Baileys Besieged

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Chapter 18

Larry raps at Marla’s screen door, not knowing what to expect on the other side of the glass. He doesn’t know whether she will dawn a studded collar, have spiked hair, or wear combat boots. He holds a small bouquet of flowers in his right hand.

When the inside door swings open, a roommate appears instead of Marla. A petite, cagey Hispanic, that flirts with her body as well as teases him with a warm smile.

“You must be Marla’s date,” the woman says.

Larry returns a smile. Either that…or I’m Jack the Ripper.

“Please sit down,” the woman says while walking him into a small living room. The wiggle in her walk and tight shorts Larry finds intriguing. He thinks the shorts appear seamless and act like a second skin. And the stranger knows Larry watches her assets as she walks away, if he isn’t gay.

It proves to be an extremely nerve-wracking ten minutes for Larry. The wait…And images of tight shorts are thrust into his immediate frame of reference. A stereo somewhere plays a familiar song, an R & B hit, although Larry can’t place the title. He adjusts his collar, and glances at a coffee table book—within reach. Why Men Cheat is the title. Larry can’t help but think about a band member of N’Sync, who said he broke up with his girlfriend when she cheated on him.

Why do women cheat?

He catches a whiff of aromatic perfume, which becomes solid in the seductive expose of a primped Marla, whose swift appearance tantalizes more of his senses and fills his heart with lucid longing. He thinks she is like a white cotton tuft buoyed by an autumn wind. Marla enters his peripheral vision bearing more cleavage than work would ever allow, her nails have been done, her hair cascades down thickly around her kind face, and her skin glows.

Her eyes appear kinder.

A flowing lavender dress sets off the entire ensemble and further flatters the woman’s cut features.

When Larry takes her hand, he knows he must kiss the tops of her knuckles. He tries to figure out what the woman sees in him. Perhaps, she has watched too much NYPD Blue. Or, perhaps, I underestimate my own undeniable charm. Larry knows he holds a rare charm that only can set itself free for a rare, old-fashioned woman. A woman that doesn’t believe she can adequately assess a man in the first five minutes of meeting him; a woman who is secure enough with herself to get beyond pigeon-holing a man based upon a first impression, or a state of premature judgment based upon a societal definition of a ‘fantasy man’.

As the night evolves, Larry opens and reveals his true self; a man that is far more complex than a look or a sixty second movie trailer. He blossoms, as if Marla supplies him water and the sunshine of her smile.

On the dance floor, Larry doesn’t hesitate to bust a few moves. He spins Marla and catches her in his arms. Larry is a spark plug, a live wire, and a perfect gentleman. Marla knows the worst they can end up is good friends. And her heart warms to the prospect.

At the dinner table, Larry reaches for the woman’s hand, their eyes probe each other’s souls, and both are completely frozen in the moment. Two hours seem like five minutes.

The couple walks back to the man’s car, arm in arm. Both remain speechless. An undeniable chemistry makes both feel it would be unnatural to withhold a pleasurable act.

Once inside the car, Larry leans across the seat and Marla reciprocates with a kiss to set off human fireworks. Then, the cop starts the car and drives the woman home. He can’t stop his sex from growing to the point it makes him feel uncomfortable. Queen sings 'Play the Game' on the car stereo. Both single people look, optimistically, down the road.

“I had a good time,” Marla says as they walk to her front door.

“Me too,” Larry returns.

Their eyes meld as they find each other, and a magnetic force pulls them into each other’s waiting arms. “I have never felt this comfortable around anyone,” Larry says. He hesitates before adding, “I better go! Why I can still resist.”

“Maybe…I don’t want you to go.”

Larry thinks he sees the cagey roommate peer around a draped window. He thinks. It would be too weird.

As both their lips touch, the woman’s knee rubs against the man’s groin, waking it from a temporary slumber. Suddenly, Both Mars and Venus are transported to a higher plane of sensual awareness.

Larry pulls away, and impresses Marla in remaining a gentleman.

“You always this forward?”

Larry feels powerful when the woman replies, “Never!”

He gives the woman a quick peck on her right cheek.

Marla looks into his eyes and gives him a very alluring wink.

“Call me.”

“I will,” Larry answers, while backing away.

Larry feels he hasn’t felt such intense emotions since he was a teenager; in fact, he feels almost high. After shutting the car door, tears fill his eyes as if Marla is that high school sweetheart—all grown up. He is so wracked with raw emotion, that he waits several more minutes for its hold to subside.

Lying prone in bed, Larry wonders if he has just awoken from a powerful dream. His limbs are exhausted, yet his mind shifts into hyper drive. Various frames of Marla’s smile enter the hidden projector of his mind, as well as the woman’s well-sculptured hips. He imagines caressing one bare hip, and then the other. Complete shock hits him, when the woman’s pearly whites become saliva dripping fangs, and her butt grows purple dragon scales. Larry’s mind speaks of being asleep and dreaming, while his body feels locked in a state of paralysis. Marla’s head turns in his direction, her large eyes reveal a carnivorous nature, and hidden scales oscillate inside and out as she methodically converges on him. Larry finds he can’t move a single muscle to flee, but he can hear the loud SWOOSH! of the woman’s highly specialized tail.

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