Blood in the streets, Embracing My Darkness

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Chapter 18

The door opens and a tall man in a nice suit walks in “so i assume you have been read your right and know why you are here?” the man in the suit says as he sit down sitting across from me “yes sir i do and i’d like to confess” i said staring directly at him he motions over at the mirror and suddenly a camera comes in i assume to capture my confession “i will confess but i do have some requirements” i said calmly “oh yeah and what would those be” the man said with a hint of sarcasm in his voice “oh sir i wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss me don’t you want to know about the 40 girls hypothetically speaking” i said with a smirk leaning back into my chair the face of the man drops and he suddenly looks deadly serious “there’s 40? We only have reports of 28 missing?” he said suddenly interested in what i have to say “well officer hypotheticly i would like to say i’m pretty good at what i do so maybe i targeted people who don’t have anyone or anything to miss them you’ll know what i mean when i give you their names well if i give you their names that part is up to you” i said leaning back into my chair just smirking at him he gets up and starts to walk out of the room “hey sir don’t you want to find them i dont think theres any discussing needed or do you not care about the families closure” i said calling after him laughing at the end after a few minutes he comes back in “okay talk what do you want” he said and i smirk “finaly what did you get some sense knocked into you” i said “just talk” he said “okay okay first i dont want death penalty i have a daughter and a son on the way and i want to see them grow up. And secondly i get visitation. And last but not least one day of the month obviously heavily guarded i want to go out and see my family not from behind bars i want to walk into my house and see them only once a month i’ll even settle for every other month” i said with a smirk “we can do the other two but that last one is not possible” he said “well then i guess you aren’t getting anything from me and you have nothing to pin on my from another murders because i didn’t leave anything behind you won’t even catch a face o the camera hypothetically of course the only thing you have me for is assault so i’ll be out in a few years good job at ruining your one chance so now you wont get anything else out of me i want my lawyer and i won’t be speaking to you or anyone but my lawyer any further” i said crossing my arms and leaning on the table a few hours passed and suddenly a different man walks in with a briefcase and sits down at the table next to me “hello Mr. James i am your lawyer my name is Dean Maxwell i am here to discuss with you the seriousness of your case with you you already gave away a lot of information you probably shouldt have but i think we have a pretty solid case here if you want to plead not guilty” Mr. Maxwell says “well Mr. Maxwell i don’t particularly want to plead not guilty i just want to get what i asked for then i’ll admit to everything but if not i guess we’ll go with not guilty” i said with a bored expression while my head was laying in the table “oh um well then ill go talk to the officers and see what we can do” he said and i watched him stand up and walk to the door before he opens the door he turns around and says “are you sure you want to plead guilty?” he looks at me confused on why id plead guilty whe they have nothing against me “well i know im going to prison anyway they caught me trying to kidnap a girl and i no doubt left dna on the lady in the ally way it was quick and messy i didnt have the time to clean up so theyll get me for that and try to lump the rest in theres no way im getting out of this i might as well get something i want out of this” i say with a slight chuckle and he opens the door and leaves i sit there for a few more hours before my lawyer comes in with the original man and a camera on a stand that they set up in the corner facing me the original man sit down and slides a paper over to me “here is the contract for our deal written conformation that well give you what you asked for as long as you give us all 40 victims” he says and i take the paper quickly reading it over making sure theres no trick and i sign my name and the man goes and turns on the camera and says “now tell me everything” i lean back in my chair and take a deep breath “well it all started with a girl in a bar i was stressed i just had an argument with my wife she wanted to move into my old house because my dad gave it to me to taunt me i told her no and walked out and this girl followed me into the alley i told her to get away from me i had a wife i didnt want to have sex with her but she didnt take no for an anser so i pushed her away she fell and hit her head on a rock i freaked out the threw her in the dumpster” i said the police officers eyebrows furrowed “if it was an