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Autumn begins Lake View High hoping to do her last two years of school alone. She is set to see the school psychiatrist Mr. Grayson, but to the head teachers dismay he encourages his Physiology student Mathew Harding to take his place to help her through her darkness. She soon meets Connor Harborne the school bad boy who take her under his wing meeting his friends who are as bad as bad as him. A week passes amd she meets a Daniel Harrison this is where a love, triangle will begin between the three friends, but will they abandon her when they find out the real truth to why she came to their school, or will they protect her from her past to gain their loyalty and make sure hat se says safe and away from the one person that wa scause all of her grief?

Mystery / Thriller
Emma Louise
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

3rd September (Tuesday)

She sat admiring the sites by the river, the leaves holding their ground till fall which

wouldn’t be far away now. It was a rather fresh morning, so cool in the brisk September air.

Her hair hung over her pierced face and bright red hair. Her new school head disapproved of her many piercings, but they weren’t going anywhere for no one no matter how hard they insisted upon it. She smoked through the disapproval from her mother.

She had many skeletons to hide, would a new high school make more?

She had been booked in to see the school shrink two days a week to explore her background and her school life. She’d rather move to the quiet countryside, she’d rather be dead right now than there.

‘Autumn school in five.’

‘Yes mom.’

She doubted out her cigarette pulling herself up, lucky for her her mother drove or she’d be really late for her first day and get detention. Though she clearly had no interest in starting her new high school not ever, yet she had no choice over it she had to finish high school. She opened the car door sliding in closing the door fastening her seat belt. Her head hung low. The eldish lady started the engine changing gear pulling away. ‘I’m sorry for all of this Autumn, but we needed a new beginning.’

She looked through her fringe at her mother into her rimmed glasses, replying. ‘Why, so I wouldn’t be next?’

’Look Autumn it’s not your fault.’

’So why does it feel that way?’

’Please Autumn it was hard for me too.’

‘You really think this place will be any different?’

’Yes I do.’

‘I hope for all our sakes you’re right.’

Autumn’s mother pulled up outside the high school. ‘I’ll pick you up.’

‘I’ll walk I need the air.’


Autumn opened the door getting out of the car. ‘I’ll see you later Autumn.’

‘Sure mom.’

She closed the door, looking at the small building a lot smaller than the high school she had come from. An eldish lady walked up to her, straight faced. ‘Miss Cleveland. Mr. Greyson will be seeing you this morning.’

She looked at her new principle. ‘Sure.’

‘I’ll show you to his office. Don’t screw this one up Miss. Cleveland you won’t be getting another chance.’

‘I won’t.’

‘And I prefer if you don’t wear jewellery to school.’

The head mistress escorted Autumn to a small office with a gold plaque with “Mr. Greyson School Psychiatrist” written upon it. ‘Right here we are. I’d like it if the piercings are gone by our next meeting.’

‘Sure what ever!’

She knocked the door. ‘Mr. Grayson. Miss. Cleveland to see you.’

‘Send her in.’

The head mistress opened the door. ‘Go in and remember he’s there to help.’

Autumn smiled vaguely she didn’t speak to her mother why should she talk to a total stranger about how she was feeling right now. She stepped into the regular sized office. ‘Will you shut the door and take a seat.’ The scruffy male with piercings said. She closed the door this was going to be so easy, a fucking breeze even. She walked over sitting down. He looked at her. ‘So how are we this morning?’

She looked at him weird. ‘Okay I guess.’

‘So what would you like to talk about?’

She pulled a confused expression hadn’t this guy got her notes? Was this guy for real?

‘I take it you didn’t want to come here?’

‘No I didn’t. I had no choice.’

‘Why not?’

‘Like I said I had no choice.’

‘What’s wrong Autumn? I can call you Autumn can’t I?’

‘I guess.’

‘So what’s eating you this morning?’

‘Miss sour face said I had to get rid of my piercings, none of my old teachers cared.’

He placed his hand on hers nerving her. ‘You should be yourself that’s what makes you, you.’

Why did this guy make so much sense?

‘So Autumn why did you come here?’


‘Must be some pretty heavy stuff to have to resort to a shrink.’

‘Mom thought it would be a good idea to get things off my chest.’

‘But, we’re having a hard time doing that why?’

‘It’s just so hard to.’

‘Just think of me as your friend.’

‘So you can die on me to?’ She snapped slipping up.

‘Now we’re getting somewhere.’


‘I’m here to help.’

‘You’re like nineteen how can you possibly help?’

‘Try me.’

‘I can’t.’

‘What are you so scared of Autumn?’

‘I don’t want you to die!’ she cried.

‘I aint going anywhere. I’ll help you through this, I promise.’

‘How? My friends are dead! And I’m here to forget, how am I supposed to forget?’

‘You haven’t got to. You just need to find a way to carry on and keep it in here.’ He said tapping her chest.

She looked at him, his eyes sparkled. Why did this guy connect with her?

He edged forward. Another male walked in the room, maybe in his early forties, dyed black hair, distinguished designer glasses , wearing a suit maybe pinstripe. ‘So how are we getting on Mathew?’


‘Remember what I said. You’re here to help not harass.’

‘Yes sir.’

He looked at Autumn who had now sunk into herself. ‘You must be Miss. Cleveland.’


‘I’m Mr. Grayson.’

‘Oh, but I thought.’

‘Didn’t Mathew tell you?’

‘No. I didn’t get no name.’

He looked at Mathew disappointing. ‘What did I tell you Mathew?’

‘I’m sorry Sir I forgot.’

‘Introductions first.’

Mathew looked at Autumn. ‘I’m Mathew Harding, you’re quiet close with my age. I’m in my third year psychology degree at university. I’m here to learn and gain experience as a psychiatrist . Mr. Greyson left me in charge of your case study, he thought a younger face might help to crack the ice.’


‘I can take over if you prefer me too.’


‘My lecturer will be observing me with you and a few other students for my course. If that is cool with you?’

‘I guess.’

He smiled.

‘I’m sorry Miss Cleveland, but times up you have English and you can’t be late.’

‘Sure.’ He looked at Autumn. ‘Well I’ll see you Thursday.’

She smiled politely pulling herself up.

‘I’ll show you to the class.’


‘Remember what I said Mathew introduction first.’

‘I will.’

They walked out of the office Mr. Greyson closing the door. ‘This way.’ He said veering his arm to the right, Autumn followed him down the long winding corridor. ‘I’m sorry Miss. Cleveland I should’ve told Miss. Strum Mathew was taking you.’

‘That’s okay.’

‘He’s a nice lad, he’ll go far if he puts his head into it and listens.’

She smiled he made a lot of sense to her.

‘Well here we are.’

She smiled.

‘I’ll see you Thursday.’


He opened the door looking at the oddly styled lady in her mid-thirties. ‘Miss. Shan, Miss. Cleveland.’

‘Come in.’

She looked at Mr Greyson for re-assurance. ‘Go on go in, and we’ll talk Thursday .’

She smiled walking into the half full room as the door closed.

‘Take a seat.’

She walked to the back of the room, many of the students cutting their eyes at her as she walked passed finding an empty seat at the back. ‘Right I see Mr. Harborne is still not with us so I’ll begin.’

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