Blood in the streets, Embracing My Darkness

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Chapter 11

Me and may are laying down in the bed reading baby books i’m mainly reading books on how to help deal with pregnancy hormones and what to do if she has morning sickness when the phone starts ringing its on mays side so she sets down her book and picks up the phone and suddenly her face pales and says “its for you from the hospital” i quickly grab the phone “hello” i said “is this Oliver James” the person on the other side of the phone said “yes this is he” i said “this is Dr. Livingston im calling you from the hospital seeing you are your fathers emergency contact i regret to inform you your father died of a heart attack a few hours ago we tried everything we could but it was to late i am so sorry for your loss” he said then the line went dead i looked at the phone as it dropped out of my hand my father was a cruel man i don’t feel any sadness about him dying it’s just kind of shocking right now i think may is trying to talk to me but i’m completely zoned out may is shaking me trying to get my attention but it just ignore her and walk into the bathroom and locking it i turn the water on and splash my face and stare at myself in the mirror for a bit i finally zone back in to may knocking on the door “Oliver honey you got another call i think it’s the lawyer he want to tell you what you inherited” may said with sadness in her voice i unlocked the door and grabbed the phone “yes” i said in a monotone voice “Oliver james you father wrote a will the only thing he left to you is the house” he said “i don’t want it” i said “sir you have to accept it you need to come down to my office and get the paperwork what you do with it is up to you but the house is now if your name” he said i hung up on him “i now own the house” i said to may “that great! The library would be a little small for the three of us seeing there is only one bedroom we can fix up the house and make it our own” may said “we aren’t living there i’m going to sell it i want nothing to do with that house” i said “oli baby we need a house and what we get from selling that house won’t be enough to buy a brand new house please baby think about it” she said “i said no we aren’t living there you have no idea what i’ve been through in that house and how hard i worked to leave that house i cat go back i won’t ever go back” i yelled and slammed the door as i left i need to leave i can’t stay there and lose my temper i refuse to be my father i start walking that what i used to do when i was angry i used to do this before i met may now shes what calms me down but i can’t risk getting angry at her like that especially now that she’s pregnant she said she’s around 6 weeks i need to learn how to control my temper i need to find an outlet i continue walking i have no clue where i’m going but i just need to go somewhere

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