A Secret to Die for

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Rylan Cross balances college, friends and family well, even with a dark secret. Her secret? An unexplainable gift, or curse, that no one knows about. Her world starts falling out of place when she gets the feeling she is being watched. The stranger the occurences get, the more out of control her powers become. Her loyal friends have never let her down, but what if her secret was exposed? What happens if the boy she loves finds out about her ability? What would her father say? Her concern is raised the closer she gets to finding an answer. She will uncover secrets long forgotten and raise hell along the way to try keep her demons inside. *** ... "My powers used to feel like a new skill that I had learned. It was like waking up one day and being able to speak a new language, even though I didn't know it existed. Now I feel like I'm a puppet, and my powers come to life on their own, without my permission, without my consent. I can't stop them." Tears filled my eyes. Fear crept up my spine. "What happens when your powers take control?" "I don't know..." ... ***

Mystery / Drama
Ket Beebee♡
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 - Darkness


"My powers used to feel like a new skill that I had learned. It was like waking up one day and being able to speak a new language, even though I didn't know it existed. Now I feel like I'm a puppet, and my powers come to life on their own, without my permission, without my consent. I can't stop them." Tears filled my eyes. Fear crept up my spine.

"What happens when your powers take control?"

"I don't know..."



Chapter 1 - The Darkness

"I know your secret Rylan," Keevah whispered in my ear. I froze in fear, how could she? I hadn't told anyone, there was no way she could know.

"Wh-what secret?" I tried my best to act nonchalant but I'll admit, I was nervous. We sat on the beach while our friends swam in the ocean. Keevah and I became best friends when we were assigned the same dorm a year and a half ago. I loved her to bits but she couldn't find out about me, not even my dad knew.

She looked at me with a glint of humour in her eyes, "That you're in love with Jace." I sighed in relief.

With a small smile I remarked, "We've been friends since high school. That's not going to change anytime soon Keev."

"No, not while he's dating Luna. But that doesn't mean you don't love him."

"Love is a strong word." I stood up in frustration, Keevah following.

"You can't seem to deny it though." She smirked.

I laughed a little, "I deny it, right here, right now."

"What do you deny?" I jumped recognizing Jace's voice. I gave Keevah a hard look before turning to Jace.

"Nothing. Keevah and I were just about to go get ready for tonight."

"But the party isn't until seven Ry." She was determined to get me to spend more time with Jace.

Jace looked at me with pleading eyes, "Come on Rylan, you can't leave now. We've still got plenty of time before we need to even think about leaving." Just then the rest of our friends, Jordan, Dae and Luna joined us, laughing as always.

"What's going on?" Inquired Luna, lacing her fingers with Jace's. I had to look away.

"We were just talking about the party." Keevah said uneasily. She knew how I felt seeing Luna and Jace so close.

A few painful seconds went by before thankfully, Jordan spoke up, releasing the awkward tension, "When a clock is hungry, it goes back for seconds."

We all laughed despite how terrible his joke was. He can be funny sometimes. Sometimes. Jordan threw his arm around Dae's shoulders. I loved seeing them so happy. They started dating three months ago but we all saw it coming, they practically fell in love the first time they met. We were out getting ice cream, Keevah, Dae and I were walking on the sidewalk when Jordan walked straight into Dae and ended up with ice cream all over his shirt. Dae quickly turned red under Jordan's gaze as they stared into each others eyes until Keevah cleared her throat. You'd think that love at first sight would mean that once Jordan became friends with us, one of them would make their move but no, it took six months for them to even go on a date.

The tension lifted effortlessly, we spent the rest of our time sprawled across the warm sand until our chatter died down with the sun.

"Well it's getting dark, let's head back." Dae said, scooping up his belongings. We all shuffled around, getting ready to leave the beach.

"Has anyone seen my other shoe?" Jace called to the group.

"Over here." I held it up for him to see.

"Oh, thanks Ry." The butterflies in my stomach were all too familiar as our hands touched. How romantic, the exchange of a shoe. But I couldn't help my feelings, I was just giving him a shoe. Why must my heart make such a big deal out of the smallest things?

"Let's go Jace." Luna called over her shoulder as she sauntered up the beach towards the dorms. Luna and I are friends primarily for Jace's sake. She's nice enough but I had a feeling she had something against my friendship with Jace because of how close we'd been for the past few years.

Keevah happily distracted me on our walk back to the dorms.


"Rylan! You look amazing." Keevah shrieked as I walked out of the bathroom. No one could boost my confidence quite like my best friend.

