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What Would You Do With A Million Mexican Pesos? Or One Million Rand or Won? Charles Deveaux is Dying To Find Out!!! “Discover The Brand New Thriller Full Of Mystery And Intrigue, And Learn How You Can Be Part Of Solving The Storyline!” “Where Every Clue, Can Come From You!”

Mystery / Thriller
The 7th Riddle
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“A little informer, clothed in bright Armor, beloved by men of degree. It goes fine and neat without leg or feet. Now tell me what this riddle must be.’”

She Was On Her Third Lap Around Central Park, One Of New York’s Most Dangerous Localities, Famous For Its Shocking Headline News Of Murders, Rapes, Theft And The Likes. Those Things Never Really Bothered Her As She Had Seen Her Share Of Unspeakable Things.

But This Introductory Riddle Was The Challenge For Today, Albeit The Few 30 Minutes It Would Take Her To Run Around The Park. She Wondered How It Would Be Received Globally And Would It Be Too Difficult For Some. Being Easy Was Not The Concern, As The Rewards At The End Would Demand Harder Riddles For The Contestants To Solve As They Successfully Maneuvered Thru Each Of The Seven Levels Of This New Game Being Released.

Lebekkah Jordan, Slender And Athletic, Was The Founder And President Of Pyramid International Investments. In Her Line Of Business Taking Venturous Risks, Was The Ultimate Challenge Whose Payback Had Generated Substantial Rewards Over The Past Two Years. A Healthy, Sharp Mind And A Bright, Energetic Team Were The Best Defensive Weapons, She Surmised, In The World Of High Finance And Trade. Today They Were Taking On A More Arduous Venture.

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