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His anger

“He seriously asked you that! Did you fight back?”. She nods. “Why’d you come crying then?”. She looks away and signs ‘He pushes me down.’. “He what!”. She signs ‘It’s normal.’. He says, “No it’s not. It doesn’t happen in a normal household.” She signs, “It’s normal for me.”. He forces her to meet her gaze, “Then I’ll make it a normal for you.”. She continues to stare.

“Tonight you aren’t opening the door no matter what. I’m here with you.”. She signs, ‘Your friends?’. “I’m enough.”.

“Listen to the plan...”

Night arrives even faster than usual.

She opens the door and finds an old man, he’s well groomed, slightly muscular and handsome. “I’m here to spend the night with you.”. She allows him inside. He enters the room closest to the entrance. She signs, ‘Wait.’. She rushes over to the kitchen and gets some food. “Some food? We can burn off the calories anyway! You taste sweeter than you look as well.”.

Once he finishes, he turns to her and pins her to the wall. She looks away, “Don’t be shy... I’ll teach you things you have never ever seen or experienced. I can sense that you’re... fresh.”. He forcefully turns her face. He starts by kissing her on her cheek. Then on her neck. But he stops suddenly. “I’m feeling a little dizzy”. He faints and falls to her lap.

Aksh comes in immediately. “Did he do anything to you?”. She nods. “Oh no! I’m so sorry”, his fists tighten. “Where.”. She points to her not-bruised cheek and her neck. “Neck?” She nods and signs, ‘I need to take a shower.’. He nods.

“Oh now you’ve done it! How dare you touch her!” He punches him several times until He’s satisfies. The well-groomed man lays there... he almost looks dead.

Aksh ties the man up and shoves him in the Jeep. He drives to a graveyard and hides the man near an electric fence. He drives to the house as quick as possible. He rushes to the room and finds her sitting on her bed.
“You okay?”. She shakes her head from side to side. He turns to her, “You’re finally being honest eh?.”. She nods. “I’m jealous”.

He comes over to her and sits in front of her. “Where’d he kiss you again?”. She points to her cheek and then her neck. “Honestly, I’m so angry with that man. Can I replace those dirty kisses he gave you?”. She looks at him confused. “I’ll replace them with my kisses.”, she nods.

He slowly moves toward her face. Their gaze can’t be broken, again. He gently caresses her cheek with his hand and places his lips on her cheek. She closes her eyes. He pulls away slowly. “I need to kiss you neck.” She nods. “Can you pull your dress down?” She signs, ‘You do it.’. He slowly lifts his hands and places them on her dress. He gently pulls her dress down. but makes sure not to break their gaze. He slowly moves toward her neck. He gently place his lips on her soft skin. He pulls away slowly. He’s face to face with her. “You need to pull your dress down a little. She pulls it down. He looks at her and she looks at him. He slowly moves toward her neck. He gently places his lips on her soft skin. He slowly pulls away and meets her gaze.

She slowly moves towards him and places her lips on his. But she doesn’t take her time. She quickly pulls away and hugs him. He pulls her into his arms tightly.
She quickly pulls away and signs, ‘I was so scared.’. He softly whispers, “You don’t need to be when I’m with you.”. She smiles at him and hugs him back.

“What the hell happened while we were working?”. Preeti shouts.

Aksh suddenly wakes up and finds her standing at the room door. “Preeti! Actually a lot of things happened. I’ll tell you later.”

“Well clearly! Why were you in her bed? Sleeping with her! At you guys weren’t naked! Oh my god!”.

“Preeti stop it! You don’t know anything.” He gets up and stands in front of her, as if he we’re her bodyguard.

“Ok fine, but Sir be clear in whatever you are doing”.

Aksh drags Preeti out of the room and turns to looks at her. She signs, ‘Sorry’. He signs, ‘It’s ok.’.

“ Ohhhh I get it now! She’s now your girlfriend. Well since you are clear about that... I’m sorry.”

“I mean... it’s not official.” Aksh says.

“You know what I approve. I saw the chemistry between you guys from day one so...”.

Santosh walks in, “Congratulations!”, he winks.

“Stop it!”, Aksh says playfully.

She walks down the stairs casually. Everyone looks at her. She rushes over and signs, ‘What happened to the kid?’.
“The abusive drunkard is now arrested, for his whole lifetime.”. She smiles in satisfaction. ‘Thank you’ she signs. “No problem! Well we’ll be heading back now. Bye.”

Aksh turns to Preeti, “What do you mean?”

“We don’t have any other work to do here Sir.”

“Right... Samrat!”

“Sir we don’t manage that.”

“What do you mean? We’ll be helping out an innocent civilian.”

“But this didn’t come with the job description. You can stay if you want sir.”

“Ok I‘ll stay until the Samrat case is solved.”

“Do as you please Sir...”
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