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The Sleepover

She sits on her bed and plays with the baby. “Miss? You okay?” Preeti stands at the door. She nods. “Miss I actually did more research on the drug you consumed. I found out that it has many more side effects than what we thought; dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, rashes.”. She looks at Preeti and assures her by signing ‘I’ll manage on my own’. “Ok Miss if you say so. Have a good night!”.

Preeti walks away and goes to her room while she meets Santosh on the way. “Hey Preeti! Why were you in her room? Did something happen?”.

“No no. Nothing happened. Actually there a few more side effects of the drug that she consumed. Nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, rashes...”

“What!?! Will she be okay on her own tonight?”

“She said she’d be fine.”

“I mean... I think you should stay with her.”

“That’s what I thought. But if I go to look after her then who’s gonna guard the front? You’re quite far away from the main entrance ya’know.”

“Oh right... Then I can stay with her-”

“I don’t think that’s required, she can manage on her own. You don’t need to stay with her.”, Aksh comes joins the conversation.

“Ok Sir. We’ll do as you say.”. Santosh and Preeti say in unison.

Everyone’s asleep.

Except her, she sits there staring into the darkness of the now quite world that she lives in. She hasn’t cried in so long, but the tears just don’t form in her eyes. She feels sad but she can’t express it, she’s so helpless...


Someone is knocking at the door. She walks over and the only sound that’s heard are the jingles of her anklets. She opens the door and sees Aksh. “You good?”, she nods. Her assuring face disappears and she rushes to the bathroom. Aksh follows her and asks continuously, “What happened?”. She starts vomiting, and Aksh helps her get it all out.

She sits there exhausted when she’s done. He looks at her and says, “It’s okay, I’m here with you.” Her eyes can barely open now. She slowly places her head on Aksh’s chest. Surprised, Aksh says, “What are you doing!?!” He notices her exhausted face. “It’s okay...” his voice is rather soft. He pats her head. She stops his hand immediately and signs, ‘Headache’, while pointing to her head. He carries her and places her on the bed. “I’ll get you something”. She nods and lays there in pain.

He comes back in less than a minute with an ice pack and medicine for headache. He sees her curled up and massaging her forehead to ease the pain. He places his things on the table and rushes over to her. “Hey... hey”. She turns around, her face looks indifferent, no pain, nothing. “Pffttt”, Aksh laughs. She looks at him and signs ‘Why?’. “I’ sorry... it’s just that you hardly ever show any emotions on your face. It’s kinda funny.” She hits him gently on his forearm and looks at his face. She starts laughing. He pauses and looks at her. He thinks ‘Why does she look so pretty right now?’. She stops and looks at his face. They look into each other’s eyes. Their gaze is so indestructible, they themselves are the only ones who can break it.

She slightly and moves her hand forward. She gently places it on his cheek. She looks at him again and then she smiles. He turns away in embarrassment. “Sorry.” She holds his sleeve and signs ‘Why?’. He sits back down and she follows his gaze. “I shouldn’t actually be here with you, because it’s just wrong.”

She signs, ‘I trust you.’

He looks at her and sits back down. “Okay then, I’ll look after you tonight.” She nods her head.

She gets up immediately to rush to the bathroom, but falls down. He rushes towards her and says, “Why did you suddenly move? No sudden movements”. She reaches her hand out for help. He helps her up. She ends up in his arms. She gently placed her hand on his forearm and he let’s go of her waist.

She tries to walk but she starts feeling dizzy. He gets the tablets and she takes them. He then lifts her up and carries her to the bathroom to vomit.

After she starts to feel better he asks, “You’re getting better. I’ll go now.” She holds his hand and signs, ‘Stay.’. He asks, “You sure?”. She nods. “Okay, since we only have 3 hours till dawn.”

She lays on her bed and he sits on the chair next to the bed. She sleeps immediately.

He looks at her and thinks, ‘So naive... but she’s so cute. I can’t believe her sometimes.’

He looks at her and falls asleep.

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