Escaping and Abandoned Forest

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Next Morning

Then they had some food and went asleep. In the midnight, Lisa noticed some sounds which were coming from very far in the jungle but she thought it’s her delusion and she went asleep again. In the morning, Sophia was the first one who wakes up and she straight away saw down the tree. She screamed very loudly because she saw a man who got his left hand and left legs apart and the whole body was covered with blood. Lisa and Jack got frightened and they screamed very loudly. Andrew examine the body

“OH no, it’s harper,” Andrew said in a fearful voice.

Everybody was in a state of shock. Lisa and Sophia were crying and Jack was still shock to see that. After a moment, Jack burst out on his friend and said,

″I told you, we can still return back to home but you were not listening to me. This is just because of you, harper lost his life.

Andrew got angry and grab his collar and said,

″What? , we took his life. He was our friend too.”

Sophia made them apart and screamed at both of them and said,

“What are you doing guys, we just lost our friend and you are still fighting.”

Lisa also in a fearful voice told his friends to leave this place without staying here for a single moment.

“Something is very wrong here”, Lisa said.

After that, they check their compass but it was not working. They started moving toward the boat to return home. It’s been three hours but they failed to find the way from where they entered the forest. They thought that they should search for water as their reserves are getting empty. They decided to stay together and not to be alone. After some time, they found one river and they filled their water bottles fully and began searching for their boat again.

“We are searching for the whole day, but we not getting our boat. After sometime, there will be dark due to night. I think we should find a safe place so that we can be safe from animals. It might be possible that harper got killed by some animals. We can’t take that risk.” Sophia said. Then they started searching for the safe place. They found one place on the upside hill, a wooden house and they feel very strange because no one is living on this Island as this place is prohibited by the Government.

Jack said, “Is that true what am seeing? A wooden house in the middle of the forest.

Lisa and Andrew also got confused after seeing that. Then Sophia said,

“It might be possible that government people came here earlier to stop people coming to this island. I think we should stay here for the night to survive from dangerous animals.”

Everybody got agreed on that point and planned to stay in that wooden house. There was a river near the house so everybody stayed together for fishing. They got some fish for the dinner. They enter the house but it was full of dust so they cleaned the house and sat against the bonfire.

“I think you were right Jack. We should not come here. If we listen to you, Harper, couldn’t have died,” Lisa said.

.“He was a very energetic person. I love the way he used to keep himself happy.” Jack replied

Andrew said, “We should leave this place tomorrow anyhow and trust me we will be at our home soon. I think you guys should take rest now and don’t worry, everything will be alright.” Then they had some food and went asleep.

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