Akilson and The Obscure Case of Oddityville

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The small town of Oddityville, Washington is facing a terror that they have never expected to see. Something beyond their imagination. With the dead bodies piling up one after another the FBI calls upon their consultant for cases of peculiar nature. And so he dives into the secrets of the small town in the hopes of finding the reason behind those murders using his wits, intelligence , and maybe the little bits of dark magic.

Mystery / Thriller
Alexandra Knight
Age Rating:

A Mummy in The Mud

Special Agent Steven Gubler, of forty years with an average build stood in the middle of his chaotic crime scene in his dark blue suit, which looked black in the darkness of the night, watching his men running around like headless chickens in hopes of salvaging any evidence from the pouring rain. In his mind it felt like God was not working in his favor for the night, not like he ever worked in his favor, but that was beside the point. However tonight, he was willing to pray to anything and anyone. He's been in this horrendous town for a month now and he just wanted it to be over.

Oddityville, a small town in Washington, was not the place to be. To Steven its people were strange, the weather was terrible, and the case was not what he was used to. The whole population of 3,336 were superstatious fanatic lot and if he was being true to himself a small part of him is starting to believe what they are going on about.

A month ago Susan Buckly, his boss, called him in her office to assign him what she then called a suspected serial killer case in a small town on the Canadian borders. There have been three victims, each killed on the 15th of the month. The town is surrounded by a forest inhabited with wild animals and that's exactly where the bodies were found, so when the first body was found they ruled it as an animal attack. The peculiar thing about the case is the state of the bodies. They were all dried up, mummified to be exact. Consequently, it was assumed at first that the body has been there for a long time. But by the time it was identified, they figured this fact to be untre.

His eyes caught him as he descended from the car with his black trench coat with his hand inside his pockets. The infamous PI and on occasions FBI Consultant, Ryan Evander Akilson, his least favorite person on the planet, strolled like he owned the place. Despite his continuous objections, Susan thought that this case was one of those cases that Akilson always managed to solve with the least hassle possible. Her reasoning was solid due to certain events, which took place during his stay in town and even before the FBI took over the case according to what he had heard. In his mind, the said certain events could have a probable scientific explanation, he perhaps cannot come up with it but it must be there. Throughout his entire career if not his whole life, he always depended on logical and scientific reasoning. But so far nothing in this case has been following reason. Of course with Susan being the boss of him, she called Ryan and he arrived two days later, which just happened to be the 15th of December and so he came to the crime scene.

"Steve, my mate. Tell me how's it going?" Ryan's ever cheerful voice and constant smirk managed to irk Steven even further, and albeit his effort to give a polite a smile, his thin lips only gave a distasted grimace.


On the other end of the town, inside the city morgue the lights flickered ever so slightly indicating the beginning of night shift staff's terror. Dr. Louise Harper, a slightly chubby woman in her mid thirties with bright red hair tied in a loose ponytail and freckles, stood with her assistant who held a look of pure terror on his face. They had been called and told of the arrival of another body tonight.

"Dr. Harper. I think it's starting again" his voice shook with the fear he felt while his light blue eyes scanned the room as if waiting for the boggyman to show.

"Keep together Procter" the man in question managed a shaky nod while the lights gave another flicker.

It wasn't their first time facing this, and Dr. Harper, even if called stupid by her peeers for her bravery, refused to give into the fear of something unseen. It had been ingrained in her mind that fears should be faced head on.

They both stood in place and while Louise gave a defiant look as if challenging whoever and whatever to make a move, Eddie Procter shut his eyes tightly in the hopes that if he couldn't see then he wouldn't be harmed. In a way it was an automatic reaction to many people, if they cannot see what they fear the most, it wouldn't harm them.

In a second the lights went out, and the sounds of soft knocking could be heard all over the room. "Dr. Harper" Eddie called in another quivering but urgent whisper. He held tightly into her armand she could feel the trembles going through her body.

"For God's sake Procter man up!" She ordered in a sharp whisper. The knocking God louder and quicker. It became more urgent as if the bodies kept inside were begging to come out from the confinement of the coolers.

