A Secret to Die for

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Chapter 2 - Secret

The next morning I woke up to knocking. Feeling twice my weight, I slugged to the door. I opened, expecting to see Keevah, not Luna.

"Can I come in?" Luna's eyes were wide, filled with worry. I opened the door wider and stepped aside. I had no energy for small talk.

Luna sat on the couch, her fingers fidgeting with her car keys. I dropped onto the other side of the couch, expectant.

"Please don't tell Jace," She begged, "What you saw last night - it was all a misunderstanding." The words rushed out, she was desperate for me to keep quiet.

"What I saw was very clear, Luna." The venom in my voice evident. I could feel the darkness bubbling inside me.

"Look, Xavier approached me," I figured he was the guy she was with last night. "We were just talking, he wanted to explain himself after the breakup and couldn't find me until last night." I raised my eyebrows, signaling her to continue. "We broke up almost a year ago, I blocked his number and I moved for college a little after. We had a drink while we spoke but we lost track of time, and maybe I had one too many but one thing lead to another and... and then you walked in."

"Jace was worried sick about you."

"I-" I cut her off.

"You forgot all about him." Her face was shadowed with guilt. I got it spot on. "He deserves to know the truth, Luna."

"Of course he does, but this would kill him. Rylan, I can't hurt him over some stupid mistake, it meant nothing to me."

I sighed out of frustration. I had to calm down. I let the darkness settle a bit before speaking again, "I don't want to be the one who hurts him. If you tell him or if you don't, it's on your conscious, not mine." I lied. This secret already hung heavy on my heart, not telling him only made the weight more difficult to carry.

"Thank you Rylan, you know that I won't do it again."

"Better figure out what the reason behind your disappearance is going to be then, I don't think Jace was drunk enough to forget the reason he drank in the first place." Realization crossed her face at my words, the reality of her actions had finally dawned on her.

"Ah, right," she pushed her braids behind her shoulder, composing herself. "I'd better go check on Jace." She slung her bag over her shoulder as we stood. I lead her to the door and pulled it open, ushering her out.

Just before walking out the door she turned to me, "Thank you Rylan." Her brows were furrowed, her eyes held angst. I nodded, acknowledging her words. She walked out the door, her usually poised shoulders now slumped with shame.

What an eventful Saturday morning already, I thought to myself. I doubted that today's lunch we all had planned was going to happen now, so I took my time showering and eating breakfast. All the while my mind drifted back to last night, how out of control I had become. It wasn't like me. I surprised myself, not only with the outburst but also with how alive I felt while releasing my powers. I checked my phone. Six missed calls and seventeen messages. My eyes widened. Why hadn't I heard any of these?

I checked the missed calls first. One from Keevah, two from Jordan and three from Dae. I supposed their messages would tell me why they called. I read the group messages first, and as I suspected, lunch was cancelled. This was always happened after parties. Keevah's messages told me that she'd be home by twelve. Jordan and Dae's texts showed their concern for my strange behaviour last night. Dae said he would come by later this afternoon with Jordan. Jace had texted me asking how I was. I should be the one asking him that. I replied halfheartedly. My mind was still foggy.

The sound of knocking at the door brought me out of my trance. I unlocked the door for Keevah, except no one was there. I looked down the hall, no one. I wasn't fazed by the prank. I headed back inside and turned the tv on, wasting time until Keevah came back.

Half an hour felt like three for Keevah to return home. She was carrying bags in her arms. My face lit up, she bought food.

"Hey Ry, I thought you might be hungry."

"You know me too well Keev." I said, examining the contents of the bags.

We ate in peaceful silence. Unfortunately I had to tell Keevah about what I had seen.

"Keev, I have to tell you something."

"So do I!" She sang, "Last night was the best night I've had in weeks, and did you see how cute he was? I don't think I got his name but it doesn't matter. I-"

"Keevah?" She paused, taking a bite of her meal, "Something happened..." She waited, suddenly serious at the low tone of my voice.

"I caught Luna with someone else at the party." Her eyes grew in shock. She stopped mid-chew.

"What?" She exclaimed after swallowing her food.

"I know, I feel terrible." I admitted.

"Why? This is great!" She never fails to surprise me.

"How could this possibly be great?"

"Well now with Luna out the picture," She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively, "You can make your move."

I gasped, "Keevah! I can't do that, they are our friends." I dragged out the last few words to emphasize my point that she was being ridiculous.

She laughed at my distress before asking, "Well then, what are you going to do?"

"Nothing." I said morbidly.

"Nothing? Really?" Keevah raised an eyebrow.

"I can't do that to him. And besides, its Luna's problem." I shrugged, taking another bite of my food.

"If Jace finds out I don't know if he will forgive you for not telling him."

"I know, I know, but I don't want to look like a snitch either." Keevah nodded in agreement.

"All you can do is move on then Ry."

"I suppose so," I remembered something, "Oh, by the way Dae and Jordan will be here later, I'm going to have to fill them in about last night too."

"So you're fine with telling all our friends but not Jace?" Keevah crossed her arms, "He would feel betrayed if he finds out that everyone knew but him Ry." She had a point.

"I'll have to make something up then."


That afternoon when Jordan and Dae arrived I had my answers ready, whatever their questions would be.

"Who was the guy that just left here?" Dae asked.

Well except that one. "What do you mean, Dae?" I inquired, my voice showing my alarm.

"Yeah, we just saw his black coat as he walked away from your door, while the doors opened and we stepped out of the elevator. We didn't see where he went though." Jordan replied. Keevah looked between them, confused.

My stomach tightened. I could feel that something was very wrong.



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