Baileys Besieged

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Chapter 12

Georgia feels, deep down, the end draws nearer. Her senses grow more astute, as she steps into her role as a modern day prophetess. She finds herself assessing a new beginning, optimistically, even though her dreams are haunted by stories like The Monkey’s Paw. She doesn't fully know why or how things will happen. And her daydreams aren't uncommon for someone so artistic, who works in a monotonous job, who has endured heartbreaking tragedy, and who has the responsibility of an active daughter.

The loving couple embraces within the hot tub again, tongues massage complimentary gums, and the mountainous terrain peacefully beckons. At the same time, the geological behemoth dwarfs Bailey’s Resort.

This time…Georgia wields an imaginary video camera and becomes a peeping third party to their passionate fling. She immediately notices another couple enjoying a moment, engulfed in the steam flowing off the crest of the water—in wind altered tufts. Georgia questions the surreal experience, although the colors and the clarity are so incredibly vivid. Like she gazes into a crystal ball, the steam clears, bubbles appear, and Georgia becomes lost in the internal world of the unseen. The woman feels the terror of viewing her past self—completely ignoring the images thrust in front of her.

The spirit slowly reforms within the depths of the global water, and Georgia sees it all from the aerial camera of her mind. Cledus Beaumont continues to form and come into focus as his body approaches the surface of the hot tub. His presence is an invasion of their privacy; at the same time, his spirit is a grandiose illusion. Could a man come from a hot tub vent? It seems to be a logical question to (now) ponder.

The woman sits down at the kitchen table locked in a state of paralysis. She wonders if there were other signs, signs that something was going to swoop in and take her sweetie? Caught up in the passionate throws of making love, Georgia Alexandre knows there had been more telling signs.

Moore…She giggles. “What a crock of shit!”

Time approaches, to mark off a decade since Jeremiah vanished. His lover finally vents, finally expresses real anger. She instantly realizes, someone or something altered a good portion of her adult life. In that length of time, Georgia hadn't developed any deep or lasting human relationships; instead, she found herself locked in fear they all may disappear.

Georgia finds herself wanting, quite desperately, for Lucky Beaumont to call her so she can give him a piece of her troubled mind. As if the channeling spirit knows this, the phone never rings. She passes it off as a lame computer dial-up, when her phone rings and there is no live person on the line when she rushes to pick up the receiver. The place where Georgia grew up, ends up being a comical tragedy to physical reality. She doesn't know if she wants to raise her daughter in such a world of lies. Whether she witnessed a government experiment gone wrong, an alien abduction, or the next star gate, really didn’t matter—in the scheme of things. Her fiancé was taken from her. Plain and simple. What complicates and muddies the water more is the fact her beau’s body was never—officially—placed into the ground. Instead, Jeremiah disappeared into thin air.

To add insult to injury, Georgia was questioned off and on, as if she were the only real suspect in Jeremiah’s disappearance. It was disheartening, but she took all Polygraph Tests they threw her way and passed every one of them with flying colors. From the beginning, she could not help but feel she was being watched everywhere she went. In the end, her life held a stature a little less public than that of the great Cledus Moore, Sammy Beaumont, or whatever the hell he currently calls himself. At the same time, Georgia’s life becomes a rare episode of Ripley’s Believe It or Not. Georgia thinks, Sometimes, I have to force myself to believe it—myself. Sure, I have a mystical magical connection with the Beaumont Family Bible. But, deep down, I’m afraid to harness any of its raw power.

Something in the back of Georgia’s mind tells her the entity behind the words will not play star gate with only one human life. What will it benefit humankind with such a sacrifice? Georgia understands she probably will consider these things, over the next few weeks. This does not give her any comfort.

Late at night, when the house lay dead quiet, she often finds her teeth chattering. And she cannot recall, beyond experiencing extreme cold, a previous time it had happened.

Georgia promises Tawny a trip to Fred B Cheese. She is unaware an undercover cop and a fake son shadow them most the night. The mechanical bears sing a funky Street Posse tune. A tune Georgia recognizes that makes her sick to her stomach.

Mother and daughter start to play games, such as: Wall bowling, pinball, and Whack It.

Tawny gets Georgia to giggling for the first time in months.

“Can we stay here for a while?”

As long as we are far from those annoying bears. Georgia thinks.

“For another half an hour or so.”

Tawny smiles, because she is happy with the compromise and in thinking, I have the best mommy in the whole wide world.

Georgia raises out of bed. Her brain tells her she missed something important. She flicks on a small lamp, brings the bible out of a bottom dresser drawer, and flips open the rough cover. In Sunday School, at age eight, she would have never guessed a bible would come to mean so much to her. In fact, at age seventeen, she considered the mere suggestion of a bible a furrow into blanch, boring, religious conformity.

Bible Defender enters: A superhero that gleans his power from the self-same historical tome; a religious tome that went through thousands upon thousands of translations and revisions in hundreds of different languages. If Bible Defender could help her Tawny make the right decisions, Georgia really does not care how corny he looks or sounds. She knows what Jeremiah would have sung. He probably would have sung, ‘Sparky shaping our days and our nights. Sparky shaping our thought and our fights. I want Sparky re-shaping me!’

Georgia Alexandre begins to laugh. She assuredly misses Jeremiah’s sense of humor and the way he could find her good mood button. When she thinks of him, the word ‘mood’ easily becomes plural. He often gave her various states of being, beyond just the black and white world of good mood or bad mood. Georgia guesses the word she's after if fulfilled.

The woman thinks she wants the feeling back again. In a world of dating rituals, communal lies, and body manipulation, Georgia wonders if she can ever be totally fulfilled--the same way again.

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