Blood in the streets, Embracing My Darkness

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Chapter 7

May and I are sitting at our table reading when Mrs. Parks comes over and hands me the key and says to make sure to close up when we are done reading “why did Mrs. Parks hand you the keys? She doesn’t even let other staff close up” May said shocked. “Well I do kinda live here, for the time being, she knows I have a rough home life, and she took me under her wing and let me stay in the room,” I said calmly. “Oh wow I didn’t even know there was a bedroom here,” she said. “Here I’ll show you”, I said, “but let me lock up the library first.” I grabbed her hand and ran to lock up the library and started walking to a door. I unlocked the door and led her up the staircase to the room. “Wow this is like an entire apartment, not just a room!” she exclaimed, “why haven’t you told me this before, we could have been reading up here!” she started to look around at the somewhat plain room I haven’t had the time or money to decorate yet. “That’s because I was so excited to have my own space. I didn’t want anyone to know I moved” I said. “Oh, I’m sorry you didn’t have to bring me here if you didn’t want to,” She said sadly. “I brought you here because I wanted to bring you here, I just wasn’t ready to tell you before now,” I said. “But now I think I’m ready to tell you the whole story.” We sat on the bed as I took a deep breath trying to calm myself “when i was young probably about 6 my mom left home and left me stuck at home with an abusive drunk for a dad there was yelling then i heard the door slam i walked out of my room to see what happened and i saw my dad sitting outside after a few moments my dad came inside and yelled at me saying my mom left me and told me to get him a beer so i did i got him his beer and cleaned the living room and kitchen and went into my room and cried and i prayed for my mom to come back and get me so we can leave together for years i hated her i still do but i don’t hate her for leaving because i want to leave too i hate her for not taking her 6 year old child with her it shows how much she really didn’t care about me if she was willing to leave a 6 year old with a guy like that and from that day on my life became my own hell he didn’t have her to beat on anymore so he started hitting me doctors were starting getting suspicious of the frequent visits so he just stopped taking me and to this day my right arm is still a little weird from how the break healed and some days if he was having a really bad day and i somehow messed up he had a spot he would put me he would move the chair and lift up the floorboards there was a hole under there for probably storage but he would shove me down there and only take me out when he started to get hungry but i wouldnt get to eat any of it before he put me back down there i wouldnt get to eat for days i only recently been able to leave because he would take all the money from my paychecks i was only able to leave when mrs parks offered me this room she knows the whole story.” we sat there quietly for what seemed like hours but in reality was probably only minutes and to my surprise may suddenly wrapped her arms around me giving me a tight hug “i am so sorry you had to go through all that thank you for telling me i know it couldn’t have been easy doing that.” she said i saw tears forming in her eyes i wiped the tears from her eyes “its okay im glad i told you.” i said we just sat on my bed holding each other her head on my chest my chin resting on the top of her head it was peaceful like this i felt safe with her and i wanted her to feel safe with me so i held her a little tighter i held her till i heard quiet little snores coming from her i look down seeing her sleeping i carefully picked her up placing her down on the bed pulling at the covers till she was completely covered i gently moved her hair from her face and kissed her forehead and looked at her one more time seeing how peaceful she looked before moving to grab a spare blanket and pillow from the cupboard and moving to the couch getting comfy i layed there for a while thinking about May and how peaceful she looked asleep before i finally fell asleep.

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