Crushingly Firm

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Chapter Seven


Friends and Family have been a myth to me. I can't trust anyone. Trust makes you dependent and I refuse to be that. I learnt at the very beginning of joining mafia that trust only makes you fail.

Miles was Dad's best friend. He was my professor. Yet, he chose to shake hands with his murderer. He defied my dad. He defied me. I haven't slept for 3 days. All I could see is the hatred in Mrs. Miles eyes.


"You are a monster Hestia. You killed my husband. You say you are doing this for love. You are a liar. A cold bastard." She screamed while thrashing me with pure outburst.

"After all I have done for you, you have an audacity to come to the funeral of the person you killed!! Huh ?" Her face was full of anger and frustration. She was hurt.

"I'll never forgive you. I curse you to suffer forever. You made this baby a bastard just like you!!!! You are no different than him!!!!" She spat.

"My child became father less because of you. I curse you that even your child will not have a FATHER !!!" She said in a low voice.


Someone interrupted my thoughts by knocking on the door. "Come in".

"Donadieu, Can we talk?" Louis approached cautiously. His face was showing no emotion unlike his usual self. He was hurt. Deeply. Mr. Miles was like a mentor to him.

Though he was my cousin, he was still more close to Miles. He trusted him and I didn't have the courage to talk to him since the club incident.

He was dead silent. I felt the disturbance around him. He was in rage. His face showed absolute no emotion. I knew it was time that we talk about it.

"Lock the door." I said. He nodded and turned around to close it. I sighed and looked up to him, motioning him to sit. I took a deep breath and said," I'm so sorry Louis. I don't even know what to say. I cannot even imagine being in your posi— " I was cut of by Louis gesturing me with his hand to stop.

"The courage of the bastard to betray us." His nostrils flared. "How dare he put an act of a father to me. I honestly respected him more than my own parent. That bastard licked enemies toes. How could you kill him without torturing him Hestia? How could you?" He yapped in a low voice.

"He shouldn't have died an easy death. I wanted to kill him bit by bit. I wanted to feel the betrayal of his blood. Oh! Hestia you keep forgetting. I am a dog. I don't like my bone being taken away. You shouldn't have done that. You will have to pay for this." He smirked evilly. I felt my lip corners curve at him.

He knew I would never hurt him. I knew I was up for a punishment. But I didn't say anything. I didn't feel the fear. Instead I was ferel to do this.

He was right. I took his prey. And I had to pay for this. I am a masochist. I loved pain. He knew very well to give me that. The day I entered Mafia I was taught that I had no family.

When I and Louis entered Mafia we were supposed to cross every limit, every boundary this society had. As sick and disturbing as it sounds this was what this world made us.

"Alright Louis, it's been a while since we played this game. I hope you aren't rusty." I teased.

"Oh you don't know how fresh my flesh is Donadieu." He chuckled egoistically.

I clapped my hands together and followed him out of my office.

We walked towards the end of the aisle until the black door appeared. We stopped and Louis turned to me. He stared at me with a strange emotion. He was observing me as if trying to find something lost in me. Like something died in me. His eyes darker than ever, jaw clenched.

"Why?" He spoke almost inaudible. "Why us?" He raised his voice. I stopped breathing. He closed his eyes shaking his head.

I couldn't answer him. I couldn't speak. My eyes were open but everything seemed blur. I didn't know why did they killed dad. I didn't know where the shot came from. Why didn't the bullet hit me instead of him? For the world Hestia Donadieu was fearless, firm and a cruel freak. Deep down inside I was still scared, alone and broken.

Nobody saw this side of me. Vulnerable, pathetic and mentally injured.


I couldn't show my weakness to anyone. I couldn't let them find my true self. I'm not gonna let them take advantage of my flaws.

I closed my eyes and started counting my breath. One..Two..Three.. My breath started relaxing and I could feel my adrenaline lowering. When I reached to ten I was back to normal.

I cleared my throat. "Proceed" I croaked waving him to unlock the door. He nodded and fished out the key card.

He unlocked the door, opening a dark room. I nodded for him to proceed as he looked at me with uncertainty. We entered the room and he turned around to switch on the lights.

As I adjusted my gaze everything seemed more clear than ever.

It was our training room. Whenever one of us committed a mistake, the other could punish. With anything. Torture until one would loose tolerance.

