Blood in the streets, Embracing My Darkness

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Oliver had a sucky upbringing with his abusive father. He can barely remember his mother his father said she left when he was young. He is struggling with finding himself and trying to find the truth in all the lies he's been told.

Mystery / Romance
Angelina Dykes
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Chapter 1

Oliver had a rough upbringing, his father was abusive to both him and his mother. He normally hid in his closet. It was what his mother told him to do. One day his father was yelling at his mother a lot more than usual. He usually yells at her then sits down and yells for her to bring him a beer and after she runs to make sure Oliver is okay but not today, today he is yelling louder so loud that the neighbors hear but they don’t do anything just turn the tv up to tune it out. Suddenly as Oliver is sitting in his closet clutching his toy rabbit he hears a loud bang and his mothers scream a minute later he hears the front door slam. He walks out of the closet to see what happened, he sees one of the fire pokers on the ground. Confused why it was there and not on the fireplace he puts it back. He doesn’t want his dad to be upset if he saw it. His dad always wanted the house to be in perfect condition. Just as he’s wandering around the house trying to find his mom he looks out the window to see his dad in the backyard with a shovel patting down the dirt that was freshly turned up, he sees his father turn and look at him with a sick grin and continue on with the dirt. Oliver sits on the couch waiting for his mom to come back his father enters a few minutes later Oliver asks “where’s mommy?” He was worried about where his mom was. “She left she finally left you, she never loved you so she left and stuck you with me,” He said calmly “now get me a beer from the fridge.” His father asked with no emotion in his face as he sat down on the couch. Oliver gets his father a beer from the fridge and then goes to his room to think about everything that happened. How had his mom left him, he may be only 6 but he doesn't understand how his mom left him. She seemed like she loved him. She protected him from his father he thought he meant she left for the night to stay with her friend, surely she couldn’t have left forever right? The next morning he realized she wasn’t coming home when she didn’t wake him up to eat breakfast so when he did wake up it was close to noon. He curled up in his blankets in his tiny bed with his toy rabbit and cried and asked for his mommy to come back home or to take him with her. He didn’t get that instead, he got his angry father barging into his room to yell at him for crying so loud. He told him his mommy isn’t coming back and she never will. He told him to get over it and to get him a beer. It made Oliver sad he knew him mommy wasn’t coming home now. So he walked into the kitchen to get his dad a beer, he walked out to the living room to clear out the other bottles and throw them in the trash. There were a lot more bottles there than when he went to bed last night, but he cleaned them up because he remembered that’s what his father always told his mom to do. If she didn’t clean it up he would yell at her. He didn’t want to get yelled at again so he did everything his father asked him to do.


this is the first chapter to the book I'm writing I'm going to be slowly posting more chapters but I'm hoping for more feedback good or bad just let me know what you think of it so far or if you find spelling or punctuation mistakes please let me know it's really appreciated


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