Baileys Besieged

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Chapter 5

Georgia and Tawny go out to a movie. Only KC hears sounds of someone messing with the lock on the front door of their apartment. He growls and throws out a nervous bark.

The sound stops for a few minutes, as the perpetrator pockets a metal instrument and lets two lovers pass down the hall.

Quickly, the metal on metal sound takes up with a renewed sense of urgency.

“Shit!” The wielder of the jimmy tool replies.

The little dog barks loudly—this time. Several seconds later there is a click, and the door swings into the entryway.

The little dog knows better than to confront the unknown intruder. He hides, quickly, behind the living room sofa. KC sizes up his competition, before he attempts to confront the man. The intruder overturns and smashes anything in his way, while sparing the clown case by accident.

“O.K. Where are you?” The perpetrator whispers as if he expects the Beaumont Bible to throw out an answer.

The thief walks over to the first bedroom and notices kiddie-land. He rushes into another bedroom, just on the other side of the bathroom. KC leaves his hiding place. He bounds down the hall after the man, not knowing what he is going to do when he catches up with him.

KC bares his fangs in a beastly snarl. The stranger spins around with a devil’s smirk on his face. It only takes one shot of the stun gun to send the dog away yipping and disoriented, defenseless to control his abode.

The stranger opens Georgia’s closet and pulls a dangling pull string. He gazes at dresses, slips, and a drove of different shoes. In five minutes, the stranger discovers more about the woman than any date had in five years, including many shelves of odd items—including a bagged wedding veil.

On the very top shelf is what the man is after. He searches for a stool the woman uses to get the tome down; it isn’t far away. KC whines at his inability to protect his master’s things.

The intruder carries the foot stool over and slides it underneath the shelving. He climbs gingerly on top of the stool, while failing to notice a grey cloud form flowing around him, into his pocket, and it somehow squeezes the trigger to the stun gun. A swift jolt travels through the man and knocks him off the stool. The jolt so catches him by surprise that the bottom shelf half-heartedly breaks his fall; a large shard from the shattered board punctures an eye, as the dead weight plunges to earth.

Instant pain engulfs the man’s left eye, and his vision turns fuzzy. The thief hears a sound like the separation of hardened Jell-O, as the board reluctantly releases itself from the devastating wound. Through necessity, the bible lacks meaning.

The man almost trips over the spaniel on his way out the door. The intruder continues to stumble around the hallway, begging someone to call an ambulance, with an eye sunk into his skull like the spot of a rotten gourd. The dog checks out the panicking intruder dancing out in front of an open doorway. KC is intrigued, but too shaken to bark at the familiar sentinel joining his side.

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