Blood in the streets, Embracing My Darkness

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Chapter 16

Me and may are sitting in the hospital waiting for the doctor to call us back we are here to find out the gender of that little thing growing inside of may me and may are sitting down looking at magazines when a lady walks out of the back room “Mayble” she asks and me and may jump out of our seats and follow the dr to the back room the dr gets may ready on the bed and puts a gel on her stomach and starts moving the wand thing over it and points to the monitor “look there’s your baby and it look happy and healthy kicking around there do you want to know the gender” the dr asks “yes of course we do” may says with a smile “well by the looks of it you are having a baby boy” the dr smiles at us and i see mays eyes light up as she looks at me i smile back and look at the monitor and see a third foot kick up “um excuse me dr can you take another look maybe from a different angle because i could have sworn i saw something” i say and the dr looks at me shocked but looks again anyway “well i’ll be damned how could i miss this its a girl” the dr says and me and may share a confused glace “its a boy and a girl Mr and Mrs James you are having twins” the dr said i looked at mat and she has tears forming in her eyes “oh my we are going to have twins my first pregnancy is going to be twins” may said shocked “well at least i convinced you to pick out names for both a girl and a boy” i said with a slight laugh and may hit my arm and laughed the dr printed out photos of the babies and cleaned the gel off of may and we got up and walked out to the car “i can’t believe we are having twins” i said helping may into the car “i know well at least that explains the extreme nausea and my belly being huge already” may said with a chuckle and placed her and on her stomach once we made it home i hopped in the shower and may stayed in the library to read some more while i was in the shower i started thinking about the woman i killed already i killed around 30 i remember all their names and where they are they haven’t caught onto me yet i tried out lots of different ways of killing poison, stabbing, strangling, drowning, ect i like strangling the best its close and personal i like seeing them scared i also never do to a bar around my house and never the same one twice i can’t risk someone recognizing me i also give fake names when i go i think it might be time to change the schedule i think they are catching on i’ve seen lots more police roaming the streets and the bars my new schedule is now tuesday thursday and saturday they haven’t found the bodies luckily but there are a lot of missing persons on the tv they’ve named me the phantom killer because they apparently have no real evidence and the victims just disappear they only know anything about me because of my first two victims they found the one in the dumpster pretty easily and they found the one in the river fairly quick after a few days because someone saw it when they were swimming so they know they have a serial and the fbi has gotten involved but that hasn’t deterred many people from going to the bars because everyone has the mentality that it’ll never happen to them till it does so luckily for me it keeps my victim pool wide open i mean it is their fault for not listening and going out where a serial killer hunts instead of staying in like they were told i think i have to hit up a bar or two in this city because if i keep hitting everywhere around here they might realize i live here and search more around here okay so on tuesday ill go to a bar around here and take another one

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