Baileys Besieged

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Chapter 11

The new Sammy has a hard time carrying a note, as he attempts to cut a few demos with Street Posse. Instead, he prefers walking the strip. Tabloids report that it won’t be long until the front man is replaced. Rumors begin to fly. Cledus knows, sooner or later, the band will look for another singer to replace him at the helm. Until then, he knows he can keep up the image. Oversexed groupies still chase him around and fling their tempting goodys at him.

His agent does not give up on him because he believes Sammy has some more award-winning songs inside him. Some of his fans feel that Sammy Moore lost his inspiration. That’s all. Others assume he will get it back—eventually. He will bring the throng to their knees again. Sammy’s voice will re-claim fame, or at least many fans hope it will be the case.

Meanwhile, the new Moore is just a Gigolo, David Lee Roth clone. Many women flatter themselves into believing they can bring the singer back from his artistic coma.

It isn’t very long before fellow band members question their leader’s sanity, his well-being, and why he switched from J & B to Jack Daniels. They further question why the man’s fingers can no longer properly grasp a guitar pick. They cannot help but wonder why the bank needs to look up Sammy’s account number for him? Cledus Beaumont becomes a hollow shell of himself, while he walks on flat and uninspiring feet. Sammy Moore confidently walked on the balls of each foot. In a strange way, Cledus both curses and celebrates his new existence.

The most telling event occurs when Sammy’s parents’ pet turns on him. After all, Cledus doesn’t carry and never will carry the same human smell. The dog does not cry out for Moore. Instead, he whimpers…as if he senses the passing of his real and more talented master.

Georgia finds happiness in a healthy baby girl. Tawny does a great deal of crying. But when the child is happy, her entire face lights up. Tawny has her dead father’s deep, transfixing, and wide-set eyes. But eyes filled with child-like wonder. Tawny’s eyes are free of hate. The orbs are totally full of life, and glisten like crystal balls reflecting a rich Beaumont legacy, as if illuminated by a flashlight beam from behind.

Tawny and KC become instant pals; two forms of energy feeding perpetually off each other. Tawny learns to throw the dog’s ball, and KC learns to keep it from her. Tawny resembles the princess Georgia had long hoped for. Enamored with the child is an understatement. Georgia, at the same time, fails to consider the child as the second lady in her chosen family. The mother is unaware how swiftly things can take an unforeseen turn, or of how the Beaumont Family Bible can cast her under a spell, or of how the book wants and needs to take more. Georgia doesn’t know what the book desires or what it wishes to take? Ironically, she fails to notice the association with the word ‘more’. It’s just the first act of an unknown play; a Beaumont play mysteriously loaded with trap-door twists and unforeseen dangers. The bible tests the young woman’s spirit, courage, dreams, and personal aspirations. It won’t be long before Georgia discovers the object is her magic carpet, one that can transport her across time and physical space. If only she thirsts when it beckons for a ride?

In hindsight, one might think it funny that a private investigator could overlook a generic name connected to a well-known rock star. But, heaven knows, stranger things have happened. Sammy Moore certainly rolls off the tongue better than Omar Redding. And thousands of women like to proclaim his name. A pending paternity lawsuit falls by the wayside. Sammy’s DNA has changed, drastically, altering all legal entitlement to his vast empire. So has the entertainer’s walk, his voice, and his main drug of choice.

Georgia sees him a second time in her bank. What she once felt shifts from lust and infatuation to gut-level fear; even though this time the rock icon enters another teller’s window, a teller across the other side of the bank. She considers the connection to her drawing, and fights to sustain a breath. Georgia wonders how it compares with severe asthma, at the height of an attack, as a dark essence invisible to the naked eye flows down from the past and engulfs the family—like the mysterious other in the movie Ghost. But this force is totally smothering, like a snuffer to an open flame. Revolted, Georgia wonders…How could I have desired that man so much when he previously stepped up to my bank teller window? How could I have checked out his tight butt? Oh…How I was attracted to him? The woman realizes something strange is going on, although she doesn’t quite have all the pieces of the puzzle—yet.

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