Blood in the streets, Embracing My Darkness

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Chapter 17

Okay so today is the big day i have a bar picked out i told may my schedule changed at work and i have to go in and stay late tonight i get in the car and drive over to the bar and get a table a little off to myself but not to far out i wave a waitress over and order a beer i try to play it cool and see if anyone approached me or even looks at me for a while but when no one does i start to get annoyed so i look around and i spot a girl all dressed up in a short purple dress sitting by herself she looks sad and is absentmindedly stirring her drink with her straw so i get up and walk over to her she looks up when she sees me she looks surprised that anyone approached her “is this seat taken” i ask pointing to the seat in front of her she shakes her head no and gestures for me to take a seat “what are doing over here all by yourself i noticed you looked a little down and thought you could use some company” i said she did a little half smile “it was supposed to be girls night tonight but after of waiting 30 minutes without my friends showing up i called them and they said something came up and they couldn’t make it but their instagrams show them at a club partying they ditched me” she said sadly “hey they just aren’t good friend you don’t need them you can have fun without them i’m here now and we can hangout and talk if you are comfortable with that i know it won’t be much of a girls night but i can do my best” i said with a smile “thanks i can’t believe i just poured my problems on a stranger” she said “well My names James there now you know something about me ot so much strangers anymore okay” i said smiling at her “that is true i can’t argue with that logic my names Amelia it’s nice to meet you James” she said smiling we continue our small talk until we are laughing and really getting to know each other of course she is really getting to know a fake me but she doesn’t need to know that “well it was wonderful talking to you James thanks for making my night a lot less sucky than it would have been” she said getting up from the chair but stumbling a bit from the alcohol “here let me help you outside and get you a cab” i said when we were walking out i started helping her toward my car “hey i thought you said you’d get me a cab let go of me” she said her voice raising slightly people started looking at us weirdly and some even pulled out their phones oh shit oh fuck i messed up i shouldnt have tried on her i knew she was going to be a challenge pretty soon as i was tring to get the half asleep girl into my car a police car drove up on me and asked if everything was alright “yes officer im just trying to get my friend home she gets a little to crazy when she drunk” i said appoliziging to the officer but she woke up and started struggling to get out of my hold i tighten my grip on her and my stance and grip on her becomes more defensive i knew i wasnt etting out of this one the officer draws his gun and calls for backup he keep trying to get me to release the girl suddenly im surrounded by cop cars there no way out of this one i have two options let the cops shoot me or get life in prison so i shove the girl forward and drop to my knees with my hand on my head they yank my hands off my head and cuff me and escorted into a police vehicle

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