accident why didnt you come forfward” he said “i didn’t think the police would believe me so i ran. I learned i liked what i did and that i wanted to do it again so i went to a bar out of town so you wouldnt investigate around where i lived i met a girl i think her name was Luna we didn’t talk last names i told her i wanted to go out to the river i walked up behind her and i grabbed a rock and hit her hard enough to knock her out i grabbed my rope and tied it around her neck and i strangled her till i know she was dead then i tied the rope to her arms and legs and went to my car and tied cinder block to her and threw her into the water those were the only two you found?” i asked “yes they were now continue” the man said “well after that there was Amanda oh amanda had small bright green eyes short jaw level hair soft freckled complexion and she was 28 i wanted to try out different ways to kill someone so i stabbed her i didn’t like it to much it was too messy bloody clothes makes people ask to many questions. So the next day i went and got Daniella she had dark green eyes with red hair she had a little nose stud piercing she was 25 i poisoned her i put something in her drink and she was dead by the time she was in my car i didn’t like that one as much either i wanted something more hands on i wanted them to know i was the reason they are dead. Then there’s Rebekah. She had brown eyes and long braided black hair. She was 23. I drowned her. I didn’t like that either. It was too much work and it made me really tired out. Next is jodie she had beautiful green eyes and red hair she was 23 i suffocated her put a bag over her head that was okay but i still wanted to experiment more, Robin had violet eyes which i’m pretty sure were contacts i could see the rim around the eye which the color didn’t quite reach her real eye color was brown she had black hair and she was celebrating her 21st birthday i hit her over the head with a rock then buried her i wasn’t sure if she was dead or alive when she was buried, lisa had beautify dark grey eyes and blond hair she was 21 about to be 22 she talked a lot about college i used a rope i grabbed her from behind the pulled the rope tight to her throat, Autumn had big brown eyes and wild curly brown hair she was 30 a little older than i normally went for but oh well beggars can’t be choosers i also strangled her but i did it with my hands so i could look at her while i did it, then there was casey she had cloudy grey eyes and long black hair she was 23 i strangled her too, meghan had round amber eyes and red hair she was 22 i strangled her in the same way, courtney had brown eyes and black hair with a ponytail she was 24, jessie she had wide sparkling blue eyes long braided brown hair she was 30, joyce had brown eyes and strawberry blond hair she had full lips and small ears she was 26, Alyssa had green eyes and waist length pure white hair she was 22, bailey had brown eyes and black hair she was 32, carla oh carla was special she had green eyes and orange hair she was 26 she was special because i remembered about my dads house and her he had spaces he would put me so at the bar i gave carla something that would make her drowsy and tired i helped her into my car and chloroformed her to make her pass out and when i got to the house i got rope and tied her hand and feet and put her in the basement and tied her to a pole i tied it so that when i brought her food and water she could reach it i checked her hair and pockets for anything she could use as a weapon or anything to get away loke keys bobby pins hair clips i took her bra off so she couldn’t use the wire it pick the lock on the door and then i left, Katelyn had brown eyes and long brown hair a nose piercing she was 23 i also took her to the basement she was 2 days after carla, amelia had dark grey eyes and black hair she was 29 i took her to the basement too she was a day after Katelyn so carla has been there for three days now and the urges were getting strong to hurt them, page had brown eyes and short red hair she was 27 when i brought her the basement carla was there for 5 days i tied page up then untied carla i brought her up stairs and killed her i put her in a garbage bad and put her in my car and buried her, Annabel but she went by anna had brown eyes and blond hair she was 26 i tied her up, Rosie had sky blue eyes and blond hair she had a lip piercing she was 24 i tied her up and untied page and brought her upstairs and killed her then buried her, Katelyn has been there fer 8 days now, Crystal had green eyes and brown hair she had narrow lips and a skinny nose she was 25 i tied her up i didn’t kill anyone that day, Gen had dark brown eyes and curly long brown hair she was 21 i killed page that day katelyn has been there fer 12 days now, Elizabeth had blue eyes and strawberry blond hair she was 23 katelyn has been there for 14 days, Jennifer had amber eyes shoulder length brown hair with straight bangs she also had a scar on her shoulder