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She knows

She slowly opens her eyes and doesn’t find the baby. She gets up immediately and rushes downstairs and starts looking for the baby. She finds him with Preeti, and is relieved. She goes over to Preeti and sits next to her. She signs, ‘What are you thinking?’. Preeti says, “He’s just 2 years old, we need some milk to feed him as an alternative for breastfeeding.”

There a long period of silence. Preeti says “By the way, why did Aksh come out of your room?”. She signs ‘He stayed with me for the night’. Preeti laughs. “Do you even know how wrong that sounds?” She looks confused. “You are very innocent.”. Preeti hands the baby to her. She erases the confused expression on her face and starts playing with the baby.

Aksh enters the room, “Hey, good morning. You need to get ready quickly.” She smiles at him and signs ‘Ok’. He turns away with embarrassment.

Everyone quickly gets ready and start doing their duties. Santosh finds her looking for something. “What are you looking for?”.

She signs ‘Money’.

“For what?”.

She signs, ‘The kid’.

“Don’t worry we’ll take care of that. We’ll manage all of that today. How did you do yesterday?”

She signs, ‘I was fine, Aksh took care of me’.

“Oh... I see. That’s good!”

She gets up and goes to her room. Santosh goes back to his duties.

In her room, she finds Aksh. “You know what happened.”. She looks down and nods. “Tell me.” . She lifts her hands to start signing...

After Aksh, Santosh and Preeti decided to sleepover, she notices Samrat Jufa standing near the window in the kitchen. He calls her out. She immediately goes over to him. He says, “So you got protection now huh?”. She stays silent. “Hey mute, remember I can do anything to your-”. She looks up suddenly. “You got it. Good girl. Now go give this ladoo to that white shirt man.” Santosh. “He’ll faint.”. She nods and walks back obediently.

“Why did you go over to him?”, she looks down. “Look, I’m here for your protection, you need to tell me everything.” She sits down. She signs ‘I’ve never told anyone this but I guess I have to tell you-’. He stpps her hands and says “You know what tell me whenever you want to.” She nods.

“So... we did a background check on the baby and luckily we know where his family is. We are going over to his neighborhood to return him.” She smiles joyfully and signs ‘Thank you!!’. He gives her a smile of assurance.

Aksh decided that the four of them would go the the baby’s place and return him.

When they reach, they see that the neighborhood is no diffeent to the woman’s. Destroyed.

She carries the baby and rings the bell.

A lady comes out, and asks “Who are you?”

“Is this baby yours miss?”. Aksh asks.

She looks at the baby relieved. She holds her arms out and she hugs the baby tightly. “Thank you so much but I can’t keep him at my house. He has an abusive father, I don’t want him to live in such an environment.”.

“Well... we can help you, we’re actually part of a secret agency so...”.

“No please leave with Krish”


“Oh right... Krish is his name.”

“Sorry but we can’t take the baby back. All we can do is help you.”

“Ok ok. Could you help us then?”

“The answer is always a yes.”

“Thank you.”

The lady’s name is Yasmine.

Aksh and Yasmine are discussing while Santosh is on the lookout and Preeti is gathering information. She just stands there.

She feels useless.

Suddenly she spots a drunken man who’s clothes aren’t in great condition. She rushes over to him to help him. He looks at her and starts cussing at her. She stands back. “What’s wrong with you? You think helping me will suffice? Pay my bills you- Nevermimd... How old are ya? 15? No... 18? Well ya’re in great shape.”, she trues to walk away. He grabs her wrist and she stands there indifferent. “Wow... obedient! I see... and I like.”, there’s silence, and she doesn’t struggle at all. “Why aren’t you speaking dumbass?”. She looks down. “You a mute... well that’s just nicer, you can’t scream for help!”

She looks at him and she mouths “Go to hell”


The drunken man slaps her. His hand marks are boldly highlighted in red. “Who’d ya think you are? How dare you?”. He pushes her down and kicks her on her stomach. “I earn more than you, stay in your place!”.

She puts her hands over her stomach and gets up slowly. She walks to the side of the road and leans on the wall.

The drunken man stops at Yasmine’s house. He’s the abusive father. Santosh stops him from entering, then Aksh and Preeti get their revolvers out. “Who the hell do you think you are? It’s MY house!”, Santosh pushes the drunken man down. “Ay! You useless BRAT! Who’s you call? You’re lucky I got married to you! You dumba-” Santosh handcuffs the drunken man to the pole.

“I can’t believe you! Is that how you threat someone you love?”, Santosh shouts at the man.

Aksh looks around for her, but she’s no where to be seen. “Where’s she?”.

Preeti looks around, “Santosh! She’s missing!”.

Aksh goes out to the street and finds her leaning on the wall. He rushes over to her and finds a lot of blood exiting her mouth. “Oh my god!”. He carries her to the van and puts her on the seat. “Santosh! Preeti! Continue the inquiry! I’ll be back.”. Santosh and Preeti nod and continue their work.

“What happened?”, he asks eagerly but then he spots the highlighted red hand print on her cheek. “The drunken man?”, she looks at him for a moment and then turns away slowly. “Why didn’t you fight back?”. She doesn’t sign anything back in reply. “Well how are you feeling now?”. He gently touches the red hand print on her face. She turns away in pain, she signs ‘It hurts’. “Yeah no kidding.” She turns towards him and signs ‘Why do you care?’. “Because you are human.”. She looks at him confused. She smiles at him. “How are you able to smile even though you are in so much pain?”. Her smile suddenly disappears and she suddenly looks down. “You really are a hard but to crack...”.

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