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My memories are hazy, I can only hear her. I can't feel her. She is a nightmare, eerily calm and soothing. Ruins of what's left of me. Or, What could be left of me.

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Chapter 1 : Ruins of Past

I hate this.

Everyone is watching me, as if, I was not supposed to be here. I am afraid of what's to come next. I change my shoes and walk towards the teacher's staff room. This voice, her voice will not leave me alone.
"Excuse me for intruding, Sensei"
"Ah! You must be Fumihiro Enma! " a jolly young teacher walks towards me and hands me over my schedule with my class assigned on it "See you in class" he says as he walks away.
"Something about this doesn't feel right" I glance at all the people staring, as if; I were a ghost they saw. It is probably the scars and the bandages. "Year 3 Class A" I recite to myself.
"Class, meet your new classmate Fumihiro Enma" Sensei announces as I walk in.
"Hello, I am Fumihiro Enma. I hope we all can get along well" I say as I bow down as a form of polite gesture "Feel free to converse with me whenever you like" I add to present myself as more sociable.
"Any questions? Before I settle down"
"I do" a bold girl with short-cropped hair, rises from her seat "Enma means death, it's associated with those things. Why is it your name?" the air of the classroom dense. I didn't know the answer. I just glanced at Sensei and asked "Sensei, where am I supposed to sit?"
"The last bench in the middle row" he responds
Good job... the voice told me.
I did not have the will to eat lunch. I decided to stroll around the school and search for some extracurricular activities to keep me occupied "Sports clubs... No, they are not for me"
"Are you looking for clubs?" the voice startled me "Woah! Sorry! I did not see you there!"
"Go cry about it" it was the same bold girl from class "Do not be so hostile now, I never got your name" I say being half sarcastic.
"Kanao Ichika, you liar"
"Lair? What are you talking about?" I tilt my head softly to face her "Ah. If it is about the rumours about me committing suicide or an accident. Sorry, I have zero memories of what happened to me. Can't help you, if you were curious" I check on the board and my eyes go on the poster in her hand.
"Music Club" She seems to look down at the poster "Can I join?" I ask her. She seems to contemplate with herself while I turn back to check everything else on the board.
"You can" She deeply sighs "What are you good at?"
"Well, I am confident in my singing abilities" I stammer "But I am also good at playing keyboard and acoustic guitar" she eyes me up and down and then blankly pulls up with "Let's see how good you are then"
I open the door to the club room. "Huh, there is no one here...Can you wait? Those idiots must be in the cafeteria, I will go, drag them here" She requests me as she walks out of the club room. As she was gone, I decided to explore this small room filled with instruments. "It seems there are either many people or the fact they might be very talented, prodigies maybe" A guitar catches my eye, a beautiful little thing on its stand with a floral strap around it, a pretty black and white frame. "It is just like mine!" so hypnotized into its beauty, the next thing I know it sits around my arms. I settle down on the chair next to a window frame, the wind blowing softly.
"I see the slashes on your leg and the smile on your face again~~"
Kanao freezes all over. She slowly glances at Hiroaki "Listen. I- This is what I wanted to tell-"
"Give us one good reason. Why'd you think it was a good idea to bring HIM? Of all people in this school!" Hikaru his twin brother asked.
"You'll know soon" she responds "It may not be what it seems"
There was a loud bang as the door swung open. There I see a guy and his clone!? Realizing that his gaze went to me and then the guitar, I put down the guitar back to its stand and rush over to apologize.
"AH! I AM SO SORRY I SHOULD'VE -" I felt a tight grip surround my collar as he spits out in anger, "I thought... You left us for good. Then why are you back here?!? For an act of revenge?"
I furrow my brows as I look at him with a perplexed expression "I am sorry. Have we met before?" he seems to look confused and then glances at Kanao "He- What the hell is-"
"He doesn't remember anything Hiroaki, Hikaru. Wiped clean from his memory about the things he has done or more like forced to do" Kanao softly forces his grip away from me and wraps her arm around me "He is just like we met him for the first time. An innocent boy. Ready to be corrupted" I pull away softly.
Do you know the feeling of seeing a well, it's deep. Bottomless and dark. As dark as the abyss and you don't know what will stare back or grab you. You seem to have no choice but to stare and wait. Wait to be devoured as a whole.
They abandoned you when you needed them the most. They aren't your friends.
Abandon them.
"If you don't need me" I softly compose myself and avoid the uncanny whispers filling my ears "Please say so. Kindly don't makeup stories that don't make any sense" I hear the bell ring to my relief "Excuse me!" I dash out without any further explanation, Kanao calling me out and the other two staring me down. Like I was something they wanted gone.
"What happened before I woke up?" I kept thinking as I sit back in my seat. Thinking. Who was I?
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