Blood in the streets, Embracing My Darkness

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Chapter 4

I finally got to the library after my long walk. I just want to sit down and relax Mrs. Parks the librarian knows my situation so she lets me come here to escape home. She’s such a nice lady she keeps telling me she would adopt me if she could. I finally get to the part of the library I usually go to when I see a girl sitting where I usually sit she looks around my age I go and sit down next to her she looks up from her book for a split second but it was long enough to notice she has beautiful brown eyes and brown hair when she looks away she buries her head deeper in her book to hide the pink forming on her cheeks I give a small chuckle and ask “Hello my names Oliver what’s yours” “my names Mayble but People call me May” she said barely above a whisper I smiled “i come to the library every day yet ive never seen you here are you new” i asked she just shrugged and said “no not really i tend to stay in the back” she didnt even look up from her book she looked tense and kind of uncomfortable “so what are you here for studying, just trying out new books, or are you here to escape from something im kinda here for reading and an escape the library is a good escape new adventures in every book” i said she didn’t even looked fazed by what i said she just kept her head down not saying a word so i picked up my book I grabbed earlier and started reading we sat in silence for a couple of hours reading till she finished her book and put it on the shelf grabbed her bag and walked out of the library suddenly Mrs. Parks walked up to me and said “I see you have meet May she’s such a nice young lady” she said with a wink “yeah I guess she didn’t seem like she wanted to talk too much though” I said “oh please she’s just shy get to know her she comes here every other day to read maybe try and get to know her” she said and walked away I started packing up my book into my bag and started on my walk home after i got home i cleaned up the bottles from the table and the floor and i took the last of the money from my paycheck off of the table and hid it in my closet faster i start saving up the better i started working on cars it was always in interest of mine so when there was a spot open at the mechanic i jumped for it sure it was a desk job but i eventually started working my way up i’ve been working for about 3 months now and i couldnt love it more after i made sure my money was well hidden in my closet i layed down on my bed and fall asleep.

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