Baileys Besieged

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Chapter 17

[Nov. 29th]

Tawny awakens, and checks her ticket is still inside a small hinged cedar box. No refunds. She reads on the back of the ticket. Why would anybody want a refund from God? Tawny chuckles to herself.

“Mommy, can I go to the show?” The girl remembers asking her mother.

“If I can go too!”

Thanks for getting us front row seats. You’re the best!

Full of pride, Tawny holds the tickets close to her chest, before she announces, “Mommy really loves me!”

The music box containing the ticket begins playing ‘Marching to Zion’. Instantly, the girl’s eyes become backfilled crystal balls, and an invisible hand appears between a cleft in some Petroglyph covered rock. The solid rock beckons her to walk closer. A voice resounds from the other side. “I have something to tell you, child.”

The youngster works her way closer, mindful of the devil’s many tricks.

“Don’t be afraid. Only you have the gift.”

“What gift?”

“The gift of seeing your father’s face in every lucid dream or feeling his hand as it engulfs your own.”

Tears begin to form in the child’s lovelorn eyes.

“Bible Defender needs your help.”

Tawny suddenly looks perplexed.

“I’m just a little girl!”

“You’re far more than that, my child. If you could only understand the scope of your place in time.”

Tawny’s mind already returns to the ticket and possibly speaking with Bible Defender. She feels as if a trillion bugs burrow into her tender skin, as they dig hungrily at the young flesh—implanting invisible ticks of the holy spirit. If I am patient, I know my prayers will be answered! I will be able to bid father farewell without hurting mother.

Beyond her heart, Tawny had long considered the right thing to do. Imaginary Lenny once told her how great it would be to have her daddy back, even if worms filled his eye sockets, he missed most of his teeth, or he smelled of rot and decay. Tawny recalled what her mother once said. “God would not support such an abomination; it has to be Lucifer!”

Tawny refuses to break her mother’s heart.

Georgia gets quite nervous as the end approaches, when eleven years of hope and patience is reduced to ten or fifteen minutes. She had often wondered if she could trust Cledus Beaumont to step through the door and deliver her significant other from his parallel path of exile.

A last conversation she had with Lucky left her even more confounded.

“Death moseys among us!” He repeated four or five times.

“What are you saying? Are you saying Jeremiah will come back a walking Zombie?”

“It may be in de form of a g’hal hern’s body.”

“What is?”

“The reaper.”

Chills ran down Georgia’s spine, as she thought of the word REAPER.

“I don’t understand.”

“Don’t sworn by.”

“Will I ever talk to you again, Lucky?”

“Great shakes. Set by the bible, Jeremiah’s biddy!”

“Where at in the bible?”

“Opine hull will be brung in a spell” There was a slight crack in the cagey man’s voice. “Goodbye, CG.”

Georgia wanted to scream—WAIT! But her tongue couldn’t find any of the letters.

“Goodbye, Lucky! I love you!”

Georgia sits down and is utterly surprised at a spontaneous declaration to a voice she never connected to human form or even virtual memories she held from the past. All she recalls is the charcoal drawing reflecting deep and compassionate eyes, a Romanesque Nose, spread eagle ears, and a smile that could calm every tear.

Georgia picks up the antique weapon for a second time, kisses the cold steel barrel with dry lips and swears she tastes fresh gunpowder. A new clown smiles from its present position in the display case, although Georgia cannot recall purchasing it anywhere. Tawny must have gotten me a gift. Georgia thinks. The collector grows irritated. Tawny knows she isn’t to touch my clowns!

The woman’s thoughts shift to imagining Sparky in a bright colored superhero outfit. Does the man have any kids? Entertainment may help put my mind at ease in the man’s presence. Perhaps I can get Bible Defender’s autograph?

In the end, Georgia settles for a couple of weeks of vacation, and the hidden hope that her sweetness will return. She places the gun back into its display case, reluctantly, as if she is unable to predict any hardship or fortune yet to come their way.

Larry thinks he should have seen it coming. After all, he had been long trained to gauge human behavior. Many a man had been sucked in by the woman’s feminine wiles, multiple names, and exotic good looks. One minute they are drinking coffee. The next minute Sally describes graphic details of his wife’s abduction and bondage. Jerica slyly mentions the blue and yellow flowered bikini pants Larry thought only he had eyed that morning.

Larry has no choice but to look at the serpent.

“What do you want?”

“Once you place the rock shard into my hands, we are going for a little ride!”

Jerrica tosses her long hair back, before she adds, “Co-operate, and you may live to see your wife—alive—again.”

I doubt you will let me live. Larry assesses, using his vast experience on the force. He closes his eyes, temporarily. And we have only been married a few months! I will make my move before the conniving woman makes a meal out of me. This does not mean I cannot stall. I will feign losing the object in the shuffle of a bachelor pad being integrated with a truck load of freshly packed apple boxes.

The tail man tracks Sammy to a Catholic Temple—of all places. He is eager to report the prayer he overhears. Crouched behind a large statuette, the tail man hears Cledus Beaumont ask for a speedy deliverance to the 19th Century. Before the man’s weary eyes, Sammy Moore melds into a six-shooting rustler from the old west.

Cledus’s tail dials Larry’s cell phone to get a message… 'Larry is not able to answer his phone, and one should leave a message'. The tail man is unaware Jerica has tossed Larry’s phone out the window of a moving vehicle, where it burst into a million pieces. At the same time, a man resembling a gorilla brings terror into the disturbed eyes of Tina. The bound newlywed considers being steam rolled by more than just barrels delivered by an ugly video game impersonator.

[The previous day…]

Nineteen miles away, a different Thor entered Bible Defender Studio parking Lot. Georgia and Tawny got themselves ready for a pyrotechnic battle between good and evil, hoping that Bible Defender would be victorious again. Neither of them was aware of a plan to get them backstage—after the finale. A plan involving stopping a plague once revealed by the spirit of God; a modern plague that could destroy or severely stunt the fruit of mankind.

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