Blood in the streets, Embracing My Darkness

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Chapter 5

My days have been pretty calming lately i stay away from home as much as i can i usually spend all day in the library i think Mrs. Parks has taken a notice because she’s been inviting me to go and sit with her for lunch now so i go and sit with her she started bringing me sandwiches too when she noticed i was eating chips and granola bars from the vending machine she’s such a nice lady she’s the closest thing to family i have at this point i mean my mom left and my dad is the furthest thing to family and i don’t think i have grandparents i’ve never met them so i’d guess i dont Mrs Parks keeps asking me why i spend all the time in the library i want to open up believe me i do i just don’t want my dad to find out “sweetheart when are you finally gonna open up and tell me what you our doing here all day. You must have a family that worries about you” she said sadly. “i don’t really have a family that would care were i was and i want to tell you but i can’t really say anything.” i said taking a bite out of my sandwich “you know i would never tell a soul what you tell me heck i don’t even have anyone myself to tell i just want to make sure you our alright dear” she said. “I know, I guess here I go then.” i said “my mom left when i was young i was too young to even remember what happened other than my dad and mom yelling then a door slam. My dad is constantly drunk and yelling when i get home i pickup his mess then go to my room hoping i won’t wake up to yelling in the morning he takes all of my money from my paycheck i’ve been trying to hide some each check so i can leave one day but until then i’m stuck here.” i said looking down i can’t look at the sadness on her face. “You can stay here as long as you need to,” she said, making me look up at her. “I know you said i can and that if anyone gives me trouble just tell you” i said slightly confused “no i think you are misunderstanding me. You know I look at you like a son and you know I own this library. In fact i used to live here before i had my kids.`` said handing me a key “there a room in the back it leads to a staircase there a room up there with a small kitchen too. Stay there for as long as you need.” I looked at the key in my hand “I can’t accept this you already do too much for me.” I said trying to hand the key back but she just pushed it back into my hands “what am i gonna do with it? You need it more now go up there and sort stuff around to your liking.” She said as she made me get up and pushed me up the stairs to the room. Once I was in the room she said to take a look around and walked out back down the stairs to take care of the library.

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