"Wow," I was blown away, "Keev, you really know how to work any outfit don't you?" Her black outfit contrasted with her porcelain skin and snowy hair. "Wait, is that my skirt?"

"Not tonight." She said with a smile. Sighing, Keevah asked, "Can't you wear your hair down for one night?"

I considered it. Finally, I gave in. I took my hair out of its bun and shook it loose. It looked truly terrible. Keevah visibly cringed.

"Let me help you." She offered. I quickly agreed, hair taming was not my speciality.

"I told you we should have left earlier, now we're late." I said as Keevah finished the last curl.

"I would have been finished sooner if you didn't have a rat's nest for hair." She teased.

"Oh, what would I do without you?" I remarked sarcastically. Keevah couldn't help but giggle. "Let's go."

I grabbed my car keys and we were out the door.


Booming music shook the house as we searched for our friends in the dim light of the party. Keevah spotted Jordan so we maneuvered through the crowd to get to him and Dae.

"What took you two so long?" Jordan asked above the music.

"We had to physically fight the stoners just to get through the door." Keevah exclaimed.

Jordan raised an eyebrow. "That's the most dramatic excuse I've heard from you in a long time, Keev." Dae was beside him, clutching his drink, clearly uncomfortable with the party setting. Dae was self-conscious and didn't like crowds but he didn't mind as much anymore, as long as Jordan was with him.

Jace walked up to us from outside, cutting the conversation short, "Hey, has anyone seen Luna?" Dae shook his head.

"We just got here." I stated. He looked concerned. "What's the matter?"

"Nothing, I just haven't seen her in a while." He frowned, looking around the room.

"Go get a drink," Jordan said, "She'll find us soon enough." Jace nodded in agreement, although, he didn't look convinced.

We headed to the kitchen and with drinks in our hands, the mood lifted and we went on to enjoy the music and the atmosphere. It didn't take long for Keevah to disappear from the dance floor into one of the rooms with a boy who caught her eye. After I'd been dancing for ages, I decided to go sit beside Jace, he looked really worried now.

"Luna still hasn't shown up?" My own concern growing.

"No," he slowly shook his head, "and she's not answering her phone." His slurred words told me he'd been drinking his feelings.

"Well you stay here and I'll go look for her, okay?"

He smiled sleepily, "Thanks Ry." He couldn't hold his head up for long, let alone walk straight, it was obvious why he hadn't looked for her again since earlier.

I searched the downstairs area, then outside. I asked a few people I'd vaguely met before, who might know her, if they had seen her. No one could tell me where she was. I had a bad feeling.

I went upstairs and looked in most rooms, regretting that instantly. But the main bedroom held a much worse discovery, I found Luna with a new found companion I'd never seen before, practically naked. She made eye contact with me and her face fell in horror at the realization that I had caught her out. I quickly spun around and left, shocked and confused.

My mind was clouded with thoughts, the worst of all: How will Jace feel?

I found him asleep on the couch. I sighed uneasily. I'd have to tell him the next day, once he'd sobered up. I felt overwhelmed and I could feel the darkness building up inside me, I needed to leave. I was shaking, my breathing was quick. I looked for Dae and Jordan.

I rushed up to them, trying to contain myself. I tried to slow my shallow breaths before saying, "Jace is passed out on the couch, you need to take him home. I'm leaving." Before I could turn around they fired questions at me.

"What's wrong Ry?" Dae asked.

"Why are you leaving, what happened?" Jordan asked at the same time.

"I'll tell you tomorrow." Leaving them with that, I left as quickly as I could. Keevah probably wouldn't come home anyway, so I shakily started the car and drove home.

Once inside, I dropped to the floor and let it all go.

The darkness flooded out and grabbed at whatever it could. The lights flickered. The cupboard doors flew open and closed. The TV flicked between channels as the newspaper on the counter came apart, swirling in the air. The release felt good but I immediately grew anxious of who might of heard my outburst. Deep breaths. Inhale. Exhale. The turmoil in the room subsided and all was quiet again.

I stood up, sighing at the mess I had made. I closed the remaining open cupboards and picked up the pages from the newspaper spread across the room, just in case Keevah returned during the night. I felt exhausted.

I crawled into bed without taking my makeup off, making every skincare freak faint, I figured that I could be excused this time. My mind scurried and raced with worry. From my bed, too tired to get up, I switched off the light. It was very rare that I used my powers freely, but tonight I was alone and I couldn't give a damn.



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