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Santosh and Preeti

Aksh’s team decide to stay at her demolished concrete house. Aksh walls toward the kid and asks, “Were you scared?”. The kid innocently nods his head and stares at Aksh. Aksh asks, “What happened... Hey! Um... woman...”. She turns and signs,’WHAT?’. “How old is this boy?”. She walks towards them and sits down. She stares at the child and examines him. Then she turns to Aksh and signs, ‘2’. Shocked, Aksh asks “How’d you do that?”. She looks down for a moment and then gets up and walks away. Aksh thinks ‘She seems... I don’t understand, but I will definitely crack that hard nut one day’.

“Hey! Santosh! Could you come over here? I need you to do a background check on this baby. Go back to the offic complete this task and immediately come back. Okay?”.

“Yes Sir!”.

The woman runs over to Aksh and looks at his eyes and Aksh immediately notices that she is going to warn them about something. “Yes? Have anything to say to Santosh before he leaves?”. She turns to Santosh and holds his hand open. She places a ladoo* in his hand and signs, ‘This is prasad*’. Santosh thanks her and he leaves. She stares at the direction Santosh went in for some time and then turns around. Aksh asks her immediately, “What was mixed in the ladoo?”. Her smile disappears and she looks worried. “I knew it!”.

Aksh tries to contact Santosh, while she eagerly looks for some paper. “WHY’D YOU DO THAT HUH?”, she starts to tremble but she continues to look for a piece of paper. He charges over to her and asks her, “Why?, this time in a quieter but stern voice. Obviously, she doesn’t reply. Aksh garbs her wrist and forces her to turn around and then he pins her to the wall. “I asked you something.” She tries to speak by opening her mouth but there’s no sound.

The phone rings.

Aksh snaps back into reality. “Sorry”. His hand prints remain on her wrists even though his hands aren’t on her wrists.“Hello, Sir?”.

It’s Santosh.

Aksh looks at her and stares at her. She looks up and their eyes meet. He looks away feeling guilty. “Hi Santosh. Where are you at the moment?”

“Sir, I’m still at the office. I’ll be back in around 15 minutes.”

“Ok, be quick.” As the call ends Aksh turns around to apologize to her, but he finds her on the floor instead. He runs over to her and tries to wake her up but she doesn’t. “Preeti! Come over now!”

She lies on the hard bed, still asleep but alive. “Did you find anything in her blood sample?”, he asks her eagerly.

“Sir, we found ‘dipyridamole’ in her sample. It’s usually used as a treatment but side effects like fainting and much more come along with this medication.”

“Oh wow... how come we didn’t notice.” Aksh turns to her and looks at her with guilt.

He notices her starting to move and immediately rushes and sits next to her. He helps her get up. “Are you okay?”. She nods her head. He continues to hold her hand. She looks at him and they both get lost in each other’s gaze.

“Uhm”, Preeti clear her throat. They don’t break their gaze.

“Look... I’m sorry for what I did I misjudges you”, she smiles and mouths ‘Thank you’. He turns away in embarrassment and he finally notices Preeti. “Oh sorry”, he leaves her hand and stands up immediately.

Preeti smiles and says, “Sir... I was saying that I’ll take the room closest to the entrance, so that when they come I can confront them and alert the rest.”

“Good! What about Santosh has he decided?”

“Yes, he’ll be sleeping in the room close to the kitchen. That room is also quite close to mine so he can easily be alerted... Sir have you decided where you’ll sleep?”

“Oh right. I’ll sleep in the living room?” I think it’s quite close to you guys so that’s good. Plus I have a sofa there so that’s good.”, Aksh turns to her and asks, “Where do you sleep usually?”. She points up. “The second floor?”. She nods. “Ok well, since that is sorted, let’s go get some sleep.”

“SIR!”, Santosh is back. Aksh gets the door for him. “Here’re the files. Where’s the baby?”. She signs, ‘IN MY ROOM’. “Good... wait what happened to you?”

Preeti says, “She got drugged.”

“What? How?”, Santosh asks.

“Don’t know”. She immediately looks down and crosses her legs.

“Ok team! It’s night time, you got to go to bed!”

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