Cold Blood

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Let me ask you a question. What would you do if you were moving into a new town where teenagers gets kidnapped or killed? You would probably stay at home or leave town the next morning, right? Okay, let me ask another question. What would you do when your new friend gets kidnapped? You will let the cops do their job and you hope that they aren't dead yet. Well for Oswin Novak, she decides to take matters into her own hands. Oswin Novak has just recently moved from the city to Frostford. She meets Nalandi Pham and quickly becomes friends with her. When Nalandi gets kidnapped, Oswin decides to find her. With the help of a few friends, can she really find her friend? Ladies and gentlemen, I welcome you to Cold Blood.

Mystery / Thriller
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Frostford, a quaint town far away from the city, is coated in a thick black blanket known as darkness. The darkness does not refer to the light but rather how uneasy and frightened the citizens are. This town has been coated with fear, a feeling we have all experienced in our lives.

Why are they afraid?

My dear readers, the question you should be asking should be.

What are they afraid of?

Yes, what are they afraid of? That question is a simple question. I'm sure you could answer it if you knew the answer. But my dear readers, you don't know the answer.That is why I am here to tell you, to inform you about the thing that makes the citizens of Frostford shrivel in fear.

They are afraid of losing their children.

They are afraid to lose their loved ones.

The thought of your precious child being snatched away from your protective and loving arms breaks you, doesn't it? Of course it would. But what breaks you more is to see them dead, lying on the cold unclean streets in a pool of their own blood. You could hardly believe it. Your flesh and blood, dead, right in front of you with a gunshot wound on their chest. You wish this was just a bad nightmare and that you would wake up from. But this is not a nightmare. This was real. You are awake. What you're seeing is real. It is not a dream nor is it you're imagination.

You're child was dead.

Why would I say something that has not happened to you? Well, it happened to Mr. Landon Conswell, who is also known as the Mayor's secretary. It was heartbreaking, truly heartbreaking. It can make a parent depressed. Seeing your child lifeless on the ground with their blood still fresh from the wound, it can break any parent's heart. But what broke Mr. Conswell was that it was both his children. His two eldest daughters, Colin and Corin, Frostford's high's best students, were dead. It's hard losing one child but 2, it was too much. Just too much.

Mr. Conswell dropped to his knees and sobbed into his palms. He failed to protect his daughters. He failed as a parent. These children will never achieve their goals, will never find love, will never experience glorious events, and will never ever see their parents again.

My friends, it pains me to say that this has been happening in the town of Frostford for a few weeks now. Many lives have been kidnapped or killed by this unknown person. Some have left the town while others stayed behind, not wanting to leave their deceased without their family. Most of them stayed because they have been here for a long while some stayed because they were too poor and have nowhere else to go.

No one is safe. Not even your neighbors, your parents, or even you. Frostford is a town that will be abandoned if someone doesn't do something about it. It just so happens that there's a new kid coming to town. And that kid may change the lives of the citizens.

Their name?

Well, you'll find out soon enough

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