Blood in the streets, Embracing My Darkness

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Chapter 9

I see myself standing in front of my mirror its mine and mays 1 year anniversary we are driving to a fancy restaurant it’s funny not to long ago i wanted nothing but it leave this town but now i have a job and a girlfriend im working and living in the library Mrs. Parks gave me the library after she died a couple months ago it was hard on may but she’s better now and we moved in together we both live in the loft above the library as im fixing my tie i feel a pair of arms snake around my waist and a chin rest on my shoulder the only reason she reaches my shoulder is because she’s in her heels we are looking into each others eyes through the mirror she has the sweetest smile on her face im lucky i got to her first before she had the opportunity to show that smile to anyone else that smile could stop hearts i don’t want anyone to look at her like that or her look at anyone but me with that smile i grabbed her hand as i turned away from the mirror to face her and put her hands on my shoulder and my hands on her face my left hand thumb brushing her cheek and she leans into my hand i lean forward our lips centimeters apart “you look gorgeous right now” i whispered “i can say the same for you handsome” she said flirtatiously i lowered my hands to her waist i pulled her a little closer and kissed her it was gentle but full of passion i moved my hands down an inch and broke the kiss and brought my lips to her neck she light breathy laugh and put her hands on my chest putting a little space between us “come on we can’t do this now no matter how much i want to we are going to miss our dinner reservations” she said a little breathless and as she turned to walk away i grabbed her hand to pull her back in to give her a quick peck and then let her go to get ready she finished touching up her makeup and i put my shoes on and we walked out the door hands intertwined once we got outside i opened the passenger door for her with a smile and once she got in i closed the door and got in the driver’s side and drove to the restaurant the car ride was filled with talking and inside jokes we shared there was never a dull moment with her when we finally reach the restaurant i run to the passenger side door and open it and undo her seat belt for her she chuckled “you are too much sometimes a swear” i grabbed her hand and helped her out of the car and we walked into the restaurant getting seated right away in the middle of dinner she left to go use the restroom and i motioned the server over and pulled out a little box out of my suit jacket pocket and handed it to the waiter and asked if he could do something with it and her desert he said he could and quickly walked away right as may was walking over to the table “what was all that about” may asked “oh i just ordered us desert” i said with a smile “i remember our first date when we could barely afford our dinner and had to walk to the restaurant because we couldn’t afford a car either” she said with a smile and a light laugh in her voice “oh yes i do remember you went on and on about a new book you read and how you kept trying to ask awkward ice breakers” i said with a laugh “oh hush you” she said and lightly swatted my arm “you weren’t any better you kept trying to fill any silence with your jokes and let me tell you they weren’t that great” she said laughing a little “oh look here come the waiter to save me from embarrassing myself with any more talks of my jokes” i said with a smile he set our plates down and hers and a little chocolate ring on top of the cake and then inside a heart drawn on with chocolate syrup the ring box open showing off the ring her head immediately snaps up to mine and i grab the ring off the plate and move down on my knee next to her suddenly the whole restaurants eyes are on us “may you have made me the happiest person alive from the moment i met you i knew i was going to marry you i fell in love with your smile and how the blood rushed to your cheeks when you get even the slightest bit embarrassed you are my best friend and the love of my life mayble phoenix bailey will you marry me” i ask staring into her eyes that are starting to water “yes! Of course I will marry you” she stand up grabbing my hand pulling me up from the floor and hugged me as tight as she could I pulled away from her and grabbed her hand so I could slip the ring on her finger so everyone in the restaurant could see everyone started clapping and she leaned into me to whisper into my ear “Is this why you were in such a good mood back at the house” she said with a sparkle and hint of mistufe in her eyes “maybe” i said with a slight smirk “but you have no idea how hard it was to not cancel the dinner and just propose right then and there because as much as i like this attention on us i want you all to myself more” she blushed at my words we were still standing when the waiter came ad set the check down on the table i grabbed the check and payed may put her arms around my neck and whispered into my ear “how about we get out of here and head back to the house to have our own celebration” she grabbed my hand and led me out of the restaurant back out to the car

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