A Journey Home

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About his journey home,if he can call it that.

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The House

A lot had changed since he’d last been there. He took a deep breath, he had to go back. The house had occupied a special place in his heart yet the thought of going back filled him with dread. He was afraid of the state he might find it in. On one hand, it may be run down, suffering years of neglect. In other words abandoned.

On the other hand,he might find it renovated.

Scraped of all the memories he had,like he’d never been there. Yet to think that no change would come to his beloved childhood home would be foolish on his part. He was stalling that much he knew.

“I’ll be there by noon.“he says to his comrade.

It was time to say goodbye to his irrational fear. The fear of change.

True to his word,he shows up at exactly noon. He stares at the house. It seems deserted. No human could possibly survive there.

He’s immobilised, staring at the place he once called home.

He takes a step forward, and another and another. All his senses tell him to turn back,to run away but he finds himself in front of the door. The door to the other side. The handle is rusty showing years of neglect. The door bell couldn’t possibly work. He tries to anyway. It was pointless, it’s not like anyone would answer the door.

He gathers all his strength and willpower and turns the doorknob.

The Living Room

A lot had happened in the room he was standing in now. Years had passed and the place lost its glamour. The furniture that had remained was broken, just like his family.

His eyes landed on the rocking chair. It belonged to his grandfather. When he was younger, he used to sit next to his beloved grandfather listening to the old man’s stories. He was the bravest man our protagonist knew. Was is the operative word. His death is the first of unrelated events that led to the eventual breaking of the family, and I guess where our story truly begins.

His family had a lot of problems and his father had blamed Marvin;our hero’s grandfather. The latter may or may not have ‘borrowed’ money from the family funds. Andrew had had enough of his father-in-law’s recklessness. He had put up with it since he was his wife’s father. But he had had enough as previously stated.

Andrew had made a passive aggressive comment that day and his wife defended Marvin. This started a chain reaction and by the end of it, his parents didn’t speak to each other. The family wasn’t broken, maybe bent but not broken.

The living room was also where he broke his sister’s snow globe. She was forgiving but sometimes people didn’t deserve forgiveness. She had run into her room with tears in her eyes.

The room was also the last place the whole family gathered. Our hero’s brother, Nick, was the first to leave. He cut off ties with the rest of the family. Nobody knows where he is or what happened to him.

The gaps in the family started filling. It’d take years for the house and the family to reach the state of no return.

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