A Murder Of Crows

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"Would you rather serve in heaven or rule in hell?" Felicity asked, drawing our attention to her. "Rule in hell." Kevin answered confidently as if the mere thought of being a servant disgusted him. "Serve in heaven." I replied afterwards. Even if I were to rule in it, hell would stay hell. "Rule in heaven, I don't compromise." A voice said behind me. I turned around to look at him, he had an amused smile on his face that showed just how stupid he thought that question was. "That's not playing by the rules though." I said before I could stop myself. He smiled again and took a step closer to me. "Don't you know that rules were made to be broken?" ___________________ Brentwood, a quiet upscale neighborhood where crimes were as rare as unicorns. At least that's what most of its inhabitants believed. Raven Scott knew otherwise, crimes were done behind closed doors, authorized by the people who should be responsible for stopping them. So how can Raven escape her abusive family when her stepfather is the sheriff himself? And what happens when a murder disrupts the so called peace of the neighborhood?

Mystery / Other
Farida Hazem
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"How long are we going to leave her like this?" I asked, looking at the girl sitting beside the windowsill and staring at the street vacantly. The girl who was a legend only three weeks back.

"We've tried to shake her out of this, several times actually, but to no avail. If she doesn't want to come back from this, nothing we do will ever help." The psychiatrist explained. He didn't understand, none of them did. There was just no way she was..gone.

"We can not even say for certain that what she's going through is depression. She hasn't tried suicide, she hasn't cried, well, not since that night anyway, but most importantly, she hasn't responded to any kind of medication we've given her. It's like seeing a body without a soul, her heart is beating and her body is fully functional, but she's still not alive." He further explained.

I approached her slowly then sat down in front of her. She didn't give a reaction, not even a tilt of her head.

"Raven." She didn't respond. "Raven!" I repeated but like the first time, I got nothing from her in return.

"We told you we've tried everything." The therapist said but I couldn't just give up on her like everybody else.

"He wouldn't have wanted this, Raven." I said and she looked at me. Finally, she reacted.

"If we hadn't fucked up, he would've been here to tell us what he wanted instead of us pretending to know." Her voice was rough and deep from lack of use. The psychiatrist's eyes widened in disbelief and he kept staring at the both of us back and forth.

"Give us a minute." I told him without turning to look at him.

"I can't just leave! I have to record this, write notes, analyze it! This is the mo...." I cut off his blabbering.

"Get the fuck out." I said in a calm tone. He seemed to get the idea and hurried out of the room without a second glance.

"You have to come back, your title has been forfeit because you haven't defended it since that night. I won't "pretend" to know what he would've wanted, but we both know that he worked hard to help you get that title and he wouldn't have wanted it all to go to waste." I said and waited a minute, two minutes but she was back to staring out of the window silently. I sighed and headed to the door.

"I still remember the first time I met him, it was in one of your parties. He was sitting on the couch carelessly while everybody else was dancing or drinking. He looked like he owned the place. Then Felicity asked us that question; would you rather serve in heaven or rule in hell. I said serve in heaven and you said rule in hell. He stared at us in amusement then said: 'rule in heaven, I don't compromise.' You wanna know what he would've wanted? He would've wanted all hell to break loose for him, he wouldn't have wanted us to remember him with sappy smiles on our faces and he sure as hell wouldn't have wanted us to continue our lives normally like he never even existed. You want me to come back? Tell me we're going after the bastard who did this, don't talk to me about a goddamned useless title." I turned to look at her. She was panting after her speech and staring at me defiantly.

"What if that title is the only way to avenge him?"

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