she was 25 i killed anna katelyn has been there for 16 days, Sarah had brown eyes long straight black hair she was 22 i killed rosie and crystal katelyn has been there for 20 days, Madeline had blue eyes long thick black hair she was 27 i killed gen and elizabeth katelyn has been there for 24 days, Sapphire had cloudy grey eyes blond hair in a braid she was 24 katelyn has been there for 26 days, Rose had dark brown eyes long red hair she was 33 i killed jenifer katelyn has been there for 28 days, Lacey had deep blue eyes she was 33 i killed sarah katelyn has been here for 30 day wow that’s a lot are you sure you want the rest it’s getting kinda repetitive i mean all i did was strangle them nothing interesting in that no flare or anything i can just take you to their bodies and leave you to wonder who they are” i said tauntingly “continue or you won’t get the deal” he said with a sturn straight face “okay okay Brianna had round, sorrowful amber eyes a long french braid she was 22 madeline was brought upstairs and killed she was stabbed katelyn has been there for 34 days, Charlotte had Sparkling emerald eyes long black hair she was 21 i killed sapphire and rose was also brought upstairs and killed katelyn has been there for 36 days i killed lacy and brianna was brought up and stabbed katelyn has been there for 38 days, Christine had deep blue eyes wild brown hair she was 25 charlotte was brought up and killed katelyn has been there for 40 days, Harmony had violet eyes long eyelashes wind blown blond hair she was 21 christine was brought up and killed katelyn has been there for 42 days, Maryam had sky blue eyes messy Blond hair she was 29 harmony died next katelyn has now officially been there for 44 days, Kate had cloudy grey eyes long layered auburn hair she was 21 i brought maryam upstairs and strangled her katelyn has been there for 46 days, Kiera had bright green eyes red hair she was 24 kate was brought upstairs and killed katelyn has been there for 48 days, Olivia had sparkling emerald eyes long layered auburn hair she was 28 kiera was brought up and killed there thats all of them officer now to find then they are buried in the forest about a mile or so in you’ll notice some of the trees have a x carved into them that means there will be a body there happy to have helped you” i said with a toothy smile he looked at me confused “you never told me about katelyn what happened to her and is olivia still alive” he said “of because i didn’t do anything to katelyn and yes olivia is still alive and in my old house” he turned off the camera and walked over and grabbed my arm and cuffed me he walked me outside so i can be transferred to a higher security prison and as we walked out the door of the station I saw a crying woman suddenly she lifted her hand then bang white she shot me i look down and see red seeping through my shirt and suddenly i’m feeling extremely tired i look over to the officer that’s next to me trying to get the paramedics and say “you know i only gave you 39” i said he stopped dead in his tracks “whos the other one” he said looking at me dead in the eyes “oh her no you’ll never find her she was my favorite and i have to have something to keep over you i cant having you thinking you won now this will haunt you for the rest of your life you’ll never know who she is or where she is i win” i said with a smug smile suddenly i start coughing and my world starts to fade as I lay there bleeding out on the ground I look over and smile to the lady who shot me i said a raspy “thank you” as loud as i could which wasn’t that loud and police take the gun from her hand and move her inside i shout for a officer to come over but no one does “CATHERINE” i shout and suddenly i have everyone’s eyes on me i turn over and cough up some blood “the girl i didn’t tell you her name is catherine she’s my favorite she was also one of my last so you’ll never find her she’s my favorite because she looks just like my mother deep brown eyes wild frizzy brown hair tall she was 23 when i killed catherine” i said and coughed up more blood who would have thought it would come to this me dying on the ground all because of the one woman who I killed in the alley she started this if I could redo it all and not go to the bar that day I would still probably go I would do this all over again it felt… good… i think this is the closest i’ll ever be to happy i just hope may is okay i can’t imagine how much this is hurting her stress isn’t good for the baby She’ll be okay. She needs to be okay for the babies. Those are my kids so I don’t want them to die. I feel myself being lifted into an ambulance and hooked up to a bunch of machines. Suddenly the machines are all going crazy and I feel really tired is this how they felt? Did they feel like they were drifting off to sleep? That makes me upset. I wish they felt more. I suddenly feel my eyes shut as I drift off to a sleep that I would never wake up from.

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