Blood in the streets, Embracing My Darkness

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Chapter 13

I wake up with a yawn and a stretch i open my eyes and see may standing over the bed with her arms on her hips looking angrily at me “where did you go last night to not be able to come home till 2am I was worried sick all night and i want to go do laundry and there is blood on your pants what happened!” may yelled angrily “may calm down its not good for the baby to get yourself worked up like that let me get up and get dressed and ill tell you whatt happened” i said and i got up and went to the bathroom closing the door behind me oh god what am i going to do i need to think of why i have blood on my clothes im trying to think then my eyes wander over to the razor on the sink i open it up and cut into my leg and quickly clean it off and bandage my leg and walk out of the bathroom with a slight limp when may sees she freaks out “oh my god now you really need to tell me what the fuck happened” she said as she leads me to the bed to sit down and talk “well last night i went to the bar and i guess i drank a little to much because when i was walking i tripped and landed on a sharp rock and cut my leg open i didnt say anything last light because you were already worried enough and i didnt want to scare you” i said hoping she believed me lie “oh my god are you okay do you want me to look at your cut im still pissed you didn’t tell me though” she said “i know and i deserve you to be mad at me i fucked up badly i didnt mean to stay out that late but i needed time to think about everything” i said sadly “how about i take you on a date at a nice fancy restaurant where we have to dress up all fancy to make it up to you” i said hopefully “i would like that you can go call to make reservations and i have to go do some work at the library ill just be right downstairs organizing the books if you need me” she said and as she got up she leaned down and kissed my cheek and started to walk away i grabbed her hand and tugged her into my lap and put my hand on her face and kissed her then put my hand on her stomach and kissed her stomach she slighently laughed and walked away down the stairs to the library that was close now i have a little bit to think about what happened last night why didnt i call the cops im sure they would have believed me i mean come on my main concern is why i felt like i liked it why did i like picking up her lifeless body and throwing it in the dumpster damit why did i do that my dna is probably all over her they could be on their way over now if i’m going to get caught anyway i might as well have some fun with it and do it again i’ll go out tomorrow and see how i feel because right now i need to keep mel satisfied because if i don’t she’ll start realizing something is up i called the restaurant and made a reservation for dinner luckily they still had a couple spots available i walk downstairs and find may sitting on the ground surrounded with books i lean against the shelf she still doesn’t see me because she’s got her nose buried in a book she’s supposed to be putting away “what book are you reading” i said she jumped and nearly dropped the book “oh geez you scared me don’t sneak up on me like that” she said clutching the book to her chest “i’ve been standing here for a while but you had your nose in the book and didn’t notice me walk up” i said “what book are you reading anyway” she held the book closer to her chest and blushed “oh come on you can’t just react like that and not tell me what it is” i said as i plopped down sitting next to her “i am not telling you you’d laugh” she said blushing even more and turning away from me “fine if you wont tell me i’ll leave and go get a book to read and come back” i said and kissed her head “i’ll be right back” as i was walking the isles tryin to think of a good book to read i got an idea and walked to the pregnancy books isle and grabbed a couple and walked back to may i sat down next to her but she still had her back to me hiding the books and i started reading the pregnancy books “hey may how far along are you?” i curiously asked “they said im about two months why?” may said still not looking at me “our baby is about the size on a raspberry or brussel sprout” i said showing her the book i was reading “he looks weird and blobby right now” i said and scrunched up my face she scoffed and hit my shoulder “how do you know if the baby is a boy or girl” she said “oh he is totally going to be a boy i can already tell he’ll be a complete daddy boy” i said and she took the book from my hand i saw the look of wonder and amazement wash over her face “i remember reading stuff like this for health class in high school but back then i hated it and just wanted to leave the class but now its so amazing seeing what the baby is like” she said showing me the pictures a couple more times while she was busy flipping threw the book i grabbed the book she was reading and quickly stood up and got away from her “oh you ass-hole you distracted me give me back my book” mel said “well if you told me what you were reading i wouldn’t have had to take it” i said and i looked at the cover it was one of those eroitc young adult books about a girl falling in love with someone in the mafia “give it back” she said snatching the book out of my hand blushing and turning away from me i grabbed her arm and spun her around to face me and pushed her up against the bookshelf shocking her so much she drops the book i leaned down and whispered into her ear “i didn’t know you liked things like that” she turned even darker red ad i could see it spreading to her ears and down her neck i started lightly kissing down her neck her breathing started to get more shallow and shaky and when i kissed the spot where her neck and shoulder meet she gasped and i smirked “do you like bad boys who are a little rough who will be just controlling enough to make you weak in the knees” i said and she nodded so i grabbed her hair tight but not tight enough to actually hurt her i tugged on it to make her look up at me her eyes were wide but you could see the lust and excitement in her eyes “i need words baby do you like it when i control you because you know that i know exactly what you want and you know that i know how to make you feel amazing” i whispered but still coming off strong “yes” she said barely above a whisper “jump” i said and she wrapped her legs around my waist and i carried her to our room

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