The note

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The girl named violet finds a strange note while starting summer school that said she had 1000 days to . . . . . .

Mystery / Action
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Chapter 1

Hi my name is violet I'm a 17 year old I have blond hair and green eyes very light color skin but I'm starting to get a nice tan I live to write read and tell storys and I have a friend a best friend one that I've had since the very beginning of school named Jada she's funny and smart and kind she has blackish brownish hair and brown eyes

But enough about her I live in a nice home in Grand rapids Michigan I have a mom and dad and one younger brother named Danny how is 16 today was the last day of school I was so happy I was now finally out of school I hated school aspeshly math my favorite out of all supjects is history tho in my school when we are in history all we lurn is stupid economics why can't we just lurn history my favorite subject

So anyway tho I was at the gym it was still early in the morning finally first period was over I hated have ing gym in first period it's so tiring I had to homeroom it's on the other side of the school and I was exasted and had to deal with all my bags when I got there everyone gave me weird look was something wrong what did I do did I come in late I didn't hear the bell the teacher Mr D came up to me with a smile "violet this year you will be have ing to take summer school" said Mr D I didn't know what to say I asked why fureusly why me always me

"Because everyone is the school is becoming a year round school so you all have to stay all summer but every 3 weeks you get 1 week off so don't worry about it I was furriouse I could almost fell like I was going to explode have a total meltdown all year all year all year I wanted to screaming out loud but I couldn't say that because I would get into truble and everyone would make fun of me the bell rang it was time for the next period

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