The room had black walls, covered with a bit of dust. Weapons were arranged according to tolerance level. Guns were kept on the left, while knifes and blades were kept in wooden cupboard. Chair of pain in the middle. A tank of hot water for water boarding. And many more weapons.

"Hey. Do it quick I have a date tonight." I said rolling my eyes. He scowled and motioned me towards the water tank. I glared at him with big eyes. He smirked and repeated the motion to sit on the table. Ugh... this is some real shit. Water boarding is horrifying. The water messes with nose, mouth and lungs everytime. He very well knows to piss me off.

"No scratches on my face I ha-" I was cut off by he mocking me. "You have a date tonight." Now he was pissing me off more. I sighed and walked towards the tank sittinga down on the table next to it.

He smirked and came swaying his butt to the tank earning a scowl from me. He peeked in the tank and put his finger in it to check. He quickly took it out shaking his hand.

"Hot!!" He exclaimed shaking his head. I felt a teeny tiny bit nervous now. He walked to me and grabbed me by my hair. "This will teach you a lesson. Do not ever take what's mine." He growled. With that my head was in the hot water. And by hot I meant close to 100°C.

As the water hit me I became numb. I forced my breathing to stop and closed my eyes to prevent harm. The water started burning my skin and as a reflex my body started shaking from the pain. I closed my mouth and started counting time.

After exact one minute and thirty seconds I ran out of patience and my body started begging me to inhale oxygen. I started loosing consciousnesses. I was about to pass out when he pulled me out. I started gagging and coughing unable to breathe. Once I came back to my senses, I became furious. "Son of bitch!!!" I shouted. "I was about to die you fool." His smirk grew bigger.

"You fuc-" I was stopped by he dunking me again. This time I gave up at exact one minute ten second. As I was gasping for some air, he was laughing his ass off. "Tell me why didn't I kill you again" I scoffed. "You are so gonna pay for this soon. Just wait and watch." I warned.

He rolled his eyes. " We'll see." I was beyond pissed and fully drenched by now. "Alright. You done water boarding me?" He nodded with a smile which gave me an urge to wipe it off of his face.

Calm down bitch, He is your brother.

"Go back to work." I ordered with authority. He nodded when his phone started ringing. He fished his phone out of his back pocket and placed the receiver on his ear.

"You know I almost killed her lol. " He chuckled. My cheeks heated and I turned the darkest shade of red.

Fucking Bastard.

"Lemme put you on speaker" He said holding back his laughter.

"Someone's soaked" Raven chuckled. He and his dual meaning puns never end. "You say this one more time and I'll put a fucking bullet in your head." I warned.

"You took pissing off quite literally." He joked. I had an urge to wipe that smirk off him by teleporting. "I'll feed you to Berry." I threatened.

"Berry?" Louis cocked his head up. "My crocodile" I grinned proudly. "When did that came from?" Raven said with a hint of amusement. "Just when you cracked a water pun." I revealed. "Just in case I feel like eating you both alive, I'll give Berries the honor to snack on you too." I informed proudly before turning on my heels and walking away with my middle finger in the air.

I heard fake gaspes behind while exiting the corridor.

I'm a motherfucker train wreck.

As I walked in my room, it was full of hello kitty posters pasted all over the walls. The bedsheets were bright red with "come to mama horny" written on it. As my eyes roamed, the black cupboard caught my attention, which now was covered in pink spray paint. "To cover my flower" was written on it.

Did I walk into a wrong bedroom?

Confusion took over me as I knitted my eyebrows together and scanned around when suddenly the television caught my attention. I walked up to it to see a neon sticky chit on it.

"Visual might help just in case you fail to imagine the D soaked." As as I read that out loud I heard a muffled laugh behind me. I turned around to see Raven struggling to hold back his laughter while shaking his head.

I crumpled the paper and started running. His eyes widened as he ran for his life. Suddenly he became a Usain Bolt and began running like a havoc.

"Come back you asshole!!" I yelled. "BERRIES HAS A DESIRE TO EAT SOME BALLS" I screamed while chasing him. When I finally managed to catch him, he lost his balance and I tripped on him. Both landing straight on our faces. Both of us out of their breath laughing our asses off.

"That was funny" He chuckled.

"Not as funny as it will be when you clean that stuff with a mop." I winked as he made a face shaking his head in disbelief.

We both lay on the floor for a while observing the ceiling for some time.

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