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Ariana Holmes lives a pretty average life --if you consider having the ability to see ghosts and solving their deaths average. With her undying, somewhat unhealthy obsession with Sherlock Holmes, and the fact that her uncle is a police inspector; Ariana doesn`t cower away from a crime scene. But when a strange letter arrives from London, offering Ariana the chance to attend school with other `gifted` students, she doesn`t know whether to trust its content or not. Deciding that she would go, Ariana faces more than she bargained for when many mysteries surrounding not just herself, but her newly made friends, lay waiting for her. Will she be able to unveil them? And what possible dangers could arise from just doing that?

Mystery / Fantasy
Suri Sabri
4.8 6 reviews
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Hey there! You`re surprised, aren`t you? I`ve published a new book on Inkitt! But don`t get confused, this isn`t some secret project I had been working on. This is actually the first book I had ever written and published, and it was on Wattpad. I finished this years ago, but decided to go back and edit the hell out of it.

It`s not perfect. But it`s my first baby, and the characters you`re about to meet are dear to me. So, I hope you guys enjoy my old writing. I wrote and finished this before Daughter of Fire (The Flames That Bind Us) so you might notice that the style and the narrative is different. I edited so much of the story in effort to be presentable, and I`m kind of nervous to hear your thoughts!

I will continue to update my other books, but I wanted to give this a shot first. This book is already completed btw, but I won`t be posting all the chapters. I`ll post ten first and then see if this gets any support!

Without further ado, I present Detective Freak!

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