Escaping and Abandoned Forest

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Day 3

In the next morning, Lisa wakes up and had some water.

“Andrew, are you there?” Lisa asked. Jack and Sophia also got wake up and said,

“What happened Lisa? Is everything Ok?

Lisa said, “Where is Andrew? , he is not here.”

Everybody start finding Andrew but Lisa saw Andrew’s dead body hanged on the tree. She screamed very loud which made Sophia and jack ran towards her. They too saw Andrew hanged on the tree which made them stunned and scared. They took their bags and ran away from that place. They were anxious. They were just trying to get out of the Forest to find their boat. It become very difficult for them to find the right way.

“I think we got trapped in this place. I don’t know why we have come here, “Lisa said.

Jack said, “I think, we should follow the river and through it we can find the ocean and after that we can find our boat.” They made a boat through some wooden pieces and went through the river but after some mile, the river was about to convert into a deep waterfall. They jumped out of the boat and start swimming to reach the side of the river. However they managed to save their life from this incident.

“That’s not the good Idea because if we will follow the river then it might be possible that we would be at different point. We have tried one thing and we were about to die. We can’t get through by just swim as there could be lots of shark and other creatures in the ocean. I think I have an Idea.” Lisa said.

Then they try to mark their location so that they know their direction. Lisa was trying to guide them which made Sophia a bit strange because the way she was guiding them, it seems like she already knew the place. Sophia noticed that this is the first time they went through this route.

“I think we should go through this area now because there could be the possibility of a big pit ahead,” Lisa said.

“What makes you so accurate Lisa? Sophia asked.

“Because I know this place very well. Lisa replied.

“Jack asked, “What? I am not getting it.

“I went through that place yesterday when we were separated.” Lisa replied in a bit confused way. This made Jack and Sophia a quite unusual. Sophia started doubting on Lisa behind all these incidents which were happening. Lisa was moving ahead than Jack and Sophia which made Sophia to talk to Jack regarding this.

“Jack please listen” Sophia said.

“Yes, what happened why are you shivering? Jack asked.

Sophia said, “I think I am having a doubt on Lisa behind all these incident. She is also not behaving normal after the death of Andrew”

“Come on Sophia, she is disturbed, How can you doubt on her? Jack replied.

Jack totally ignored what Sophia said to him at that time.

Lisa said, “It’s getting dark and it’s not safe to move in this dense forest like this. I think we should stay here for tonight and make our tent here to rest.”

Sophia got her doubt even stronger as she knew why Lisa want them to stay here. She knew that Lisa is going to kill everybody tonight. She even told this to Jack again but Jack got angry on Sophia and ignored her. They made their tent and lit some fire sticks around their camp so that they can save themselves from Wild Animals. They ran out of their food so without eating anything, Lisa and Jack got asleep and Sophia keep watching Lisa. After sometime Sophia got asleep too. After few hours, Sophia wake up and saw Lisa with the gun in hand. She screamed at her which made Jack awaked. Jack got surprised by seeing the gun in the hands of Lisa.

“She is going to kill us. I told you Jack run from here”, Sophia said in furious tone. Jack and Sophia ran away from there and they saw Lisa also following them with the Gun. While running they coincidently came to the sea shore and start finding their boat and Lisa also came close to them. They both try to hide themselves behind the rock.

Lisa said, “Why are you running away from me? Please come.”

“Don’t go Jack or she is going to kill us”, Sophia said.

Jack got one big stone in his hand and he throw it at Lisa which made Lisa injured. Lisa Point the Gun at both of them to stop them because she thought that they both are going to kill her. Jack took the gun away from Lisa and Sophia picked it up and shoot Lisa on the spot. They both got very scared and they found that some boat came there to save them.

“Who are you? , Sophia asked.

“We are the Rescue team and we also have police officials .

Rescue team controlled the situation there.

Sophia asked, “How did you get our location?

Rescue team said that they got the information that there is an unusual activities on the seashore of this Island three days back. We got this information from Department of Space and Research. They got this info after they saw the activity through Satellite. Sophia and Jack got relieved and returning back to home. Police officials also took Lisa’s dead body to investigate further.

They both came home but the mental condition of Jack got disturbed and injured too. Therefore he was sent to hospital by Police officials. Sophia also got some stiches on her hands. She went to hospital after a day to meet Jack.

How are you jack? I hope you are feeling better now, Sophia asked.

“Yes, I am recovering”, Jack replied

“I know it was nightmare what happened in these three days. Everybody got killed except you.”

Jack got confused and asked in a fearful voice, “What did you just said?

“Because of police officials you got saved from me jack”, Sophia replied.

At that time jack was on ventilator so he could not move and Sophia bring the knife out from her wallet and she was about to kill Jack. Suddenly, Police caught Sophia red handed and saved the life of Jack. They took Sophia to Police station. “We knows that you are a real Culprit and Murderer.” Police officials said.

“But how come you knows about this all? “ Sophia asked.

Then Police officials said, “After investigation, we found that the Gun which Lisa was holding were not having bullets. It was you who put that Empty Gun in her backpack so that when she brings out the gun, you could play your card of Drama. You have created the whole drama to prove Jack that Lisa is the Real murderer. You have also indulge Jack in this Crime but as he was not aware of the fact, we will not punish him. When you came here, we already knew that you came for Jack to kill him. We want proof that you are the murderer and that’s why we told everything to Jack.” After that, Sophia got declared for the Life Time imprisonment. As per the report prepared by Police officials, She was a psycho killer and facing some mental disorder She has killed 5 street dogs, 2 neighbours also. Jack cried very badly for his friends, especially for Lisa as he hit her with the rock very hard. He can’t forget them as they were his best friends. He got a flashback of memories for his friend.

It’s been 5 years now for that incident and Jack is living a very peaceful life with his family. Now he is teaching his children that never underestimate the danger for the fun because Fun sometimes Overshadows.


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