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A series of murders take place in Branchlow Idaho. Blain, Sage, and a group of their friends form a team to figure out who the mysterious murderer is, and what motive they have.

Mystery / Horror
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Chapter 1

White snow blanketed the yard that cold evening. Snowflakes still fluttered down from the night sky, each one so different from the other. Catching them on my tongue was hard, but fun. Animals pushed their way through the snow, trying to claim shelter. Others sat and just watched. The snowy owls perched themselves upon the leafless trees, awaiting the arrival of morning. The white cloud that covered the ground was freezing to the touch. I loved the winter though. My favorite season, where snow-angels could be made and snow-people too.

Ice skating and building forts in the snow were other perks of winter. My newborn, could not yet come out and touch this amazing cloud. Her hands to fragile and body to delicate. Only 2 weeks old and already so healthy. She cries though, wanting to play. She is a baby with curiosity, and I, a mother not wanting her child to acquire frostbite, nor have to bear having hypothermia. So, she remained seated inside, relaxing by the flame of the fire, but out of dangers way. Her father stays at work very late, and comes home exhausted. Bags under the eyes and tie loosened all the way. Shoes ready to come off and arms feeling as like they are jello. Tonight, he hadn't come back home yet, and now I would go back inside to comfort my crying child. It was about 10:00 when I looked at the blurry red number displayed on the clock. My glasses still covered with snow. I walk to the fridge and grab her bottle, and bring her up stairs to her crib. We sit in the rocking chair as I hold the container with the baby formula to her tiny mouth. When she drank most of it, when I decide to lay her in her crib. That's when I hear her father, and my husband, come home from work. I overhear him dropping all of his stuff on the ground, and trudging up the stairs. I stay a couple more minutes in the room to make sure that she falls asleep and doesn't cry. I start to step out of the area, but stop to adjust her new baby cam that I set up a few days ago. When I got to my room, my husband was already fast asleep in bed, so I lay next to him, until I drift off as well.


I wake up to the sound of my baby crying. I sit up and just listen for a couple of minutes to see if she will just go back to sleep. I was not in the mood to get up and go comfort her again. I have been doing it every night, and was very tired. I dazed into my own world as I simply sat there, waiting patiently for her to drift off. Then, I heard nothing. Finally she fell asleep on her own. I take a look at the baby monitor, and see a dark figure cradling my baby. I couldn't see facial features or anything thing, but then just assumed that my husband was being kind and generous, by giving up some of his hours of sleep to comfort her so I could lay in peace, and get some rest. I appreciated the gesture but I wish he had just let her cry it out. I really needed her to figure it out on her own. But I was tired and I’m glad he did so It did seem odd to me though, that the curtains in her window were blowing, since I always keep that window closed, but assumed that i forgot and that was the reason that she was awake, and crying. I smiled and the baby cam, and said "I love you". So I lay back down, trying to get some shut eye when I froze. When I layed back down, my shoulder brushed up against my husband, sleeping soundly next to me. So who was that in my daughters room, i did not know, but i did let out a very loud shriek. I hear a sudden laughter and a creepy face appear very close into the baby cam, holding my baby. It was someone clearly insane, and with that, they ran and jumped out the window with my only child. I suddenly woke up startled, dripping with sweat, and holding my heart. Tears streamed down my eyes from that frightful nightmare. But when I thought all was well and good, I took a look at the baby cam, to see my baby not there.

My husband woke up looking at me. I told him that she probably crawled out of her crib. I pushed his chest urging him to lay back down. He says he will get up and check for me. He swings his legs over the bed and trots out of the room and down the hall. He turns the corner to my babies room and I hear the rocking chair. My heart lifted and I let out a sigh of relief. A couple minutes go by and he wasnt back yet. I decided it was fine. I shut my eyes and try not to think the worst.

My eyes shot open as I heard an ear shattering laugh. I reach my hand over feeling the empty cavity of the bed next to me. I swing my hand back over to my side clutching the clock. My eyes squinted as I tried to adjust to the bright red numbers piercing my eyes in the dark.


My eyebrows raised as I sat up in disbelief. My husband should have been back. Maybe he fell asleep in the chair though. I look at the baby cam and found it strange that it’s blacked out. I wonder if there was a power outage or if it fell. The corner of my eye caught a shadow on the wall. It was too small to have been my husband, but not small enough to have been my daughter. My heart quickened. “T-T-To-Tom??” I raised my voice so it reached down the hall. The same ear shattering laugh followed. I knew everything was not okay at this point but I chose to swing my legs over the bed and stand up. I walked very slowly down the hall. I tiptoed all the way trying really hard not to make any noise. My heart sank and a lump in my throat formed when I stepped on that one part of the hallway that made the loudest creak. It was never loud at night, but particularly this night it was like someone threw a hammer against the wall. I stopped dead in my tracks. I looked around for a few seconds and then stopped my gaze to stare at my daughters room. A couple more seconds passed and there was no movement of any kind and no crying and no laughter. I closed my eyes and breathed.

When I opened them, someone’s face was right up against mine. Their nose almost touching my chin. They were a little shorter than me and they had crazy in their eyes. I started breathing faster and tears welled in my eyes. They smiled diabolically and tilted their head. I was going to punch them or knee them but I couldn’t move. In a split second they let out another laugh. They brought their arm up and they were holding my butchers knife. The one I kept locked up for my daughter not to reach. I started crying. They grabbed hold of my arms and swiftly dragged me to my daughters room. My vision was blurry as they pinned me up against the wall holding the knife to my throat. My vision retured for a moment when I saw my daughter laying in her crib. She was laying still and I wondered how she slept through this. She was almost too peaceful. I looked back at the deranged person holding the sharp object at my throat. They must have followed my eyes because they tore me away form the wall and twisted the back of my shirt to get a good grip on me. They held me against the edge of her crib and I let out a gasp. Her eyes buldged out her her head. My eyes drifted down to her chest to see a huge blade sticking out her her heart. My knees buckled and I slipped to the ground. The killer flipped me onto my back to get a good look at my face. They bent down so their image was up against mine. They still had a smile on their face. They lifted their hands above their head as they grabbed the dagger in both hands. They brought it down and plunged it into my chest. My chest popped off the ground as I shrieked in pain. It came back down with a thud. They just missed my heart so I knew I would bleed out for a while until I was actually dead. Tears streamed down my face as I turned my head to the side. I got startled when I was face to face with my husband. I hadn’t seen him before but he was laying on the ground on his stomach. His head turned to the side and his eyes stuck open. Dried blood was stained above his lips and up his nose. It was also down his chin as it can out of the corner of his mouth. His face was grey and showed no sign of life. His veins buldged from his face. My family was gone and I was about to be too. I turned my head back up while I gurgled blood that formed in my mouth. The manic slayer stood above me as they lifted their arms up in glory. It must of been a slow blink, but when I opened my eyes they weren’t there. The thin window curtains blew in the wind. My entire family was just left for dead in our own home. Pools of blood surrounded each of us. I spit out blood and it covered half my face. The killer was gone, and so was my families future.

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