Truthful Lies

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"After all we've been through, how'd it end like this? We could've been something Misla." He says with a shake of his head. "We were something, sorry if I didn't want to be a criminal, but I'm not going to put your daughter through that." "Daughter?" He asks after a stunned silence. "Congratulations, it's a girl." I say as I slam the ultrasound onto the metal desk, slamming the door behind me.

Mystery / Action
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"you've wasted too much time wondering why, let him go." - Bridgett Devoue


Present Day

Stupid. Stupid, I'm so stupid. Why'd I think for a second that he cared. I take a glance at the man who has caused me such sorrow, and look away once I catch sight of his know-it-all smirk. The things I would do to shove that smirk up his a-

"Mrs. Giles, are you listening?" The Judge asks and I shake my head of my thoughts.

"I apologise your honor, but is this really necessary?" I ask as I sit up straighter. My hands shake as I take in the reality of the situation. My husband, I can't believe I'm doing this. Divorce. I never thought I would go through with it, but two bottles of wine and hours of crying later, here we are. But then again, it's not just a divorce, is it?

"Yes, Mrs Giles, this is necessary. The answer?" The judge asks pointedly and I swallow my pride and give the answer that will change my life forever.

"Yes, my husband murdered Thaddeus Lake."

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