Something Has to Change

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When Grace's fiance Derek leaves with all her money and no explanation she is forced to reevaluate and figure out the mystery of his disappearance.

Mystery / Romance
Kirstyn Thompson
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Chapter 1

Have you ever thought to yourself I'm going to marry this man? Grace thougt over and over what she had done wrong to get herself here. Broken hearted and broken engagement. Sitting on her bathroom floor her best friend, Elle, holding the silver spoon in the air waving it as she rambled. "I just don't understand", Elle rolled her eyes and continued to talk "How can a man like him even get you in the first place and then leave you next." Grace grabbed the chocolate ice cream tub from Elle and the spoon they shared, shoveling more of the cold, creamy goodness into her mouth. When Derek left Grace tried to drown her sorrows in a lot of things her work as a nurse, her best friends upcoming wedding, and now she turned to ice cream. "Look, he was amazing I thought he was the love of my life obviously," Grace began looking down at the gorgeous shiny ring she hadnt yet slipped off her finger, "he left me though with no explanation and took all the money I worked to hard for." Grace always knew she wanted to be a nurse from the day she got in high school and took Health she knew. Her life hadnt been easy and she worked hard for everything she had. For all that to be gone and her left in an empty apartment with chocolate ice cream and a broken heart.

Please let me know how you like this and of I should continue.

- Author: Kirstyn T

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