly in my room. Black curtains, black floor, basic and only the most important furniture placed neatly.

I walked into my bedroom and picked up my guitar. I plaed few strings and started humming Numb by Linkin Park. It was my habit to practice vocals everyday I came home at night. It relaxed my mind and made me calm.

I played a few more songs and then keep my guitar aside. I sighed and laid back on bed when my phone buzzed and an unfamiliar number appeared. I waited a little and then picked up.

"Hello?" There was a void. I gripped my phone closer and say again," Hello?"

"It's me Hestia", she said nervously as if unsure of something. " I wanted to say that I owe you an apology for my behavior earlier. " "It's okay I understand" I assured her. "I understand this must be hard on you."

There was another silence. She took a deep breath and spoke again," I shouldn't have bailed on you like that. How about a movie night at mine? I want to make it up to you...." She trailed as if unsure.

"Sure why not whenever you want. I wanna get to know you better." I hid my excitement. " How about tomorrow night?"

"Sure. Just text me time and address and I'll be there." I assure her. "Tomorrow it is then." She chimed. "Okay then I'll catch up later?" "Sure Hestia see you later" With that I hung up and lay back again.

I'm honestly was looking forward for it tomorrow.

I stared at the ceiling thinking about tomorrow until dozing off eventually.

I was sleeping peacefully when suddenly someone splashed me making me jerk away. I was all soaked in water and exactly had the intentions to kill the son of bitch. "Good Morning Sunshine ." Ruth chirped.

"RUTH I'M GONNA FUCKING KILL YOU!!" I screamed jumping on him making us both fall on the floor. "You are so gonna pay for this one asshole!" I growled. "I didn't give you a key so that you do that to me." "I love you too sweetheart" he mouthed making me roll my eyes.

Ruth and I were Best Friends since forever. Although I sometimes wondered what on a drunken day did I decided to be friends with him.

He was blonde and had hazel eyes just like his brother Robin. We made a really cool band. Ruth, Robin, Andy and Me , together called Up Thrust.

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