Baileys Besieged

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Georgia dreams she is a grandmother, and she pictures holding the re-conditioned Beaumont Bible. She remembers Cledus Beaumont slowly deteriorating, dying the way no man should ever have to die. She remembers grasping his rugged hand.

She opens the object’s large spine to see if the concert ticket is still there, the old Valentine, the phallic book marker, the delicately pressed leaf, or Jeremiah’s Laser Tag card; thoughts of which cause a proud smile to form at the corners of her wrinkled mouth. Upon thumbing back through the pages of the old tome, Georgia feels an intense aura and a hidden sense of déjà vu.

A copy of Tawny’s first modeling check is sandwiched between the pages of Jeremiah. My Tawny has graced the cover of practically every fashion magazine in America, and several dozen overseas.

For some reason, the prophetess’s wizened hands turn to Luke Chapter 13: Verses 10-13.

At the top of the page ‘Luke’ is crossed out and ‘Lucky’ is written in its place. Georgia takes a double take, before rubbing at her old eyes. She finds the act does not help the name return to ‘Luke’.

“Lucky, you sly devil!” Georgia cackles.

Her withered hands inspect the spine and cover, reconditioned cosmetically to resemble smooth fiberglass. The tome still houses the same spiritual and worldly elements, elements better hidden from a superficial world delineated by human sight.

Georgia still feels a rush, when she holds the tome up to her breasts. She can’t help but think of the sacrifices so many made. Jeremiah is no longer a selfish thought to hold onto, as he had been in her youth. Cledus seemed a reluctant martyr, even though he was worshiped like a pagan God. Bible Defender’s selfless act suddenly brings tears to the woman’s eyes.

The prophetess scans the pages to find three highlighted bible verses. The hairs stand up on her neck and arms as she reads them. Afterwards, Georgia Alexandre closes the ancient family heirloom, unaware her arthritic hands clench painlessly anew or how they may one day effortlessly caress Jerry junior’s smile.

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