The dead rose

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This novel is about a group of girls who commit crimes and unspeakable things

Mystery / Thriller
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Chapter 1

“Did you really have to hit me with the corps leg?”

“No…..but it was funny.”

“Whatever help me with this damn body”

as grace and nichole hid the body of their former classmate rose. Marie and Ava burned the clothes off their backs. the next day of school they would never speak of the night before ever again when they had gathered at the lockers in the morning there they were whispering

“guys i think we should tell somebody about last night

“WHAT! Nickie, we can never tell anyone about that night.”

“but grace, what if-”

“there is no what if!” ava cut of nichole as the bell rang the girls went to class when alec roses boyfriend had asked grace if she knew where rose was

“hey grace”

“what do you want you little rat?”

“ok rude. Anyways, have you seen Rose? She said she was going to hang out with you and the girls last night and she hasn't texted or called me and i haven't seen her all morning?”

“no i haven't seen her and she never came over last night she was saying something about her dad or some shit like that'' marie looked over at grace as she said this and her jaw dropped a few hours later at lunch the girls sat all alone and looked at the table where rose typically sat there was a empty seat where she sat next to alec and lyveah. grace and rose used to be bestfriends completely inseparable then when they got to eighth grade Rose became the most popular girl in school and left all her friends may be wondering why Grace and the girls killed Rose. What did she do? well in seventh grade grace had in fact killed another person, a boy who had raped rose. grace loved rose more than a friend and when rose told her about justin grace wasa furious she wanted to hurt him so she texted him told him to meet her and rose in the woods behind the park so at 2:45 am on a july morning the girls had snuck out of roses house and met up with richard there plan was to have rose flirt with richard and grace would sneak behind him and hit him in the back of the head but at the last minute grace changed the plan she had told rose to hide and that's what she did when richard got to the woods he was flirting with grace and the first time she had seen him she had punched him so hard he fell to the ground

“you little bitch, what the hell was that for?”

“that's for violating my best friend!”

“grace what are you talking about”

“you know perfectly well what shes talking about richard” rose barked at richard as she was walking out of hiding

“hey baby you haven't texted me since that night”

“don't call me that richard and you know exactly why im not texting you”

as these words were being exchanged by richard and rose grace had been standing behind richard with a wooden baseball bat preparing for the right moment to hit richard over the head.

“rosie babe what do you mean”

“this is what she means!'' Grace grunted as she sung the bat behind her back and swung it across Richard's back, knocking him to his knees and continuing to hit him in the shoulder and the head. his face had been beat in his nose was broken he was bloody past recinitan to this day no one knows what happened that night in the woods his body was never found once rosse had pulled grace off of richard they had dug a twelve foot hole in the woods away from the scene grace had brought lye to dissolve the body. and they never spoke of it again if anything about richard came up they changed the subject but the girls also thought about how he is going to be reported missing then they realized he is richard he disappears all the time. six months later he was presumed dead. It is now March a little over 2 years. and rose had threatened to tell graces secret

she was so scared that people would find out she had begged and begged her not to tell anyone

“if you don't leave me alone i will tell everyone about that summer”

“you realize that it fucks you over aswell you could go to prison for assecorie to murder so you wont say shit”

“i don't care alec will bail me out and so will my dad”

“right and what happens when alec finds out you had sex with another guy and hid it from him?”

“ would you shut up you know i was raped grace so just drop it”

“ fine”

A week later Rose was reported missing and no one knew anything but the girls that had murdered her. For weeks after the incident Grace had nightmares about seeing her dead body in her soom and stuff she was no longer talking to Marie and Nicole and Ava those three stayed friends Grace had just drifted away from them they had been doing their own thing. 3 weeks into Rose's disappearance her body had been found. Now this missing person's case was being treated as a homicide. Her body had been found in the woods behind Grace's house when they had begun construction of the golf course. The cops first investigated the people who had feuds with Rose then started asking around closer to rose. People like Alex and Lyveah. Then they began to interrogate Grace and that was not good. The girls had rehearsed a story and all 4 of the girls were staying the night at Grace's house which was true. They had told the cops they had stayed all night that night and we're watching movies and stuff. The cops had believed their story because Grace's parents agreed they had heard the movies and the girls laughing around the time of the death. When it was time for the funeral, Grace and Marie were invited; they were the only ones with a direct relationship with her. when they were at the funeral they got lots of looks from people. most people believed that grace had done it they had a closed casket because of how the body looked it was bruised and beat and not good looking the picture they used was a picture of her standing in front of the lake hugging her dog scotty marie couldn't stop crying and grace hasn't shed one tear she was stoned faced the whole time. She had no idea what she was going to do when they found out it was her who had killed her former classmate rose.

