Escaping and Abandoned Forest

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Next day

They took a meal with them so that, they can survive for three days. Sophia is assisting Andrew with a compass and the rest of the three were enjoying the sun. They began their journey to island. They were very happy and they enjoying the trip to island. They had one radio also on their boat and this music was playing,

Oh no, not I, I will survive
Oh, as long as I know how to love, I know I’ll stay alive
I’ve got all my life to live
and I’ve got all my love to give and I’ll survive

After 12 hours, they reach near to that island area. Lisa was using binoculars and she saw the Island first. From far, that Island was looking very beautiful.

“It’s there we are very close,” Lisa said.

When they went closer to the Island, everybody got bit nervous because the Island was looking very dense and when no one is there, it’s haunting them. On the seashore of the island, the sand was white in colour with some Rocks. There were lot of wooden sticks and leaves of the tree also scattered there. On the seashore, they could feel the sound of the air. The place was looking like a haunting Island. However, they were ready to get this challenge done. Everybody came out from the boat but jack said,” I think we should return home. We can still go home.”

His friend said not to get scared as they will be together. They started roaming on the beech and enjoying the Water with Sun light for few minutes. Then they decided to enter the Forest. They went in the forest and as they went more ahead, it got denser. Not a single beam of sunlight reaching that place. However it was looking very beautiful. Everybody was together and they were exploring the Forest. They could hear the sound of birds. The air was fresh and cool there.

Andrew said, “Guys, this is the coolest place I have ever saw in my life. We are going to have an memorable adventure here.”

“I am also feeling the same,” Lisa replied.

Sophia said, “I think we should buy a plot here, I mean look at this place, it is awesome.

Then harper said, “let’s do one thing, we should spread out for a while and will come to the same point again. We should explore this beautiful place.”

“No, we should stay together, it could be dangerous, “Sophia said.

“Sophia, I think that the news channel was just trying to earn the TRPs. I sense no danger here.

“I think we should listen to harper this time, “Lisa said.

At that time, jack did not agree on this point and said,

“This is not a joke, we are 1200 miles away from our home, at an unknown Forest. I think we should stay together.”

His friend got a bit convinced with jack this time but however, Harper managed to convince them back to his point. At last, Jack also convinced on one condition that he will be with Andrew all the time.

Andrew said, “We should use our marker points so that we can come back to the same place without getting diverted from paths. Then everybody went in a different direction.”

They all were just exploring the place and feels very happy and satisfied. After a few hours, its early night and light started fading and this, everybody came to the same point except harper. His friend got worried and start rescuing him but as it’s getting dark, they decided to make a tent on the tree to do the camping at that night and will wait for him to come. They made their lamps on.

Andrew said, “I think he went too far and due to dark, he can’t see anything which made him stay there for this night. I guess he is camping somewhere else. Don’t worry friends, he is a brave man. Tomorrow he will come.”

“I hope so,” Lisa replied.

Then Sophia said, ″I am sure he is alright. He can survive this night easily.”

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