Razor blades

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When you have been growing up in a small town, you learn all its secrets, but once you learn them all ... well then there is no going back... or is it ? A thrilling story of people who tried to bury theirs secrets to deep and a girl who was determined to uncover them.

Mystery / Thriller
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It was just a normal autumn's day. Sun was shining, wind was slowly blowing and morning fog has just fallen down on a still sleepy town. It was a small town and only one road lead out of it. Next to that cobbled road was a small old wooden bench on which a young girl was sitting and she was so preoccupied with her own thoughts that she hadn't noticed a black car driving near her. Suddenly she looked up and there he was parked right next to her waiting for her to get in. She opened the door and sat on the backseat. She wanted to memorize everything in that moment, she wanted to remember how quiet it was in the morning hours, how she heard a local river running down from this town into the big river near. A light breeze brought morning cold and freshness which she could feel on her cheeks. Mysterious driver opened a hatch that was separating passenger from its driver and he politely asked: "This is your last chance, are you sure Elizabeth?" She nodded, it was the right decision and she knew she had no other choice.

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