“marie what now what's gonna happen?”

“i don't know” marie managed to get out followed by a sniffle

a few minutes later alec had walked up to grace and smacked her

“you monster how could you do this to her what did she ever do to you?”

“for the last time alec i didn't kill her she was my best friend i had no reason to kill her i loved her”

“bull shit you were scared she was gonna tell the school what you did that summer”

grace grabbed alecs arm and pulled him aside

“how do you know about that” she quietly said with a angry tone

“oh yeah she told me all about how you killed that boy in the woods and when you asked her to help with the body she said no and you got mad and told her if she didn't help you she would end up like richard”

“that is not what happened at all”

“Oh really, cause she told me that she told you that he had raped her and you snapped lured him into the woods and when he got to the spot you hit him with a baseball bat and kept beating him when she found you she pulled you off of him but it was too late he was dead. she said she feared that you would do the same that you would kill her just like you did that boy.”

“oh my god that's complete bullshit that's like the complete opposite of that happened”

That night Grace had gone home terrified that Alec would tell everyone. she had feared she would have to kill alec but if she did then she would most definitely get caught it was bad enough that she had already killed two people and her friends had helped her and if she got caught her friends would to so she made up a story once the girls all fell asleep grace had snuck out the basement window into the woods to meet up with rrose pretending to be alec and when she got there she had beaten her to death and she was in a hurry so the hole wasn't that deep that's why they found her. and if they ask about the alibi she will say that the girls had no idea that they were all out cold. the next monday at school before the assembly to honor the tragic death of rose johnson ava marie nicole were standing next to the lockers when grace walked up to them

“guys we have a huge problem”

“we aren't talking to you grace” marie had said to grace with a snarky voice as she closed her locker and started to walk away

“Please, it's about roses!”

Marie had stopped in her tracks and turned around

“fine but we can't talk now we can talk at lunch or something ok”

“ok thank you. And hey can I sit with yall at the assembly?”

Marie looked over at ava and nicole they were nodding yes

“Yeah I guess then we meet at lunch and that’s it we have to stop talking about her she is gone and she isn't coming back if she does that’s some voodoo shit right there.”

“Ok thank you”

Later at the assembly they played her favorite songs , yellow hearts, water fountain over a slideshow of pictures and videos of her that was made from stuff collected from her media and stuff. It was dark in the gym. The only light was from the projector playing the show you could hear students crying and sniffling.

Some people were happy that she was gone, others threw up at the thought of her dead body just laying there. after the slideshow roses mom had a few words to say

“my daughters death has been hard on all of us we have been working so hard to find her killer i have spoken with the mayor of lakewood and we both agree that we need to keep you safe as there is a killer on the loose so as of right now the town of lakewood has a curfew for our youngins 5 o'clock for children under 10 and 7 for children under the age of 18 we understand if you have a job but for the time being all after school circulars will be postponed we can't risk losing another student”

everyone has been on edge since richard went missing two years ago we had just assumed he had ran away but we all knew there was a slight chance he was dead but grace, grace knew he was dead she wasn't worried about anything anything at all because she knew who killed him she knew where his body was she prayed every night that no one would find the bodies but she later lost trust in those prayers when they found rose she had hoped that they would never find the body come to think of it they never told us how they found the body just where it was found.

at lunch grace caught up with the other girls and sat them down and told them exactly what happened with richard

“wait. you mean to tell me you have murdered two people?”

“yeah nicky i have but i i can't explain it it was like i had snapped we had a plan that we would just knock him around a little and i guess i just lost it i had my bat with me and i pulled it up and dragged it down onto his head, killing him”

“a-and rose helped you?”

“well no she was hiding in the woods when i punched him and then she came out and while they were talking to him that's when i-i hit him but she did kick him and took a couple swings with the bat ”

Then Grace proceeded to tell her friends that Rose told Alec that she found her in the woods beating him. Alec threatened to tell everyone.

“is it the same bat you used to-” ava asked nervose to hear the answer


“ok well what are we going to do”

Over the next few weeks

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