Blood in the streets, Embracing My Darkness

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Chapter 14

I wake up with my arms around may and her head buried in my chest i look at the clock and i sit up in the bed and turn on the tv to see the back alley where i dumped the body there are police officers there and news crews i quickly turn off the news before may wakes up and sees it i cant believe i actually did that why did that feel good to do it released so much of my pent up anger i wonder how much better i’ll feel if i do it again i mean if it was an accident and it felt this good can you imagine how good it would feel if i did it on purpose it’s settled i’ll do it again tonight i’ll go on the opposite side of town or maybe a town over where the police isn’t as heavy i’ll have to plan on where to put the body i don’t want to get caught may eventually wakes up and we spend the day together cleaning the library from yesterday and reading about the baby it starts getting dark and i told may i have to go back to work and that i’m working the night shift the truth is the library is making more than enough to support us so i quit as i’m driving to the bar a town over i make sure the car gps is off and i take off my ring and slip it into my pocket i step out of my car and walk into the bar and sit at the bar and order a beer and wait to see if someone would approach me just as i was about to leave i see someone staring at me i get the hint and walk over to the girl with dirty blond hair and green eyes sitting by herself “whats a beautiful girl like you doing sitting by yourself” i ask “well maybe this beautiful girl is waiting for a handsome man to make his way over and introduce himself” she said with a flirty tone “my names Luna what’s your name?” luna said “im Lenard it’s really nice to meet you” i said giving her a fake name just incase someone over hears me talking to her “what do you want to drink i’ll get us something” i said “of ill have a margarita thank you” she said i got her margarita and i got myself another beer a few drinks and a few flirty comments later she was asking if i wanted to get out of here i said yes and we get into my car and brought her to the lake i helped her out of the car and grabbed some rope and made sure she didn’t notice it we walked down to the water she was admiring the water ad she slipped out of her shirt i grabbed a rock and hit her head not enough to kill her but enough to knock her out i laid her down on the ground and waited for her to wake back up once she woke up she was kind of groggy and i took advantage of that and wrapped the rope around her throat and strangled her i made her look at me till i saw the light leave her eyes and i knew she was dead i untied the rope and ran to my car and got the 4 cinder blocks i put in the trunk i tied the rope to the blocks then to her arms ad legs and threw her into the water so she wouldn’t be found at least not for a while and there’s no blood on my clothes so i won’t have to explain it to may i doubt she would believe me twice i got home to find may sleeping i changed my cloths and did some laundry so she wont find mud on my clothes and made sure luna didn’t leave anything in my car after i got into my pajama pants i climbed into bed and wrapped my arms around may and rested my hands on her stomach and kissed her shoulder and whispered good night

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