Blood in the streets, Embracing My Darkness

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Chapter 6

It’s been 4 months and I’ve been slowly becoming friends with May it’s been hard she’s very closed off and shy but I’m slowly getting her to open up she’s really nice when she opens up speaking of the devil herself she runs up to me with a couple of books in her hands she puts them down in the table and sits next to me this has become our thing this is the table we sit at every day and read books and talk to each other I’m slowly opening up about my life I haven’t told her about my dad just my mom leaving she’s pitying me I hate when people feel sorry for me “look at these new books I found! Aren’t they beautiful!” She says getting excited I chuckle and roll my eyes “yes they are, it’s so adorable how worked up you get about books,” I said causing her to blush but she quickly brushed it off “well I thought you would get excited about these too you did say you like mystery suspense books! I found these especially for you! I thought we could read them together and we can do a little book club thing where we read and talk about it but just the two of us.” she said excitedly I can’t believe she went out of her way to find books that I like even though she said multiple times she doesn’t understand why I like those types of books and that she doesn’t care for them that much “yeah I’d love to do a one on one book club with you” I said calmly with a little laugh at the end “yay! For a second there i really thought you were gonna tell me no and to f off haha” she said and her smile grew even bigger than i thought possible “i could never say that to you i care to much about you to tell you to fuck off” i said smillying “hey language!” she said scrunching up her face in disgust and playfully hitting my shoulder “hey you started it!” i said smiling “no i didn’t i didn’t actually say it plus you better stop you don’t want to see me upset” she said calmly trying to look serious and trying not to laugh “oh really now i wouldn’t want to mess with the big bad Mayble Phoenix Bailey” i said tauntingly “plus i think it’s me mad you don’t want to see” we had a stair down before she made a run for the door to the library giggling i stuffed my books in the bag and made a run for her the people in the library looking at us like we were insane as i run out the door i see her making goofy faces and sticking her tounge out at me taunting me before she continued running so i sprinted after her eventually we reached the park and i caught up and tackled her to the ground tickling her “okay okay i give up” she said between beathes and laughs and when we finally calmed down we noticed i was laying directly on top of her we both started blushing and i rolled off of her and coughed awkwardly and helped her stand up she wasn’t even looking up at me blushing like crazy “hey May im sorry i didn’t mean to make you feel awkward” i said hoping i didn’t mess up to bad “no its okay really” she said and gave me a big smile even if she was still blushing like crazy “hey Mayble i know we haven’t known each other for very long but i think i like you.” i stated calmly as i could “i wanted to know if you wanted to maybe go out sometime?” her eyes went wide and smiled “yes i would love to” she replied shocked

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