Where is Cassandra

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I followed Anastaciia to the room. It was dark in there at first until she pulled a switch. She tossed the clipboard to the floor, flung the pen into the air in a way that suggested she would never have any need for it in a million years. Really?

“We won’t be needing them right now,” she said. “But we will need these,” she further said and raise up the tubes Greg had given her before me like I had not seen them before. And on her face was an inviting smile, the type that Stefi used to flash at me when she was really sweet and we were happily married. Anastaciia kept the tubes on a table beside a flat bench black in color, I thought was good for weight training. The special room had a lot of hardware in it, and it was somehow reminiscent of a special room in a famous movie trilogy that proved people just love dicks and teats. Fifty shades of Grey. On the walls and at different angles were flat screens that came to life after Anastaciia had turned a switch on. And all of a sudden, muffled, arresting, distracting, but sweet and attractive sound was coming from the screens all around Anastaciia and I. There were different male and female models on the screens. Each was performing. Bitter-sweet groans wafted out. Hills of delight were being climbed. And the prize being sought was height of pleasure. The models were touching, sucking and grinding like nothing else mattered. It was maddening, chaotic, but so arousing for me, especially the surging erotic peaks that led to soulful sensual ‘volcanic eruptions’ which had the models quaking with pleasure, spilling their liquid. And by the time I took my eyes off the models and looked at Anastaciia, she had already lost her clothes. Wow! Don’t even ask me what I saw when she was out of clothes.

“Do you understand?” Anastaciia said to me with a sexy smile.

“I do,” I replied, not really eager to get excited about what my sweet looking nurse was about to offer.

“What does Greg want to find out from this?” I asked Anastaciia because it was not all adding up. It was not making any sense.

“You will see,” Anastaciia spoke back and began to head towards me. “Men who get in here are not supposed to talk too much. You do,” she said gently while taking my arms. “From now on,” she further said. “Stay quiet and take it.” There was still no real desire in me to give in to Anastaciia. I was feeling like a married man who was supposed to be faithful to his wife. Marital faithfulness my foot! This is a medical thing, Jan. Take it! Strike while the iron is hot. Voices that erupted in my head told me all these. I said no to them in my mind. Anastaciia was already all over me like she could not live without me, and I, still bluffing a little bit, like she was in no way attractive. I was still bent on playing the married and faithful man’s game when it suddenly hit me that my marriage to Stefi was no good at all. All the out-of-the-house game Stefi has been playing could also mean she is seeing and sleeping with some men out there, I thought. Now you’re thinking straight! Voices in my head said. Slinging for even a medical reason you can’t quite understand cannot amount to being unfaithful. And with those voices breaking down my defences, I was in no mood to resist Anastaciia anymore.

“I’m ready,” I told her.

“I was expecting to hear you say that,” Anastaciia replied. “You don’t abandon what you’re here for.”

Anastaciia gently had me lie on the bench. My clothes were also gone by now. With all those action on the screens and with the more alluring sight Anastaciia had become, I was all turgid down to my loin and ready to go. Anastaciia was on top of me and more than ready to do her job. Game on!

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