The painting

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just a part of my first works hope you can enjoy.please leave a review .peace out

Mystery / Adventure
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Jack moved to a small town. he had no idea he was going to do ,all he had was a old vw kombi and some cash in his pocket.he was painter ,so he was always on the go to find some inspirations.
He stopped at a motel and and got into his room. As the night was frigid he can't sleep and started to stare at the moon . Suddenly ,he heard someone talking at the parking lot behind the vehicles .As, he was watching through his window there were two men two men smoking . After a while they left , so jack wanted to follow them and as he was going to parking lot ,he saw a polaroid on the ground . He took it and it was picture of a beautiful farmhouse by the banks of a river. As a artist he was fascinate by it and wanted to find that farm house.
So the next day ,jack packed up his bag and and heenterd into the parking lot .As he was passing by he asked a man location of the area by showing the polariod.The man looked at him and said"why do you wanna go there?".jack said "it's a really good place for me to paint ".The man said "it's the few miles from here ,after that you see a bar ,it' called "the Red lion".Ask anybody from that bar they'll show you the place ".
So, jack hopped into his kombi and starts his journey.
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