Blood in the streets, Embracing My Darkness

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Chapter 8

“Todays the day” i said looking at myself in the mirror i slide on my suit jacket it my first date with may i saved up some money so i could buy a suit and afford a fancy date with mel the only shitty thing was i didn’t have a car so would have to walk to the restaurant i straighten my tie and after i knew i looked good enough i walked out my door and started on my walk to Mays house i finally reach her house and give the door three knocks i take a step back and suddenly the door opens and there stands may in a knee length maroon dress it doesn’t have a belt so the dress is extremely flowy its two layers a silk material underneath and a sheer stretchy material over top to give it a more flowy look to it my attention is brought back to her when she does a little spin letting the dress poof out and slowly flutter back down when she stops spinning “how do i look?” she asks with a large smile on her face so i give her the best smile i can “you look absolutely stunning” i said “are you ready for an amazing dinner?” i reached my hand out for her to grab and when she did i gently brought it to my lips and placed a gentle kiss on her knuckles and helped her down the steps i re adjusted my hand so it was holding hers fingers interlacing i looked up to see a light shade of red on her face we walked to the restaurant talking the whole way there we talked about everything from our favorite tv shows to our favorite things about each other she told me she loves my smile and i told her i love her hair she seemed surprised by my answer she said she normally hates her hair because it so hard to take care of when we arrived at the restaurant i let go of her hand so i could open the door for her when we got seated we ordered a bottle of champagne for the two of us i ordered a medium rare steak with fries and mashed potatoes and Mel ordered salmon with corn and mashed potatoes and we ordered a salad for us to split when the waiter left i asked mel “so tell me about yourself you seem to know a lot about me but i know next to nothing about you” mel laughed a little “ my life is far from interesting i lived in this little town of ---- for my whole life i went to the local high school i wasn’t quiet but i also didn’t speak up i wasn’t popular but also wasn’t an outcast i was just there by the time i got to the cafeteria for lunch the table with my friends was full no one saved me a spot so eventually i just stopped eating in the cafeteria i ate in the library i would help sort all the books and if i still had time i would just read i probably read every book in the library” Mel said with a little chuckle at the end “that may be what you went through but that’s it you whats your dreams your aspirations if you could do anything what would you do that’s who you are” i said as i reached across the table to grab her hand “well that’s some pretty deep questions for the first date don’t you think” mel said taking a deep breath “i’ve always wanted to be a teacher i want to push the people like me to do better let them know they can achieve their dreams” i nodded my head understanding what she was saying “i think you would be an amazing teacher” i said putting on a smile we continued to talk for the rest of dinner and when we finished i said “how about we go hangout at the park for a little bit for old times sakes then we can go hangout at the library” she smiled “that sounds amazing” she said and took my hand in hers and intertwined our fingers we walked in silence once we reached the park me sat down on a bench under a tree and talked till the sun set and it was dark outside well i think we should head inside it’s getting late” i checked my watch “its 9:27 i think we sat outside in the dark long enough”

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