"Okay. Let me get this straight. You say that the three bodies, now four" he glanced at the coroner's van, "were all found mummified" Ryan said as he stood beside Steven's car.

"This is not all though. There's something…" Steven hesitated to find the right word. "Peculiar about the case"

"Well mate, I kind of figured as much when Susan called me"

Before Steven could explain further he felt the vibration of his cell and the second he picked up he was greeted with the panicked voice of Procter, "Agent Gubler you have to come to the morgue" he sounded breathless and stuttered his words.

"Procter, slow down. What's happening?"

"What always happens! Dr. Harper is trapped with a dozen of angry dead bodies, I managed to get out but the door was shut before she could escape, and I'm not sure what to do"

He promised to arrive as soon as possible he jumped into the car and ordered Ryan to follow suit. "Want to tell me what in the world is going on Steve?"

Steven's hands tightened around the steering wheel and he kept his eyes on the road, "Strange things have been happening around the morgue"

"Mate, I think we agreed that you have to be more specific with the strange things you keep talking about" Ryan sighed in a bored attitude.

"Apparently every night since the first body arrived at the morgue there has been weird shit happening" Ryan sighed again exasperated with the vagueness of the reply. Steven noticing that tensed further, "look man I don't know what the hell is going on alright. It just turned to this bad crossover of Amityville and zombie land"

Steven hated admitting the presence of something he couldn't explain, and the stubborn part of him wanted to deny it all.

Ryan raised an eyebrow and couldn't help the smile, "so you're saying that the dead are rising taking bites out of people and at the same time ghosts are wandering around killing people"

"Well there has been no biting nor killing. Strange sounds like knocking comes from the coolers, flickering lights, things moving, whispers, you know? The stuff you claim to deal with"

"Ah. So you no longer question the supernatural?" His mocking tone made Steven sneer without even glancing at him.

"Shut up"

And with the that the rest of the drive was spent in complete silence.

They arrived at the morgue to be welcomed with utter darkness. It was around one in the morning and there was absolutely no one in sight. Steven walked with his gun in hand ready to shoot whatever that would show in their way only for Ryan to mock the action, "I don't think that would be of much help mate"

Steven ignored him and then they heard the sound of loud knocking and loud shouts of a male, a voice that Steven recognized as Eddie's. "Dr. Harper, Dr. Harper, are you okay?"

They reached the closed door which Eddie was knocking frantically on, "Move Procter" Steven ordered and he tried to knock the door down with Ryan's help, but it didn't seem to budge.

Ryan took a few steps away from the door, "Steven step away"

Steven wanted to argue the order but refrained from doing so and reluctantly stood next to Ryan.

Ryan extended one of his hands with his palm facing the door then closed his eyes and mumbled something under his breath and the door was knocked down with a loud thud. Without a second thought Steven rushed in with Ryan and Eddie behind him.

Papers were flying around the room, and loud knocking came from the coolers of the supposedly dead bodies, but the most horrifying scene, at least to Eddie and Steven, was the sight of Dr. Harper pinned to the wall with her eyes and mouth wide open and her feet above the ground. Her face held a petrified look but she didn't seem to struggle.

"What in the living hell is that?" Steven muttered, staring wide-eyed at the scene before him. Eddie tried to rush to her but was pushed back falling to the ground and hitting his head in the process.

"Akilson" Steven turned to Ryan who was standing behind him observing the scene in silence, "I think this is when you start doing something"

Ryan didn't reply and waited for a couple of more seconds, then he started chanting, "In quo planum, non pertinent ad animam. Vince animos habent mentes. Hoc est, non quo non pertinent et potestatem super nos"

Dr. Harper fell to the ground along with the flying papers, Eddie and Steven rushed to her side right away. She held a panicked look as she stared ahead with a non-focused gaze. "Dr. Haper. Doctor, can you hear me?" Steven kept calling her but to no avail.

"Perhaps you should carry her out of here" Ryan suggested and left to wait outside.

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